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1 Express your true beliefs
Northern Iowan 91:59, p.7
5/5/1995 Believes in speaking out about important issues.
2 Terrorism more than bombings
Northern Iowan 91:57, p.7
4/28/1995 Attempts to understand Oklahoma bombing.
3 Stackhouse's opinions valid
Northern Iowan 91:55, p.6
4/21/1995 Urges people to consider carefully before they comment on appearance of others.
4 Students binge drinking? Horrors!
Northern Iowan 91:53, p.6
4/14/1995 Believes focus on alcohol misses larger problems.
5 Women always active in church; Pope's call for increased women activeness needless
Northern Iowan 91:51, p.7
4/7/1995 Critical of recent papal encyclical.
6 Homelessness forced on women; homeless issue not just urban problem, reaches into local areas
Northern Iowan 91:49, p.6
3/31/1995 Outlines plight of women fleeing domestic violence.
7 Society laden with intolerance; women hesitate to leave home even in Cedar Falls
Northern Iowan 91:47, p.5
3/17/1995 Believes people face hatred because of their behavior or beliefs.
8 Teach and educate yourselves
Northern Iowan 91:45, p.5
3/10/1995 Urges people to take initiative in their own education.
9 Beauty defined solely by men
Northern Iowan 91:43, p.5
3/3/1995 Believes it is harmful for women to conform to men's ideas of beauty.
10 Generation X does not exist!; twenty-somethings held in check by outdated standards of success
Northern Iowan 91:41, p.5
2/24/1995 Believes times have changed and measures of success may need to be changed, too.
11 Funds needed to rebuild families; strengthening moral fabric of nation required spending money
Northern Iowan 91:39, p.5
2/17/1995 Believes politicians should devote money to families.
12 Inequalities persist in sports; even UNI not in compliance with Title IX
Northern Iowan 91:37, p.7
2/10/1995 Views on gender equality in athletics.
13 Students should experience Hill; the Hill part of University culture
Northern Iowan 91:35, p.5
2/3/1995 Enjoys many of the businesses on College Hill.
14 Apply your education!
Northern Iowan 91:33, p.5
1/27/1995 Believes there is more to college than going to classes and preparing for a job.
15 If embryos have rights, why not women?; conservative social policies do not make sense
Northern Iowan 91:31, p.7
1/20/1995 Outlines position on abortion.
16 Fear of feminism founded
Northern Iowan 91:30, p.8
12/9/1994 Views on why some fear feminism.
17 Progressive thinkers needed
Northern Iowan 91:28, p.6
12/2/1994 Concerned that recent elections will leave 'little people' out of the picture.
18 Don't blame drugs for nation's ills
Northern Iowan 91:25, p.5
11/18/1994 Believes that societal changes are more important than banning certain drugs.
19 Standardized tests hurt; poor and minority students affected
Northern Iowan 91:23, p.5
11/11/1994 Believes standardized tests are unfair.
20 Radical right uses stealth tactics to undermine multiculturalism
Northern Iowan 91:21, p.4
11/4/1994 Claims that people are stealing books on controversial topics from libraries.
21 Students with children balance work, study, family and sleep
Northern Iowan 91:19, p.6
10/28/1994 Believes women work longer hours than men.
22 Diversity should unify society; assuming all people have same perspective dangerous
Northern Iowan 91:17, p.8
10/21/1994 Defends purposes of diversity.
23 Support people who 'come out'; everyone has bisexual tendencies
Northern Iowan 91:15, p.6
10/14/1994 Urges understanding of range of sexuality.
24 Language perpetuates oppression; sexist language ignored by society
Northern Iowan 91:13, p.4
10/7/1994 Problems caused by sexist language.
25 Voice opinion at Women's Day rally
Northern Iowan 91:11, p.4
9/30/1994 Promotes Young Women's Day of Action activities.
26 De-mystifying education; women's programs encourage new ways of thinking
Northern Iowan 91:9, p.6
9/23/1994 Commends women's studies for encouraging wider thinking.

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