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1 Examining Christianity in Japan and Iowa
Bauer--Nick (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 117:37, p.05
3/1/2021 Professor of history Dr. Reiner H. Hesselink presented on the German immigrant Francis Xavier Bullinger, was a missionary to Iowa and instrumental in building Dyersville's basilica, and his namesake St. Francis Xavier, a missionary to Asia who brought Christianity to Japan. Hesselink's lecture was part of the monthly Phi Alpha Theta lecture series; photo.
2 Cedar Valley gets a 'Taste of Culture'
Barikor--Leziga (Class of 2019)
Northern Iowan 115:24, p.01
11/15/2018 The International Students and Scholars Office hosted "Taste of Culture," an event that offered food from several countries around the world as well as tables to represent them. It was held on November 11 in Rod LIbrary; photos.
3 Audience observes Japan's 'woven fabric'
Nilles--Kellen Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:18, p.2
10/29/2013 A lecture entitled "Japanese Religion: A View from the Streets of Tokyo" was given by Steven Heine, from Florida International University, and Martha Reineke, professor of religion at UNI. The lecture focused on Japanese culture and religion; photo.
4 Expert on Japanese religion to speak at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:91, p.1
10/14/2013 Steven Heine will be partnering with Professor Reineke to deliver a lecture on religion in Japan. This lecture will better prepare individuals to understand the beliefs and practices they will encounter while visiting East Asia.
5 UNI History Department raises fund for tsunami relief
Collins--Elizabeth Ann (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 107:51, p.3
4/19/2011 Reinier Hesselink is sharing his slide show-lecture presentation with church and campus groups. He is very passionate about the area of Japan hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Donations are being accepted; photo.
6 The courage to care
Jeffries--Leah Kay (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 107:45, p.11
3/29/2011 Members of the University community urged to support Japan's recovery efforts in any way possible.
7 Japan needs aid, not prayer
Dippold--Michael Steven (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:44, p.9
3/25/2011 Following the destruction from the earthquake and following tsunami, Japan desperately needs the world to step up efforts to recover and stabilize the situation. Author states that bringing religion into the conversation is a shallow response.
8 2009 MLB season begins in Japan
Roos--Nicholas Alexander (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:38, p.22
2/26/2008 The major league baseball season will hold the first game on March 25 in Japan; photo.
9 Ambassador apologizes for alleged rape of teen by U. S. serviceman
Northern Iowan 104:37, p.4
2/22/2008 Japan receives apology from U. S. ambassador and the commander of US forces in Japan.
10 Japanese trade conference at UNI November 2
Public Relations News Release 2007:231, p.1
10/22/2007 The College of Business Administration will be hosting a Japan External Trade Organization conference November 2.
11 UNI College of Business Administration to host conference on Japonese trade
Public Relations News Release 2007:162, p.1
9/18/2007 The College of Business Administration will be hosting a conference of the Japan External Trade Organizations November 2.
12 World traveling professor Dunn finds home studying anthropology
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:21, p.13
11/8/2005 Professor Cyndi Dunn has been teaching at UNI for five years after experiencing other places such as Texas, Ohio, and Japan; photo.
13 UNI professor to give lecture, 'A Christian Town in a Pagan Land: Nagasaki Under the Jesuits'
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
4/6/2005 Professor Reinier Hesselink will give lecture.
14 UNI dining center offers sushi-making demonstration
Public Relations News Release 2002:428, p.1
4/2/2003 Kazumi Truex will demonstrate Japanese sushi-making in the Piazza on April 3.
15 'Japanese Wedding Discourse' topic for first CROW Forum lecture Monday, Oct. 7
Public Relations News Release 2002:105, p.1
10/1/2002 Cynthia Dunn will discuss "Models of Marriage and Gender in Japanese Wedding Discourse" as a part of the Current Research on Women series, which is sponsored by the Graduate Program in Women's Studies.
16 Remembering the 55th anniversary of V-J Day - the end of WW II
Public Relations News Release 2000:45, p.1
8/28/2000 The surrendering of Japan on September 2, 1945 will be discussed.
17 Debate team from Japan visiting UNI
Northern Iowan 96:42, p.2
3/3/2000 Will debate question of hate speech.
18 UNI professor experiences life in a Japanese school
Public Relations News Release 1999:6, p.1
7/26/1999 Retired UNI professor James Becker discusses a semester spent in Japan observing their schools.
19 Price Laboratory School teacher travels to Japan on Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship
Public Relations News Release 1998:191, p.1
12/17/1998 Jim Becker, a teacher at Price Lab School, traveled to Japan as a participant in the Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship.
20 What's Up
Northern Iowan 93:29, p.3
1/17/1997 Activities and meetings.
21 University of Northern Iowa to host third history lecture in series
Public Relations News Release 1996:152, p.1
11/8/1996 Reinier Hesselink will present "A Spectre is Haunting Japan: The Tokyo Subway Poisonings and the Japanese Education System".
22 Japanese students taking crash course in English at UNI
Campus News Network 6:21, p.2
7/29/1996 Culture and Intensive English Program (CIEP) will teach English to Japanese students for one month.
23 Japanese students take crash course in English at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1995:454, p.1
7/15/1996 Students from Kansai Gadai University in Japan will arrive for a one-month course in English.
24 Some more thoughts on love
Wentzel--T. L.
Northern Edition 3:5, p.4
2/15/1995 Courting customs of Japanese.
25 A chance encounter--6000 miles from Iowa!
Campus News Network 3:22, p.3
8/16/1993 Professor Kueter and President Curris meet Senator Harkin in Japan; photo.
