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1 As I see America
Vogel--Chris (Student--1949)
College Eye 41:8, p.2
11/4/1949 Is impressed by the hospitality he has enjoyed here in America as an exchange student from Germany.
2 As I see Chinese revolution
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 41:7, p.2
10/28/1949 Believes conflict in China is between the land owners, who are in the minority, and the peasant, who are the majority.
3 As I see Europe
Nagorny--Gerhard (Student--1949-1950)
College Eye 41:6, p.2
10/21/1949 German student talks about Europe.
4 As I See It
Larkin--Thomas J. (Art Faculty)
College Eye 40:40, p.2
8/12/1949 Believes that art is something that anyone can create.
5 As I See It
Dowler--Anita Louise (Home Economics Faculty)
College Eye 40:39, p.2
8/5/1949 Discusses the importance of family.
6 As I See It
Harris--Henry B. (Music Faculty)
College Eye 40:37, p.2
7/22/1949 Believes that a sincere interest in music is the most important qualification for participation in music.
7 As I See It
Smith--Anita P. (Lawther Hall Director)
College Eye 40:36, p.2
7/15/1949 Encourages students to take classes in psychology, since they may also serve as personal counselors to their students.
8 As I See It
Skar--Robert O. (Business Education Faculty)
College Eye 40:35, p.2
7/8/1949 Professor Skar makes a comparison between capitalism and communism.
9 As I See It
Lantz--Cyrus W. (Science Faculty)
College Eye 40:33, p.2
6/24/1949 Discusses limitations put on the research and investigation of scientific theories in Soviet Union.
10 As I See It
Douglas--Lloyd V. (Commercial Education Faculty; Business Education Faculty)
College Eye 40:30, p.2
5/13/1949 Discusses the dangers of "a little learning."
11 As I See It
Whitford--Lawrence W (Mon) (Class of 1924; Athletics Staff; Physical Education Faculty)
College Eye 40:28, p.2
4/29/1949 Lawrence Whitford claims that the best thing in life is a job well done.
12 As I See It
Plaehn--Erma Belle (Education Faculty; Political Science Faculty)
College Eye 40:27, p.2
4/22/1949 Claims that ISTC needs more effective elections and more consistent reporting on faculty actions.
13 As I See It
Chapdelaine--Perry A.(Class of 1947; Mathematics Faculty)
College Eye 40:26, p.2
4/15/1949 Describes how supplementary education programs, like the Boy Scouts of America, are helpful and necessary.
14 As I See It
Holmes--George Henry (Public Relations Director)
College Eye 40:25, p.2
4/8/1949 George Holmes believes that while Iowa State Teachers College is one of the best, it still has some flaws.
15 As I See It
Rhum--Gordon J. (Graduate College Dean)
College Eye 40:24, p.4
4/1/1949 Professor Rhum makes some observations on school and education.
16 As I See It
College Eye 40:23, p.2
3/25/1949 Professor Lillehei cites the advantages of Switzerland.
17 As I See It
College Eye 40:22, p.2
3/18/1949 Professor Guillaume believes art education is vital to general education.
18 As I See It
Simonson--Josephine Marie (English Faculty)
College Eye 40:20, p.2
2/18/1949 Believes that counseling is part of being a teacher.
19 As I See It
College Eye 40:19, p.2
2/11/1949 Believes home economics should be taken seriously.
20 As I See It
Holvik--Karl Magnus (Music Faculty)
College Eye 40:18, p.2
2/4/1949 Feels that people must stop being narrow minded towards artists.
21 As I See It
College Eye 40:17, p.2
1/28/1949 Believes students need to play more bridge in order to get good education.
22 As I See It
Wagner--Willis H. (Industrial Technology Faculty)
College Eye 40:16, p.2
1/21/1949 People should learn to spend and earn money wisely.
23 As I See It
Bigelow--Leslie P. (English Faculty)
College Eye 40:15, p.2
1/14/1949 Wishes that he saw more happiness.
24 As I see it
Brimm--Robert Paul (Education Faculty)
College Eye 40:14, p.2
1/7/1949 Advice for prospective teacher success.
25 As I See It
Grant--Martin Lawrence (Biology Faculty)
College Eye 40:13, p.4
12/17/1948 Outlines his thoughts on censorship and restrictions.
26 As I See It
Cowley--John P. (English Faculty)
College Eye 40:12, p.2
12/10/1948 Professor Cowley offers views on teaching and teacher education.
27 As I see it
Pendergraft--Daryl (Vice President; History Facult
College Eye 40:11, p.2
12/3/1948 Professor Pendergraft gives his pet peeves about students.
28 As I See It
College Eye 21:18, p.3
2/7/1930 Basketball game previews.
29 As I See It.
College Eye 21:14, p.4
1/10/1930 Questions about University of Iowa and the Big Ten; several ISTC athletes left school due to lack of money.
30 As I See It
College Eye 21:13, p.6
12/13/1929 Comments on athletic scandal at University of Iowa.
31 As I See It
College Eye 21:12, p.6
12/6/1929 Collegiate sports happenings. Coach Bender teaches fifty-seven freshmen and varsity men to wrestle.
32 As I See It
College Eye 21:11, p.6
11/21/1929 Collegiate sports happenings.
33 As I See It
College Eye 21:10, p.4
11/15/1929 Collegiate sports happenings.
34 As I See It
College Eye 21:9, p.6
11/8/1929 Preview of Grinnell game.
35 As I See It
College Eye 21:8, p.4
10/31/1929 Football outlooks.
36 As I See It
College Eye 21:7, p.6
10/24/1929 Football weather not ideal.
37 As I See It
College Eye 21:6, p.4
10/17/1929 Preview of Kirksville football game; looking forward to night football games.
38 As I See It
College Eye 21:4, p.6
10/3/1929 Freshmen working hard.
39 As I See It
College Eye 21:3, p.6
9/26/1929 Looking forward to next football game.
40 As I See It
College Eye 21:2, p.6
9/19/1929 Football season prospects.
41 As I see it
College Eye 21:1, p.6
9/9/1929 Football season predictions.

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