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1 'Beers to You and Gourmet Too' presented by Friends of the Gallagher Bluedorn
Public Relations News Release 2014:173, p.1
2/5/2015 This event is a beer and gourmet food tasting, which will take place February 22 at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center. Tickets for this event are $40 in advance or $45 at the door, if tickets are still available.
2 University of Northern Iowa releases county impact data UNI serving all 99 Iowa counties
Public Relations News Release 2008:111, p.1
9/30/2008 UNI has a 132-year history of serving Iowans. With more than 57,000 alumni living in Iowa, 11,000 of whom are educators, the university recognizes the role it plays in public service and outreach. There are currently more than 30 outreach programs.
3 Thank yous in order at end of semester
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:54, p.7
4/24/2001 Kathy, Katie, and Ty Hennings thank members of the UNI community for their friendships; photo.
4 Friends can be sisters, too
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:52, p.6
4/17/2001 Believes that biology alone is not enough to make someone truly your sister.
5 World is bigger than Cedar Falls
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:50, p.6
4/10/2001 Believes that Americans need to spend more time learning about other cultures.
6 Sunshine not good for study habits
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:48, p.7
4/3/2001 Believes the UNI Health Center to be one of the best ones around.
7 Much too young to feel this old
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:46, p.6
3/27/2001 Comments on the way being a parent changes as the kids get older.
8 Letting go of loved ones
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:43, p.7
3/6/2001 Discusses ways for dealing with the pain of having a loved one leave.
9 Mutuality is true meaning of love
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:41, p.8
2/27/2001 Gives advice on how to be successful in love.
10 Fatigue an effective form of torture
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:39, p.6
2/20/2001 Describes what it's like to live with a Spatial Abstract Learning Disability.
11 Columnist reviews parking problems
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:35, p.7
2/6/2001 Compares parking at UNI to parking at different universities around the country.
12 Cedar Falls not brightest crayon
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:33, p.8
1/30/2001 Comments on discrimination in Cedar Falls.
13 All work, no play=a dull Kathy
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:31, p.7
1/23/2001 Encourages students to take the time to relax and enjoy the many fun things that UNI has to offer.
14 Drum Ensemble touches columnist's life
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:27, p.8
12/5/2000 Discusses the West African Drum Ensemble.
15 Be thankful for generosity of those before us
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:25, p.7
11/21/2000 Encourages students to remember the ways Native Americans helped to shape our country.
16 Kudos to athletes who take time for kids
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:23, p.7
11/14/2000 Thanks student athletes for taking the time to talk to young fans.
17 Columnist creates hodge-podge column
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:21, p.6
11/7/2000 Comments on the large amount of diversity on the UNI campus, Halloween haunted house, and upcoming elections.
18 Pepsi, Coke debate troubles columnist
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:19, p.5
10/31/2000 Upset that the University plans to choose between Pepsi and Coke products.
19 Discrepancies puzzle columnist
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:17, p.8
10/24/2000 Comments on U. S. news coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
20 Friday the 13th causes fear for child
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:15, p.6
10/17/2000 Discusses the fears of her son and how society limits his expression of them.
21 Photo spurs discussion, disgust
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:13, p.6
10/10/2000 Comments on the death of a Palestinian boy.
22 Discrimination permeates society
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:11, p.6
10/3/2000 Encourages students to help stop discrimination.
23 Convocation column questioned
Northern Iowan 97:10, p.8
9/29/2000 Believes political correctness has been carried too far.
24 Rainy day blues busters
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:9, p.6
9/26/2000 Gives suggestions for fun things to do on a rainy day.
25 Are you a guy or a 'guy'?
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:7, p.8
9/19/2000 Discusses the misuse of the word "guy".
26 Convocation speech's point misunderstood
Vande Hoef--Dustin Craig (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 97:7, p.10
9/19/2000 Defends points made by Dr. Ben Carson in his speech at the convocation.
27 Columnist questions convocation
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:5, p.7
9/12/2000 Disagrees with statements made by Dr. Ben Carson, the speaker at the convocation.
28 Caution . . . construction ahead
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:2, p.9
8/29/2000 Feels college is a time to try new experiences and choose what kind of person you want to be.
29 Violence should not be part of equation in youth sports
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:61, p.4
7/21/2000 Feels children should be allowed to play in sports without violence being a factor.
30 Picking berries provides glimpse of lessons in life
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:60, p.4
7/14/2000 Watching her children encounter thorns while picking berries leads columnist to ponder how people deal with the thorns they find in their lives.
31 Ethics of cosmetics pose problems for college students
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:59, p.4
6/30/2000 Admires her friend who has taken a summer job that contradicts her beliefs but is sticking with the job.
32 Children discover advantages to life before GameBoy
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:58, p.4
6/23/2000 Vows to continue to be a "mean" mom and introduce her children to the "simpler" things in life.
33 Male bonds with grilling come under fire at barbeque
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:57, p.4
6/16/2000 Tries to determine the reason why most men do the cooking when "grilling" is done outdoors.
34 Start of summer means learning how to say good-bye
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:56, p.4
6/9/2000 There are people you become acquainted with in college who will always be your friend.
35 Proud to be a feminist
Northern Iowan 96:52, p.6
4/18/2000 The women's center is still viewed as the political agenda of the 'feminists' on campus.
36 Pinochet should be held responsible for his actions
Northern Iowan 96:43, p.6
3/7/2000 Outlines reasons why Augusto Pinochet should be punished.
37 Women's center would celebrate diversity, help educate community
Northern Iowan 96:39, p.7
2/22/2000 Believes a women's center would work towards the prevention of sexual assault, violence, and harassment on campus.
38 Time for students to speak up, university to listen
Northern Iowan 96:35, p.7
2/8/2000 UNI students are encouraged to speak up if they support a cause.
39 Justice for Elian: send him home
Northern Iowan 96:31, p.6
1/25/2000 Story about Elian Gonzalez and the custody battle between his father in Cuba and his family in the United States.
40 'Modern politically correct view' Pilgrims, Indians may not be accurate
Northern Iowan 96:26, p.10
12/3/1999 Describes the historical relationship between white settlers and American Indians.
41 Thanksgiving history more than Pilgrims and Indians
Northern Iowan 96:25, p.5
11/23/1999 Columnist shares the history of Thanksgiving.
42 Campus phones unaccessible, scarce
Northern Iowan 96:21, p.7
11/9/1999 Columnist could not locate emergency telephones around campus.
43 Better society starts with embracing diversity
Northern Iowan 96:17, p.6
10/26/1999 Leslie Feinberg spoke on sexuality and change in society at the Women and Spirituality Conference.
44 Beauty can be found in noise
Northern Iowan 96:13, p.6
10/12/1999 Column says that by changing our perceptions from negative to positive, we can change our lives for the better.

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