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1 Laundry room etiquette
Mulfinger--Dylan John (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:21, p.9
11/11/2008 Students talk about their experiences in getting their laundry done in public facilities; photo.
2 A piece of my opinion--dorm life
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 103:33, p.12
1/30/2007 Positive aspects of living in the dorms; photo.
3 Laundry woes torment students
Northern Iowan 96:44, p.1
3/10/2000 Meeting held between UNI and Coinmach concerning problems with laundry service; photo.
4 Momma don't do your dirty laundry anymore
Northern Iowan 91:4, p.8
9/2/1994 Survey of local laundry and car wash facilities.
5 Senior gives praise; points out problems
Northern Iowan 87:38, p.3
2/15/1991 Senior gives laundry list of good things and bad things.
6 Two birds with one stone
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:44, p.10
3/8/1988 Craig Sunken composes music while doing his laundry; photo.
7 Two cents worth
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 82:8, p.15
9/27/1985 Gives directions on the best way to do the laundry.
8 Wash clothes with a beer
Northern Iowan 81:13, p.16
10/16/1984 A feature on the new Duds 'n Suds, a laundromat complete with bar, video games, and entertainment.
9 Sometimes it's just too 'clothes': Doing your laundry?
Northern Iowan 77:29, p.10
1/30/1981 Doing laundry is not a pleasant experience.
10 They're taking us to the cleaners!
Northern Iowan 76:1, p.12
8/31/1979 UNI students living on campus get new washing machines and dryers; photo.
11 Clothes won't wash neither does story
Northern Iowan 71:3, p.2
9/10/1974 Students outline complaints about broken laundry facilities.
12 Building paces UNI growth for the '70s
UNI Quarterly 1:1, p.30
10/1/1969 A look at current construction projects and plans; photo.
13 Commends new laundromat facility
Ayers--John L.
Northern Iowan 64:58, p.2
6/14/1968 Appreciates laundry facility in married student housing area.
14 SS discussed speakers exams, laundromat
College Eye 63:15, p.1
11/4/1966 Summary of items discusses at the Student Senate meeting.
15 Strictly conversational . . . .
College Eye 51:5, p.5
10/16/1959 Larry Albaugh and Marcia Bottorff carry on a conversation about the day's activities through photographs; photo.
16 8 washings required to clean uniforms
College Eye 51:4, p.4
10/9/1959 After muddy game at Drake.
17 Eighteen hands work to load 'sixteen ton'
Peterson--John Neil (Class of 1959)
College Eye 48:11, p.7
11/30/1956 A look at the campus laundry facility, established in 1936.
18 wet wash
Old Gold 0:0, p.281
6/1/1954 Advertisement.
19 Girl discusses washing machines, men's conditions
McGreevy--Elizabeth (Student--1952-1953)
College Eye 44:11, p.2
11/21/1952 Washing machines should not be installed in the dorms.
20 The Wonder Cleaners
Old Gold 0:0, p.301
6/1/1949 Advertisement for Wonder Cleaners; photo.
21 Housing and equipment class experiments with old, new washers
Tucker--Helen (Class of 1948)
College Eye 39:22, p.8
3/12/1948 Student comments on the amount of time needed to do laundry with an old washer compared to a new one.
22 "Check reveals coeds are misusing mail service," says Hughes
Rogers--Howard W. (Class of 1948)
College Eye 39:4, p.4
10/10/1947 Cedar Falls postmaster says that some students have been enclosing letters and notes in their laundry bags.
23 All comes out in wash at college's laundry
College Eye 34:33, p.3
6/18/1943 A look at the work of the College Laundry.
24 Sheets, shirts, bibs, plop in campus tubbery
College Eye 32:38, p.4
7/11/1941 Sophie Sorensen talks about work at the campus laundry.
25 Untitled
Alumnus 24:4, p.7
10/1/1940 Latham tribute issue of Alumnus features photos scattered throughout the issue of most of the new buildings on campus; photo.
26 Coed tries to iron blouse but gets self
College Eye 30:41, p.1
8/4/1939 Students burns herself while ironing.
27 Bartlett Hall iron room problems
College Eye 30:39, p.2
7/14/1939 Students talk about ironing.
28 "Blue Mondays" absent at college laundry
College Eye 30:34, p.1
6/5/1939 A look at the routines of the campus laundry service.
29 Bakerites solve sheet problem
College Eye 29:18, p.1
1/28/1938 Men can switch sheets to save on laundry fee.
30 New laundry speeds the college wash
College Eye 28:15, p.1
1/8/1937 Quick description of new machines in Laundry Building; began operation January 4, 1937.
31 Cleaners specialize in women's clothes
College Eye 28:6, p.4
10/16/1936 Wes Parsons opens dry cleaners on the Hill.
32 Campus laundresses discredit old idea of back breaking Monday
College Eye 27:7, p.4
7/10/1936 A look at the work in the campus laundry.
33 Express packages give us all thrills
College Eye 26:17, p.3
10/19/1934 Railway Express service is valuable for students.
34 Campus hot spot is laundry; it has 104 temperature!
College Eye 26:4, p.1
6/29/1934 Description of activities in the Laundry Building.
35 Beware!
College Eye 18:45, p.7
6/15/1927 Should separate first class mail from laundry.
36 Laundry handles big business; hundreds of swim suits and towels cleaned daily
College Eye 17:34, p.1
2/24/1926 Mrs. Kellogg started college laundry eight years ago; moves to new facility; description of the hard work.
37 Mitze Dry Cleaners establish college branch
College Eye 7:2, p.5
9/29/1915 Mr. Mitze opens shop in rooms formerly occupied by Morris Levy.
38 Morris Levy moves into new quarters
College Eye 7:2, p.5
9/29/1915 Opens up new shop for his dry cleaning business.
39 Newspapers distort truth; students; actions greatly misrepresented
Normal Eyte 14:11, p.161
11/14/1903 Students give bath to persistent laundryman.
40 Mrs. Hepner
Normal Eyte 3:20, p.160
2/10/1894 Well-known laundry owner dies.
41 What a great convenience
Students' Offering 6:20, p.5
11/1/1881 Appreciate laundry service.

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