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1 Are sky-high prices bringing you down?
Hill--Drew (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:8, p.03
9/22/2022 Drew Hill writes his opinions of the inflation issues currently happening with the United State's economy; photo.
2 America's cost of 'defending freedom' in Ukraine: Higher food and gas prices and an increased risk of recession
Hauk--William (Iowa Capital Dispatch)
Northern Iowan 118:42, p.3
3/21/2022 William Hauk describes the economic impact that the Ukraine-Russia conflict will have on the United States; photo.
3 You're welcome, America
Greubel--Greg Harold (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 107:42, p.10
3/8/2011 Author proposes raising taxes to the levels paid in Sweden. This move would allow Social Security to become sound, the economic inequality gap would shrink, and our debt would be minimal. Interesting theory.
4 Inflation: going, going, gone?
Public Relations News Release 0:490, p.1
5/20/2002 Dangers of inflation rate bottoming out.
5 Inflation continues to be more a threat than reality
Public Relations News Release 1999:425, p.1
5/30/2000 David Hakes will discuss the likelihood of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.
6 Predicting the next rise in inflation becoming more difficult
Public Relations News Release 1997:355, p.1
5/21/1998 David Hakes says that increases in inflation are very difficult to predict.
7 Inflation hits 32-year low
Public Relations News Release 1997:189, p.1
1/22/1998 UNI professor of economics Ken McCormick credits excellent money policies by the Federal Reserve for maintaining a low inflationary rate.
8 Scherzo
Hantula--Tim (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 78:43, p.3
3/26/1982 Killer balloons are forcing the university to raise tuition in order to make up the difference from lost students.
9 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago more optimistic
Public Relations News Release 1980:441, p.1
3/19/1981 In a conference call with a business class at UNI, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said that the fight against inflation is going well.
10 Album sales unaffected by inflation
Benning--Carol (Student--1984)
Northern Iowan 77:37, p.12
2/27/1981 Local store managers talk about sales.
11 Periodical numbers cut
Northern Iowan 77:36, p.4
2/24/1981 Don Gray talks about recent cut of about 10% of the library's periodical subscriptions; move blamed on inflation.
12 UNI library suffers a 'double whammy' with current economy
Public Relations News Release 1980:374, p.1
2/18/1981 The UNI library will have to cut back in acquisitions due to the high inflation of prices and budget cuts.
13 Price of money increases
Watts--Jennifer S.
Northern Iowan 77:13, p.1
10/14/1980 Daniel Christiansen talks about the effects of inflation.
14 Iowa's state universities--an endangered species?
UNI Century 8:4, p.5
10/1/1980 Outline of economic problems faced by Regents schools; photo.
15 PROBE reveals college problems
Northern Iowan 77:4, p.1
9/12/1980 Inflation and financial problems are the chief worries of college and university presidents and school superintendents, a nationwide survey shows; photo.
16 UNI faculty members survey what superintendents, college presidents think
Public Relations News Release 1980:60, p.1
9/9/1980 A survey based at UNI finds the chief worries of college and university presidents and school superintendents to be inflation and financial problems.
17 How's inflation hurt you?
Northern Iowan 76:48, p.2
4/11/1980 Photo poll asking students how the recent inflation has affected them; photo.
18 'You and Your Money'
Langguth--Teresa (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 76:45, p.4
3/21/1980 A non credit community class on money and inflation will be held beginning April 8. The class will be taught by UNI grad Larry Hays.
19 UNI Foundation sells bonds to city, lowers UNI-Dome interest rate
UNI Century 8:2, p.1
3/1/1980 Sale of $600,000 worth of bonds will reduce and stabilize interest rate.
20 'Sticking the feet in the mouths'
Northern Iowan 76:37, p.2
2/22/1980 Inflation is the main reason room and board rates will be going up.
21 Housing rates to rise; UNI faces 5.2 percent increase
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 75:36, p.1
2/16/1979 Increase blamed on inflation.
22 Area movie patrons feeling "The Sting"; a "cheap date" isn't so cheap now
Northern Iowan 75:30, p.1
1/26/1979 Movie admissions have risen from $2.50 to $3.
23 $8.98 record album viewed as a trend
Northern Iowan 75:14, p.3
10/17/1978 Student points out the effects of inflation on the price of records.
24 Economic concerns
Northern Iowan 74:51, p.2
4/18/1978 Believes that students' viewpoint should not be overlooked with the inflation rate rising.
25 Leftwich address
Northern Iowan 72:46, p.9
3/26/1976 Richard Leftwich will speak on inflation.
26 "Dark age" in UNI art?
Northern Iowan 72:7, p.2
9/23/1975 Bids come in 38% over architects' estimate; UNI officials hurriedly make cuts; resulting building seems to exclude Department of Art.
27 Inflation: why Dome has become major problem
Northern Iowan 71:19, p.2
11/5/1974 Believes Dome construction should be delayed until all finances are in place.
28 New $7 million goal restores Dome plans
UNI Century 2:4, p.1
10/1/1974 Will attempt to raise an additional $1.1 million to equip structure as originally planned; will counteract effects of inflation; photo.
29 Prices to jump in May or June
UNI Century 2:2, p.5
3/1/1974 Senator William Proxmire makes predictions on campus visit; photo.
30 Cost of living spirals
College Eye 48:35, p.2
7/12/1957 Discusses the recent inflation problem.
31 Obiter Scripta
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 48:19, p.2
2/22/1957 Discusses price-wages, inflation, and unions and their effect on the teaching population.
32 The sky's the limit for Dr. Thompson's graphs
Alumnus 33:2, p.5
4/1/1949 Graphs shows national expenditures and indebtedness; photo.
33 Harris suggests tax bill to curb inflation in U.S.
College Eye 39:17, p.7
1/30/1948 Professor Harris offers views.
34 Inflation pinches students, profs
College Eye 39:7, p.2
10/31/1947 Discusses how inflation has affected both students and faculty at TC.
35 Commons prices necessary?
Olson--Elliott M. (Class of 1947)
College Eye 37:37, p.2
6/28/1946 Student questions why the prices to the commons food have gone up; also questions requirement to eat at the Commons.
36 Nyholm says food cost increase is essential at Commons cafeteria
College Eye 37:37, p.1
6/28/1946 Professor Nyholm cites rising wholesale prices and labor costs.
37 World Views
Porter--Donald L. (Class of 1946)
College Eye 37:37, p.2
6/28/1946 Comments on the economy and what should be done to keep prices down.
38 World Views
Porter--Donald L. (Class of 1946)
College Eye 37:36, p.2
6/21/1946 States opinion on the value of the O. P. A.
39 O. P. A. should continue say students, professors here
College Eye 37:32, p.1
5/10/1946 Students respond with their opinions on the O. P. A.
40 Students say OPA should continue
College Eye 37:30, p.2
4/26/1946 Students believe keeping OPA would help to keep the prices on goods down.
41 World Views
Porter--Donald L. (Class of 1946)
College Eye 37:30, p.2
4/26/1946 Discusses the tension during this post-war period, the cutting of the O. P. A., and the problems in China.
42 World Views
Porter--Donald L. (Class of 1946)
College Eye 37:26, p.6
3/29/1946 Concerns about inflation.
43 Committee will inform public on price control
College Eye 34:6, p.1
10/16/1942 Will urge cooperation with Office of Price Administration.
44 Dean Nelson tells teachers part in curbing inflation
College Eye 34:5, p.3
10/9/1942 Excerpts from Dean Nelson's address to the Ellen Richards Club.
45 Mary B. Hunter to speak on inflation
College Eye 25:16, p.3

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