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McGovern--Anna E. (Classes of 1879 and 1880; Science Faculty)

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151 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 6:27, p.315
4/24/1897 Giving lessons in the "Speer Method"; will offer further instruction in summer session.
152 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 6:27, p.320
4/24/1897 Having work done on her house.
153 Miss Anna E. McGovern
Normal Eyte 6:20, p.230
2/20/1897 Judged contest in Parkersburg.
154 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 6:19, p.224
2/13/1897 Acts as judge in declamatory contest.
155 The Training School
Normal Eyte 6:17, p.194
1/30/1897 Professor Bender has classified the students and created smaller classes.
156 Saturday last
Normal Eyte 6:6, p.69
10/17/1896 Miss McGovern entertained friends.
157 The following teachers went to Dubuque
Normal Eyte 6:6, p.69
158 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 6:2, p.21
9/19/1896 Was sick.
159 Four new teachers
Normal Eyte 6:1, p.10
9/12/1896 Professor Colegrove, Mr. Newton, and the Misses Falkler and Buck have joined the faculty; now thirty-one members in faculty.
160 Faculty
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.354
6/24/1896 Individual photos of faculty; photo.
161 We learn that Miss Anna McGovern
Normal Eyte 5:34, p.341
6/6/1896 Buys house at corner of Tenth and Clay Streets.
162 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 5:26, p.245
4/11/1896 Visited by friends.
163 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 5:20, p.184
2/22/1896 Has been sick.
164 The State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 5:12, p.102
12/7/1895 Several ISNS faculty will participate in the meeting.
165 Art in our schools
McGovern--Anna E.
Normal Eyte 5:11, p.87
11/30/1895 Professor McGovern talks about the benefits of art.
166 We regret to say
Normal Eyte 5:6, p.46
10/26/1895 Miss McGovern missed a day of class.
167 The Northeastern Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 5:5, p.37
10/19/1895 Professors Seerley, Samson, Parish, and McGovern attend.
168 The faculty: how and where they spent their vacation
Normal Eyte 5:1, p.2
9/21/1895 Description of how the individual faculty members spent their time.
169 S. N. S. faculty
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.576
6/19/1895 Composite photo of faculty; photo.
170 The teachers in the Normal School for the year of 1895-6
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.566
6/19/1895 Roster of faculty and their assignments.
171 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.219
1/5/1895 Gave large Christmas picture to primary department.
172 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 4:7, p.105
10/27/1894 Attends funeral in Dubuque.
173 The faculty
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.292
6/23/1894 Profiles of the faculty; photo.
174 Miss McGovern
Normal Eyte 3:31, p.247
5/5/1894 Has been visiting home in Mitchell.
175 The library party
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.162
2/17/1894 Description of party at Frank Cotton's home in which students wore badges hinting at book titles; faculty and senior class were guests.
176 Alumni
Normal Eyte 2:37, p.282
6/17/1893 Program, meeting, and banquet of Alumni Association meeting at 1893 Commencement; President Seerley hopes that they will soon meet in a "new building".
177 The faculty
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.274
6/10/1893 Faculty plans for the summer; most include trip to World's Fair in Chicago.
178 Even the faculty are not exempt
Normal Eyte 2:21, p.168
2/18/1893 Misses McGovern and King have been sick.
179 Misses Marie Harrington and Nellie Gillise
Normal Eyte 2:11, p.87
11/22/1892 Visit Matilda Harrington and Miss McGovern.
180 How our instructors spent the summer
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.9
9/13/1892 Account of vacation and work undertaken by faculty during summer 1892.
181 Just one hundred!
Normal Eyte 1:21, p.161
6/7/1892 Detailed description of Commencement Week events; exhibition drill; Governor Boies' address; society programs; banquets.
182 Some of Miss Kelly's bright little pupils
Normal Eyte 1:18, p.142
5/17/1892 Visit Miss McGovern's didactics classes.
183 Miss Stella Ellison
Normal Eyte 1:10, p.78
3/15/1892 Miss Ellison visits Kate Schell; Kate Sullivan visits Miss McGovern.
184 One of the most enjoyable events
Normal Eyte 1:1, p.2
1/12/1892 Normal reunion held at ISTA convention; agree to meet every year at the convention and elect officers to make arrangements; at least eighty alumni and ten faculty attended the convention.
185 Misses McLagan and Miller
Students' Offering 8:36, p.8
5/1/1884 Misses McLagan and Miller spend vacation in Des Moines; Miss McGovern goes to Dubuque; Miss Ensign goes to New Hartford.
186 Miss McGovern
Students' Offering 8:35, p.8
3/1/1884 Visited by brother-in-law.
187 Miss McGovern
Students' Offering 7:30, p.5
5/1/1883 Giving instruction in painting.
188 The A class
Students' Offering 6:23, p.6
3/1/1882 Presents Miss McGovern with books of poetry.
189 Faculty
Students' Offering 5:19, p.10
6/1/1881 Summer plans for the faculty include meetings, institutes, and vacation.
190 Miss McGovern
Students' Offering 5:14, p.5
11/1/1880 Spends vacation at home in Mitchell.
191 Addition to the faculty
Students' Offering 4:13, p.9
6/1/1880 Anna McGovern elected.
192 Commencement exercises
Gardner--Frank R. (Class of 1880)
Students' Offering 4:13, p.1
6/1/1880 Twenty-five students complete two year Elementary course; three complete the three year Didactic course; two complete the four year Scientific course; lengthy excerpts from Commencement orations; ceremony lasts five hours.
193 Miss Anna McGovern
Students' Offering 4:12, p.7
5/1/1880 Now Fourth Year student; spent vacation teaching institute in Osage.
194 True order of study
McGovern--Anna E.
Students' Offering 4:12, p.5
5/1/1880 The development of the mental faculties.
195 Aurora
Students' Offering 4:10, p.4
2/1/1880 Description of the aurora borealis.
196 The "B" geography class
Students' Offering 4:10, p.7
2/1/1880 Appreciate Miss McGovern's efforts as teacher and give her a dictionary.
197 Anna E. McGovern
Students' Offering 3:9, p.6
12/1/1879 Attending the Normal School.
198 Miss Maude Gilchrist
Students' Offering 3:9, p.7
12/1/1879 Miss Gilchrist and McGovern returned to complete their fourth year; Misses Rawstern, McManus, and Cooke will complete their third year.
199 Our Mitchell County students
Students' Offering 3:9, p.7
12/1/1879 Miss McGovern and Mr. Rand have apparently been ill.
200 Palaeontology
McGovern--Anna E.
Students' Offering 3:9, p.4
12/1/1879 Describes science of the study of fossils.


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