26 Oh, the places you'll see; UNI offers students worldwide experiences
Calhoun--Katherine Treloar
Northern Iowa Today 76:2, p.10
1/1/1993 Interviews with students who have studied abroad; photo.
27 Roger Kueter and Christopher Edginton
Campus News Network 3:7, p.Insert 2
11/30/1992 Work on exchange arrangements in Japan.
28 Northern Iowa offers students opportunity to study in Japan; globalizing higher education
Northern Iowan 89:23, p.1
11/17/1992 UNI participates in exchange with Kansai Gaidai University.
29 Mills receives Fulbright grant for Japanese exchange program
Northern Iowa Today 76:1, p.19
7/1/1992 Professor Mills will spend four weeks in Japan and one week in Korea.
30 UNI worldwide; faculty members travel overseas on educational missions
Northern Iowa Today 76:1, p.17
7/1/1992 Professor McCalley travels to Russia; Professor Weiser goes to Japan.
31 International lectures offer a view of the world
Northern Iowan 88:52, p.11
4/14/1992 Japanese student talks about the differences between the United States and Japan.
32 Slackers, attackers, and retractors
Public Relations News Release 1991:375, p.1
2/10/1992 Charles Strein reports on tensions between Japan and the United States on differences in work attitudes among workers in the different countries.
33 A half-century later, the day still lives in infamy.
Public Relations News Release 1991:241, p.1
12/2/1991 Americans should never forget December 7, 1941, according to military science instructor, Robert Dull.
34 Japan and America dueling for world market dominance 50 years after Pearl Harbor, says Northern Iowa Professor
Public Relations News Release 1991:250, p.1
11/27/1991 With the emergence of Japan as the second largest market economy, Japan and America now battle on the economic front, instead of the war setting of fifty years ago, according to Charles Strein.
35 Japanese Studies Workshop offered by University of Northern Iowa September 27
Public Relations News Release 1991:72, p.1
9/18/1991 UNI will host a workshop dealing with Japanese Studies in Iowa Schools. Speakers include Cordell Svengalis, Pat Weiss, Amy Worhen, Paul Hokstra, Dale Braynard, and Robert Martin.
36 Professors participate in Schools Project in Japan.
Northern Iowa Today 74:2, p.24
1/1/1991 Professors Charles Strein and Stephen Rose are part of program to improve and expand study of Japan in Midwest.
37 Charles Strein and Stephen Rose
Campus News Network 1:2, p.4
9/17/1990 Working on "Japan in the Schools" project.
38 University of Northern Iowa professors travel to Japan: Working to improve international curricula in Midwest schools
Public Relations News Release 1990:8, p.1
8/23/1990 UNI professors part of Midwest group traveling to Japan; plans call for improvement and expansion of the study of Japan
39 Exporting to Japan can be easy and profitable for Iowa companies, according to speaker at University of Northern Iowa.
Public Relations News Release 1989:573, p.1
4/17/1990 Ian Gladding says, "The Japanese are ready to do business with us. All the talk about trade barriers really comes down more to our own attitude problems."
40 Kappa Delta Pi
Northern Iowan 86:45, p.6
3/13/1990 Will hear about teaching in Japan.
41 'The Japan Connection' to be explored April 12 & 17 in joint program at University of Northern Iowa and Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
Public Relations News Release 1989:455, p.1
3/6/1990 Professors Jonathan Lu, Ian Gladding, Ernest Raiklin, Dale Braynard, and Tom Rohlich participate in a joint forum between UNI and the University of Iowa on American business relations with Japanese companies.
42 Students learn foreign ways; International student exchange program
Northern Iowan 86:35, p.11
2/6/1990 UNI exchange program includes Kansai Gaidai.
43 Is the U. S. selling itself out to the Japanese? Hardly, says Northern Iowa economics professor.
Public Relations News Release 1989:245, p.1
11/14/1989 As of 1988, all foreign investors combined owned less than two percent of commercial real estate in America, less than one percent of farmland, and less then four percent of corporate stock.
44 Breaking down stereotypes and making new friends with a new world leader: Japan.
Public Relations News Release 1989:112, p.1
10/2/1989 Japan has adopted pieces of Western beliefs and systems that have transformed the country into a new world power. Doug Vernier says drugs, crime, and pollution, are problems the Japanese haven't had to deal with and says our country can learn a lot.
45 The insulating factor; international sensitivity is no longer a choice for Americans
Salterberg--Susan K. (CEEE Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 73:1, p.20
7/1/1989 People doing business in other countries must learn the cultures of those countries to be successful.
46 Japanese tradition
Northern Iowan 85:36, p.7
2/10/1989 Student teaches origami.
47 Regents receive Northern Iowa's report on international programs
Public Relations News Release 1987:270, p.1
2/18/1988 The Board of Regents receives reports on agreements with seven foreign universities regarding faculty and student exchange programs. Professor Richard Newell reports agreements with universities in China, Chile, Mexico, Japan, and Spain.
48 'Asian board games' among Northern Iowa exploratory seminars offered in spring
Public Relations News Release 1987:190, p.1
12/22/1987 A two credit-hour course on Asian board games is offered through the Individual Studies Program. The course is instructed by Professor Kenneth Klinkner, and covers board games from Japan, China, and Korea.
49 Visiting Japanese industrial chemist studies hydrogen bonding in the lab; develops special bonds with UNI community
Public Relations News Release 1987:381, p.1
5/27/1987 Katsuaki Tsutsumi, an industrial chemist from Tokyo, conducts research with Professor Paul Rider on chemical bonding to create adhesive plastics.
50 College is the time to travel and explore
Northern Iowan 82:43, p.8
3/14/1986 Gregg Fishbein describes life as an American exchange student in Japan; photo.


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