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1 Why one student joined the Schwarzkopf protests
Nguyen--Kim T. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:49, p.10
4/12/2002 Participated in Amnesty International's protest because he felt he needed to inform people about injustices occurring in the world.
2 A new mascot for UNI
Roberts--Ronald Edward (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 97:27, p.8
12/5/2000 Provides suggestions for a new UNI mascot.
3 How the Grinch stole the politically correct
Roberts--Ronald Edward (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 97:26, p.8
12/1/2000 Discusses the use of politically correct language.
4 Make the world a better place--smile
Northern Iowan 96:55, p.9
4/28/2000 Has some suggestions on how to improve the university.
5 UNI faces tough road ahead
Witt--William G. (Class of 1972; Public Information Services Staff; General Assembly Member)
Northern Iowan 96:50, p.9
4/11/2000 Believes Republican legislators are denying UNI extra funds to cover enrollment growth.
6 Turn up the heat on UNI's melting pot
Northern Iowan 96:37, p.8
2/15/2000 Diversity at UNI and how it should change.
7 Bradley is true environmental leader
James--Phil (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:30, p.8
1/21/2000 Supports Bill Bradley for president.
8 Tom Remington: a brave heart passes
Northern Iowan 96:12, p.6
10/8/1999 Tribute to Professor Remington by alumnus and former student Jean Jespersen Bartholomew.
9 Kid is improper definition of child
Northern Iowan 96:9, p.6
9/28/1999 Column suggests that using "kid" to refer to a child is disrespectful and improper.
10 Parking situation needs reevaluation
Northern Iowan 96:8, p.9
9/24/1999 Student laments recent changes in parking situation and calls on the administration to seek solutions.
11 Bill Bradley: New True Leadership
James--Phil (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:7, p.7
9/21/1999 Columnist sees career of Bill Bradley as evidence he would make a good president.
12 Internships--slave labor or great opportunity?
Northern Iowan 94:52, p.8
4/21/1998 Author believes interns should be paid for their work.
13 Violence in Arkansas triggers flashbacks to childhood
Green--Amy M. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:50, p.10
4/14/1998 Violence in Arkansas and on College Hill reminded the author of a bomb threat in her school.
14 Death penalty might not be answer for Iowa
Northern Iowan 94:49, p.8
4/10/1998 Student comments on the death penalty.
15 May Day festival created by leisure services class
Van Beek--Heidi
Northern Iowan 94:41, p.7
3/3/1998 Festivals and Special Events class announces the May Day festivities that will take place May 1.
16 'Husseins's reign must end'
Northern Iowan 94:37, p.8
2/17/1998 Columnist believes Saddam Hussein should no longer be in power in Iraq.
17 Students' needs outweigh extracurricular activities
Martin--Christopher R. (Communication Studies Faculty
Northern Iowan 94:36, p.8
2/13/1998 Columnist comments on better uses of the Lang Hall auditorium.
18 Clinton should respect vows to wife and country
Northern Iowan 94:34, p.6
2/6/1998 Columnist comments on the White House sex scandal.
19 Saving Old Aud a matter of heart and soul
Cawelti--Gerald Scott (Classes of 1965 and 1968; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 94:32, p.7
1/30/1998 Professor Scott Cawelti wants to save the Lang Hall auditorium from destruction.
20 Headlines on first day of class reflect society
Rochette-Crawley--Susan (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 94:30, p.11
1/23/1998 Susan Rochette-Crawley reflects on society and college students.
21 Drink, screw, be merry; don't smoke or you're out
Northern Iowan 93:46, p.9
4/1/1997 Comments on Department of Residence decision to make residence halls smoke free.
22 This campus needs another riot
Northern Iowan 93:43, p.7
3/11/1997 Comments on the apathy of UNI students.
23 In$tant money
Clough--Brent A. (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 93:34, p.7
2/7/1997 Individuals must decide if making money through network marketing businesses--selling to family and friends --is for them.
24 Grab your board, surf the net, make sure to watch for sharks
Northern Iowan 93:31, p.6
1/28/1997 More people are spending time surfing the Internet.
25 Group projects: more harmful than helpful
Northern Iowan 93:20, p.7
11/8/1996 Faculty member comments on the negative aspects of group projects.
26 What if your friend told you he was gay?
Northern Iowan 93:16, p.7
10/25/1996 Student comments on being friends with homosexuals.
27 Speak your mind with respect
Olsen--David L.
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.8
10/4/1996 Columnist comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column and UNIGLO's right to advertise meetings in chalk on sidewalks.
28 Death of truth on our campus
Northern Iowan 93:8, p.8
9/27/1996 Columnist discusses truth.
29 Stuff we do to relieve stress
Olsen--David L.
Northern Iowan 93:8, p.7
9/27/1996 Student comments on the many ways people relieve stress during the semester.
30 Correction
Northern Iowan 93:3, p.2
9/10/1996 Column on "Getting an Education" printed in the September 6 issue was not written by Scott Cawelti but Jerry Soneson.
31 NI's foul-ups from last Friday
Cawelti--Gerald Scott (Classes of 1965 and 1968; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 93:3, p.8
9/10/1996 Scott Cawelti points out a column incorrectly credited to him and a typographical error from the September 6 Northern Iowan; comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column on drinking alcohol.
32 Binge drinking on campuses: 'completely out of hand'
Cawelti--Gerald Scott (Classes of 1965 and 1968; English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 93:2, p.12
9/6/1996 Columnist comments on binge drinking among college students.
33 Getting an education
Soneson--Jerome P. (Philosophy and Religion Faculty)
Northern Iowan 93:2, p.11
9/6/1996 Columnist comments on getting an education.
34 Being married and 'stuff'
Olsen--David L.
Northern Iowan 93:1, p.12
8/30/1996 Student comments on being a married college student.
35 Price of your silence
Thomas--Calvin (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 93:1, p.12
8/30/1996 Calvin Thomas comments on UNI students who do not participate in class discussions.

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