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McNally--Mabel Byrle (Class of 1910; Physical Education Faculty)

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1 Three student awarded $500 Mabel Wright scholarships at University of Northern Iowa.
Public Relations News Release 1988:533, p.1
6/21/1989 Brief biographies of Jodi Henrich, Melissa Lamm and Kimberly Gray; winners of the Mabel M. Wright Scholarships.
2 Chicago alumni unit holds annual meeting
Alumnus 19:1, p.1
1/1/1935 Enjoys banquet and tour in Chinese section of Chicago; list of those who attended.
3 Mrs. D. Sands Wright
Alumnus 16:4, p.19
10/1/1932 Visited her son Joseph and his wife this summer; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wright are directors of physical education at a school in Chicago; daughters Ruth and Luella made trip to West Coast.
4 Joseph S. Wright and Mabel B. McNally-Wright
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.4
10/1/1921 Joseph Wright and Mabel McNally-Wright visit the family of Professor D. S. Wright in Cedar Falls on their way home from an automobile tour of the Pacific coast.
5 Prof. and Mrs. D. S. Wright
College Eye 3:14, p.246
1/8/1914 Entertained their son and his wife over the holidays.
6 Official notes
College Eye 1:26, p.5
4/24/1912 Joe and Mabel Wright will run girls camps in New York this summer; J. C. Sanders reappointed warden for another four years at the Fort Madison Penitentiary.
7 Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wright of Chicago
College Eye 1:9, p.159
5/17/1911 Spent time visiting the home of Professor D. S. Wright.
8 An advance in salary is very gratifying at all times
College Eye 1:6, p.93
4/26/1911 Joe Wright and Mabel McNally are making good salaries.
9 Mr. Joe Wright and his wife
Normal Eyte 21:14, p.248
1/4/1911 Spent the holidays with his father D. S. Wright.
10 The following announcement
Normal Eyte 21:2, p.27
9/14/1910 Mabel McNally and Joseph Samuel Wright were married. Also married were Irma Keene and Earl A. Roadman.
11 On Tuesday evening
Normal Eyte 21:0, p.22
6/11/1910 Women of the Physical Training department gave a shower for Mabel McNally.
12 Department of Physical Training
Old Gold 0:0, p.32
6/1/1910 Photos of the faculty.
13 Last Saturday
Normal Eyte 20:34, p.570
5/25/1910 Florence Olbrich entertained in honor of Mabel McNally.
14 The faculty and students
Normal Eyte 20:29, p.484
4/20/1910 Mabel McNally has resigned; will be married.
15 Gym exhibition pleases; first of annual programs is a success; men's exhibit occurs next Saturday
Normal Eyte 20:23, p.391
3/2/1910 Description of the demonstration.
16 Eulalians win close game; victors forge ahead in last half in game with Delphians; team work good
Normal Eyte 20:22, p.374
2/23/1910 Eulalians defeat Delphians in basketball, 11-10.
17 Physical training exhibition; annual display of regular class work in women's department will be made
Normal Eyte 20:22, p.373
2/23/1910 Lengthy program for the women's exhibition.
18 Another double header played; Alphas and Delphians come out winners; two more games to be played
Normal Eyte 20:21, p.355
2/16/1910 Delphians defeat Neos in basketball, 18-7; Alphas defeat Zetas, 33-10.
19 Miss McNally
Normal Eyte 20:16, p.273
1/12/1910 Went on a trip to Chicago.
20 The Misses McNally and Bruce
Normal Eyte 20:11, p.194
11/17/1909 Entertained the teachers of the Physical Training Department.
21 Miss McNally
Normal Eyte 20:7, p.129
10/20/1909 Visited Ruth Jeffries in Chicago.
22 Department of Physical Training
Old Gold 0:0, p.38
6/1/1909 Instructors; photo.
23 Miss Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 19:3, p.45
9/23/1908 Visited Cedar Falls.
24 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.321
6/1/1908 Physical training faculty basketball team; photo.
25 Photographs of faculty and staff
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1908 Photo.
26 Ladies Physical Training Department
Normal Eyte 18:26, p.406
4/15/1908 Women's student team defeated faculty team in basketball, 12-9.
27 Exhibition of the Department of Physical Training 1908
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.361
3/25/1908 Men and women will give demonstration; lengthy program.
28 The senior reception
Normal Eyte 18:22, p.339
3/4/1908 Students and faculty who attended seemed to have enjoyed the reception.
29 Women's Department of Physical Training
McNally--Mabel Byrle (Class of 1910; Physical Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:21, p.331
2/26/1908 Women will put on gymnastics and Gilbert dancing demonstration.
30 Miss Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.314
2/19/1908 Minnie Cook accepts basketball challenge.
31 Women's Department of Physical Training
Bruce--Lillian H. (Physical Training Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.314
2/19/1908 Lillian Bruce pleads with women to adopt good sportsmanship; unhappy that intersociety basketball was discontinued this year.
32 Women's Department of Physical Training
McNally--Mabel Byrle (Class of 1910; Physical Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:18, p.277
2/5/1908 Challenges the 1907 basketball team to a game.
33 Women's department of physical training
Normal Eyte 18:17, p.270
1/29/1908 Swedish folk dancing is popular.
34 The woman's gymnasium
Normal Eyte 18:14, p.217
1/8/1908 Students show high interest in Rhythm Class, Swedish Folk Dances, Indian Clubs, and Apparatus.
35 Miss Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 18:11, p.170
11/20/1907 Will coach high school girls' basketball twice a week.
36 The many friends of Miss Paffendorf
Normal Eyte 18:11, p.175
11/20/1907 An elaborate bridal shower was held in her honor by her friends.
37 Changes at the Normal; changes in faculty
Normal Eyte 18:1, p.2
9/11/1907 New faculty appointments; brief profiles.
38 Ladies' basketball team, '06-7
Old Gold 0:0, p.224
6/1/1907 Group photo.
39 On February 21, 1907
Old Gold 0:0, p.184
6/1/1907 The Clios won the intersociety basketball tournament; photo.
40 Physical Training and Manual Training Departments
Old Gold 0:0, p.24
6/1/1907 Faculty photos.
41 At Battle Creek, Michigan
Normal Eyte 17:2, p.25
9/19/1906 Peter McNally, father of three alumni, died.
42 Ethel Vinall
Normal Eyte 17:2, p.32
9/19/1906 Substituting for Mabel McNally.
43 Friends of Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 17:2, p.31
9/19/1906 Extend sympathy to her on her father's death.
44 Basketball for women
Pedagog 0:0, p.126
6/1/1906 Interest is high in women's basketball; has become part of the physical training for women; photo.
45 Student portraits
Pedagog 0:0, p.24
6/1/1906 Student portraits; photo.
46 Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 16:27, p.430
4/11/1906 Father will have surgery.
47 Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 16:26, p.413
4/4/1906 Hurt knee in gymnasium.
48 Mabel McNally's basketball team
Normal Eyte 16:25, p.398
3/28/1906 Presented her with silver spoon.
49 Last evening
Normal Eyte 16:24, p.383
3/14/1906 Women's basketball team has party.
50 Classes organize
Normal Eyte 16:22, p.337
2/28/1906 Senior classes organize and elect officers.


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