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1 Leap year oddities in the sports world
Siebring--Owen Thomas (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:40, p.13
3/4/2008 Strange endings in college and professional basketball games; photo.
2 2004 is a leap year -- What does that mean?
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.2
1/20/2004 Professor Thomas Hockey can answer questions regarding the leap year.
3 Mystery of leap year unraveled
Oliphant--Matthew David (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 96:41, p.11
2/29/2000 Why the year 2000 is a leap year.
4 SCI co-ed will be five; bachelors unsafe in 1964
College Eye 58:19, p.1
2/28/1964 Ruth Hamilton will celebrate her fifth leap year's day birthday; other leap year customs.
5 Femme's Fancy... Girl Dates Boy
Old Gold 0:0, p.104
6/1/1948 Girls ask out the guys in this annual tradition on campus. The girls even give the guys corsages made of ingredients such as onions, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce.
6 A Social 'I'
Faris--Josephine Helen (Class of 1942)
College Eye 31:21, p.3
2/23/1940 Comments on Religious Emphasis Week, the upcoming play night, and the Women's League leap year celebration.
7 Women to arrange dates for League leap year dance
College Eye 31:21, p.3
2/23/1940 Dance preview.
8 Commercial Club plans leap year festivity
College Eye 31:20, p.3
9 A Social 'I'
Faris--Josephine Helen (Class of 1942)
College Eye 31:19, p.3
2/9/1940 Comments on Religious Emphasis Week, leap year celebrations, and intramural basketball.
10 Jim Crosby plays tomorrow night for "Lady's Luck"
College Eye 27:33, p.3
11 Lady's Luck is February feature
College Eye 27:32, p.3
2/21/1936 Bartlett Hall will sponsor dance.
12 Women will "get their men" for Bartlett dance
College Eye 27:31, p.3
2/14/1936 Dance preview.
13 Take warning, men, leap year again!
College Eye 23:32, p.1
2/26/1932 Women will choose their dance partners.
14 Y. W. C. A. Notes.
College Eye 19:30, p.5
4/11/1928 Association happenings.
15 The Wolff's Howl
College Eye 19:18, p.2
1/18/1928 Leap Year dance to be held soon.
16 Leap Year dance January 20; dance to be held in Women's Gym; Student Council and Mrs. Walker decide on rules
College Eye 19:17, p.1
1/11/1928 Women will ask men and pay expenses.
17 Editorially Speaking
College Eye 11:31, p.4
5/5/1920 Comments on Homecoming preparations, the faculty edition of the College Eye, and recent events on campus.
18 First year junior college
College Eye 11:22, p.3
3/3/1920 Leap year dance was held.
19 Ossoli program presented
College Eye 11:22, p.1
3/3/1920 Several talks shared Leap Year theme.
20 Bartlett Hall leap year party
College Eye 11:18, p.5
2/4/1920 Leap year party was a success.
21 Bartlett Hall
College Eye 11:17, p.8
1/28/1920 News from the dormitory.
22 Shake-Aristo joint meeting
College Eye 11:16, p.8
1/21/1920 Recent meeting consisted mostly of presentations about leap year dating traditions.
23 Si muckrake, he sez, sez he--
College Eye 11:16, p.4
1/21/1920 Comments on the apparent lack of women for dating.
24 Leap Year program; Homerians have interesting meeting
College Eye 7:23, p.3
3/29/1916 Held a Leap Year program on topic of dating and marriage.
25 Shake-Aristo party
College Eye 7:19, p.1
2/23/1916 Literary societies hold leap year party.
26 Jolly weekend house party
College Eye 7:13, p.2
1/12/1916 Paul Farlow and Harold Frisby entertained their friends at Paul's house.
27 The bissextile year
College Eye 7:13, p.4
1/12/1916 Explains antiquated customs involving the role of women in relationships as it pertains to Leap Year.
28 "Shake" banquet
College Eye 1:28, p.5
5/8/1912 Enjoyed dinner and toasts.
29 Mrs. Marion Walker
College Eye 1:21, p.7
3/6/1912 Entertained the Presbyterian Choir at a leap year party at her home.
30 Miss Marjorie Johnson
College Eye 1:17, p.7
2/7/1912 Attended a leap year party at her home in Nashua.
31 Drawings
Denny--Milo Bennett (Student--1907)
Old Gold 0:0, p.334
6/1/1908 Drawings entitled "The typical Normal guy" and "Leap year at Normal".
32 Leap year program Chresto Hall March 21, 1908
Smith--Hazel McCreary (Class of 1909)
Old Gold 0:0, p.193
6/1/1908 Drawing of a man lounging in a chair dreaming which Chresto invitation he would accept.
33 Society events
Normal Eyte 18:19, p.293
2/12/1908 Neos celebrate victory with banquet; Zetas hold Leap Year party.
34 Monday evening
Normal Eyte 15:11, p.174
11/16/1904 Women of reading circle entertain men.
35 Clio; leap year
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.374
3/5/1904 Presented Leap Year program.
36 Zeta
Normal Eyte 14:24, p.375
3/5/1904 Presented colonial program.
37 Last Saturday evening
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.367
2/27/1904 Shakes escort Aristos to Leap Year party.
38 Neo
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.329
2/13/1904 Presented Leap Year program.
39 As a reminder that this is indeed leap year
Normal Eyte 5:28, p.257
4/25/1896 Women will edit an upcoming issue of the Normal Eyte.
40 We feel cranky this morning
Normal Eyte 1:13, p.100
4/12/1892 Overwhelmed by study and opportunities for recreation.
41 Anyone who thinks that leap year is not a success
Normal Eyte 1:6, p.46
2/16/1892 Women rented livery rigs and called for their young men.
42 Parody
Normal Eyte 1:2, p.10
1/19/1892 An ode for leap year.
43 The muchly anticipated time
Normal Eyte 1:2, p.11
1/19/1892 Wonders what women are thinking now that Leap Year has come.
44 Several of the boys
Students' Offering 8:35, p.9
3/1/1884 Receive Leap Year invitations from the women.
45 A very pleasant social
Students' Offering 4:10, p.7
2/1/1880 Hold Leap Year celebration.
46 Miss Maggie Duggan
Students' Offering 4:10, p.7
2/1/1880 Asks boys to carry piano upstairs.

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