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1 Observance of Veterans Day
Meyers--Trevor (Student-2021)
Northern Iowan 119:22, p.04
11/10/2022 Trevor Meyers writes about the history of Veterans Day and why it is important to honor and celebrate veterans; photo.
2 South Korean government honors American veterans
Wilkins--Alan Michael (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:15, p.1
10/16/2012 Over three hundred Korean War veterans were recognized nearly sixty years after the end of the Korean War. Veterans were awarded Ambassador for Peace medals for service in South Korea.
3 The 50th anniversary of the start of the Korean War
Public Relations News Release 1999:451, p.1
6/26/2000 Don Shepardson will discuss the fiftieth anniversary of the Korean War and also the reconciliation of North and South Korea.
4 All-college book campaign for Koreans will be March 4-8
College Eye 48:20, p.6
3/1/1957 Will collect books for Korean college.
5 Untitled
Alumnus 38:1, p.7
2/1/1954 Smith brothers are in Korea; photo.
6 Insight
Moskowitz--Donald (Class of 1953)
College Eye 44:40, p.2
7/31/1953 Effects of Korean War.
7 Insight
Moskowitz--Donald (Class of 1953)
College Eye 44:35, p.2
6/26/1953 War in Korea.
8 Friends in service
Alumnus 37:2, p.29
5/1/1953 Servicemen receive honors; photo.
9 Lange awarded badge
Alumnus 36:4, p.13
12/1/1952 Donald H. Lange receives Combat Infantryman Badge.
10 Promoted to corporal
Alumnus 36:4, p.4
12/1/1952 Ivan R. Stingley serving in Korea.
11 Service losses hurt '52-'53 basketball chances
Alumnus 36:4, p.12
12/1/1952 Season preview.
12 Call for tribute
Williamson--William Paul (Class of 1953)
College Eye 44:9, p.2
11/7/1952 Tribute should be established in honor of those making sacrifices in the Korean War.
13 Service held for Palmer
College Eye 44:7, p.5
10/24/1952 Stephen G. Palmer killed in Korea.
14 Give blood now
College Eye 43:25, p.2
4/11/1952 A reservist encourages the donation of blood to aid soldiers in Korea.
15 Untitled
College Eye 43:12, p.2
12/14/1951 Issues a challenge from the University of Idaho to donate more blood than they have.
16 Student fees raised from $36 to $40 per quarter submitted by the board by President J. W. Maucker
Public Relations News Release 1951:207, p.1
12/6/1951 Maucker's recommendation to the board read, in part, "recognizing the general increase in the price level of about ten percent since the beginning of the war in Korea, I believe it is equitable for students and their parents to bear their fair share.
17 Reader opinion
Hovelson--Jack V. (Class of 1957)
College Eye 43:10, p.2
11/30/1951 A reader's opinion on an extended GI Bill for Korean War veterans.
18 United States must defend Korea
Cameron--Robert (Student--1951)
College Eye 43:9, p.2
11/16/1951 Without the help of the US, Korea could be in big trouble.
19 Nelson announces faculty on leave
College Eye 42:40, p.1
8/3/1951 List of faculty who will be on leave in the fall; some will be on military duty.
20 Hilltopics
Moskowitz--Donald (Class of 1953)
College Eye 42:36, p.2
7/6/1951 Korea is neither a beginning nor an end of American foreign policy--it is just one step in a war against communism.
21 Hilltopics
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:35, p.2
6/29/1951 Notes significance of Korean War.
22 Looking backward over '50-'51
College Eye 42:32, p.1
5/30/1951 News highlights of the year.
23 Need uniform policy on deferment
Coombs--Don (Student--1950)
College Eye 42:29, p.2
5/4/1951 United States should have national drafting policy.
24 Marine positions open for women
College Eye 42:24, p.8
25 Marine representatives on campus obtain twenty platoon enlistments
College Eye 42:24, p.8
26 Two qualifications issued by Navy
College Eye 42:24, p.8
27 Students report for examinations
College Eye 42:21, p.5
3/2/1951 Thirty students will take pre-induction physical examinations.
28 Untitled
College Eye 42:20, p.2
2/23/1951 New G.I. Bill will likely be passed.
29 New enlistment plan allows men students to finish year
College Eye 42:19, p.1
2/16/1951 A look at the new rules.
30 Dear alumni:
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
Alumnus 35:1, p.3
2/1/1951 President Maucker outlines financial and enrollment situation in light of Korean War; photo.
31 Enlistments, draft, reserves call many Panther athletes
Duke--Wayne (Public Relations Staff)
Alumnus 35:1, p.11
2/1/1951 Many men cancel registrations to enlist.
32 Former student killed in Korea
Duke--Wayne (Public Relations Staff)
Alumnus 35:1, p.12
2/1/1951 Karle F. Seydel killed.
33 Former student wounded in Korean fighting
Alumnus 35:1, p.9
2/1/1951 Merle Johns wounded by shrapnel.
34 Military commitments cut registration total
Alumnus 35:1, p.2
2/1/1951 Winter quarter enrollment is 2488; 1036 men and 1452 women.
35 Enlistment fever hits campus; 61 men cancel registrations
College Eye 42:14, p.1
1/12/1951 List of those who cancelled registration for military reasons.
36 Hoover speech raises protest
College Eye 42:14, p.2
1/12/1951 Disagrees with speech by former President Hoover on national defense.
37 All-out war or diplomatic solution
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:12, p.2
12/8/1950 Situations in Korea worsen.
38 New international organization is topic of debate tourney
College Eye 42:12, p.1
12/8/1950 Will debate formation of organization of non-communist nations.
39 Korea, China, Japan hold spotlight
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:11, p.2
12/1/1950 Summary of conditions in Asia.
40 Is World War III on the way?
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:10, p.2
11/17/1950 Anti-American feelings rage in Korea.
41 Tension looms in Asia
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:9, p.2
11/10/1950 Overview of post-war conditions in Korea, Indo-China, and Tibet.
42 Directive from defense secretary to clarify status of all reservists
College Eye 42:7, p.6
10/27/1950 Will allow reservists to have clearer idea of when they might be called to active duty.
43 Washington wire from Kim
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:7, p.2
10/27/1950 Defends former Korean president Dr. Syngman Rhee.
44 Washington wire from Kim
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:6, p.2
10/20/1950 Addresses concerns of citizens regarding Korea's division at the 38th parallel.
45 File showing men's military status planned by Dean of Men, Registrar
College Eye 42:5, p.8
10/13/1950 Will be used in requests for deferment.
46 Phillips, first faculty member called for duty, to report to California
College Eye 42:5, p.8
10/13/1950 Is in Navy reserves.
47 Rex Miller, sophomore leaves for Air Corps
College Eye 42:5, p.3
48 Washington wire from Kim
Kim--David Suk Chin (Classes of 1951 and 1952)
College Eye 42:5, p.2
10/13/1950 Addresses questions concerning the division of Korea at the 38th Parallel.
49 Becker called to army
College Eye 42:4, p.6
10/6/1950 William Becker called up by reserves.
50 First faculty member ordered to service
College Eye 42:4, p.8
10/6/1950 Cecil Phillips called to active duty.


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