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McIlravy--Frank D. (Class of 1898)

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1 The Northwestern Iowa Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 15:32, p.506
5/17/1905 Many Normalites are officers or participated in the recent program.
2 Prin. F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 15:16, p.247
1/18/1905 Is the proud father of a new son.
3 Frank D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 14:4, p.54
9/26/1903 Frank McIlravy and Jessie Campbell were married.
4 The Milo public schools
Normal Eyte 13:5, p.71
10/4/1902 Frank McIlravy doing well there.
5 On the program of the Warren County Teacher's Association
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.216
1/4/1902 George Eaton and Frank McIlravy are on the program.
6 The schools of Milo
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.8
9/14/1901 Frank D. McIlravy will be superintendent there.
7 Harriett Mallon
Normal Eyte 11:34, p.834
6/1/1901 Harriett Mallon will again be working in Rivingston; includes roster of other alumni who have found jobs.
8 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 11:32, p.788
5/18/1901 Attended baseball game.
9 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 11:25, p.606
3/30/1901 Teaches science at Waterloo.
10 Misses Jean Gilchrist, Willby, and Mr. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 10:19, p.463
2/9/1901 Attended Aristo program.
11 F. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 10:5, p.105
10/13/1900 Visited campus.
12 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 10:4, p.83
10/6/1900 Is teaching at East Waterloo.
13 Mr. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:32, p.762
5/26/1900 Came up to ball game.
14 Mr. F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:21, p.498
3/3/1900 Visited campus.
15 Ira Hoover and Frank McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:19, p.453
2/17/1900 Attended debate.
16 Frank D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:17, p.407
2/3/1900 Attended Aristo open session.
17 Tom Sessions and F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:7, p.156
10/28/1899 Visited campus.
18 Many students of former years
Normal Eyte 9:5, p.108
10/14/1899 Attended football game.
19 Mr. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.12
9/16/1899 Teaching science in Waterloo.
20 Our school has been spared a number of calamities
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.486
6/3/1899 Several students saved from Cedar River; Professor Rich and F. D. McIlravy escaped without injuries from train wreck.
21 Mr. McIlravy's sister Grace
Normal Eyte 8:32, p.455
5/20/1899 Visited.
22 F. D. McIlravy and Fred Salisbury
Normal Eyte 8:21, p.296
2/18/1899 Went to Bristow.
23 Mr. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 8:17, p.239
1/21/1899 Mother died.
24 Resolutions
Normal Eyte 8:17, p.236
1/21/1899 On the death of F. D. McIlravy's mother.
25 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 8:12, p.169
11/26/1898 Mother's health improving.
26 Among the number of our young men
Normal Eyte 8:10, p.141
11/12/1898 Many men went home to vote.
27 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 8:7, p.100
10/22/1898 Mother sick.
28 Mrs. Wood
Normal Eyte 8:6, p.82
10/15/1898 Visited brother F. D. McIlravy.
29 Anniversary of literary societies
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.9
6/18/1898 Account of the Commencement presentations.
30 Aristo
McIlravy--Frank D. (Student--1895)
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.24
6/11/1898 History of the Aristotelian Literary Society; photo.
31 Shakespearean public
Normal Eyte 7:29, p.13
4/23/1898 Account of recent meeting.
32 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:27, p.18
4/9/1898 Tennis Association elected officers.
33 Shakespearean public
Normal Eyte 7:27, p.16
4/9/1898 Account of recent meeting.
34 Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.12
4/2/1898 Lengthy report on Cleveland convention.
35 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:24, p.15
3/19/1898 Reports from recent meetings.
36 A movement is on foot
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.11
2/19/1898 Organizing help for those who lost possessions in rooming house fire.
37 Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.12
2/19/1898 Elect new officers; students attend conventions.
38 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.13
2/5/1898 News about recent meetings and programs.
39 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:18, p.14
1/22/1898 Description of recent programs and meetings; Margaret Fuller Ossoli Society organized.
40 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:13, p.151
12/4/1897 Text of Professor Colegrove's address on temperance; Professor Wright addresses YWCA; statistics on women's participation in religious matters; description of recent Philo, Aristo, and Orio meetings.
41 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 7:8, p.92
10/30/1897 Acted as judge in declamatory contest.
42 The debate
Normal Eyte 7:7, p.75
10/23/1897 Lengthy account of the debate at Ames.
43 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:4, p.41
10/2/1897 Student Battalion has selected officers; approve changes in courses of study; will introduce electricity on campus; will plan winter term soon; instruments and uniforms for band and orchestra arrive.
44 Frank J. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 6:24, p.284
4/3/1897 Will receive salary increase.
45 F. D. McIlravy
Normal Eyte 6:9, p.106
11/7/1896 Will be principal at Ionia.
46 Frank McIlravy
Normal Eyte 6:8, p.94
10/31/1896 Visited campus.
47 Society notes
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.327
5/30/1896 Report on the triangular debate among the Aristos, Orios, and Philos.
48 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.329
5/30/1896 John Bowman preaches on campus.
49 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 5:17, p.152
2/1/1896 Meetings announced; hold missionary meeting on Armenia.
50 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.112
12/14/1895 Meeting leaders announced; Professor Loughridge speaks at missionary meeting.


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