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Merriam--Minna (Class of 1903)

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1 We are pleased to hear
College Eye 7:2, p.7
9/29/1915 Minna Merriam was elected president of the Long Beach City Teachers' Club in California.
2 Young Women's Christian Association
Old Gold 0:0, p.213
6/1/1912 Roster of the organization's former presidents.
3 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 21:10, p.164
11/9/1910 Visited in Cedar Falls.
4 Miss Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 21:9, p.158
11/2/1910 Spent time with her sisters on College Hill.
5 All the Alumni
Normal Eyte 19:30, p.472
5/19/1909 Minna Merriam's mother died.
6 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.88
10/17/1906 Enjoying work in Randolph.
7 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 16:30, p.477
5/2/1906 Visited campus.
8 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 16:28, p.443
4/18/1906 Visited Cedar Falls.
9 Report of Young Women's Christian Association
Cowie--Florence M. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte 16:26, p.404
4/4/1906 Annual report for the YWCA
10 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 16:3, p.39
9/27/1905 Visits campus.
11 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 16:1, p.5
9/13/1905 Spent several days with her sister.
12 Normal's Young Women's Christian Association
Merriam--Minna Mertle (Class of 1903)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.59
6/1/1905 Follows the advancements of the YWCA since it began at ISNS in 1886; photo of cabinet members.
13 The Cecilian Glee Club
Crary--Lucy J. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte Annual 0:0, p.52
6/1/1905 Group organized in 1888; unites yearly with the Minnesingers to perform at Commencement; photo.
14 At a recent meeting of the advisor board
Normal Eyte 15:32, p.508
5/17/1905 Mabel Christian will be general secretary of the YWCA.
15 Miss Merriam
Normal Eyte 15:28, p.446
4/19/1905 Went to Manchester on Thursday.
16 Report for the Y. W. C. A. 1904-1905
Newton--Elizabeth (Class of 1905)
Normal Eyte 15:26, p.410
4/5/1905 Article provides a detailed recap of the events of the 1904-1905 year.
17 Contest a success; first annual oratorical contest of women's societies very strong and spirited; Gladys Kaye, Alpha, first; Gladys Kiefer, Shake, Sec
Normal Eyte 15:23, p.353
3/8/1905 The first women's oratorical contest was a success; results of the contest.
18 Miss Warren
Normal Eyte 15:22, p.350
3/1/1905 Spent Sunday with Minna Merriam.
19 Monday evening
Normal Eyte 15:21, p.336
2/22/1905 Miss Merriam hosted Valentine's day party.
20 Miss Jean Merriam
Normal Eyte 15:16, p.255
1/18/1905 Visited her sister on Sunday.
21 Neo open session
Normal Eyte 15:11, p.176
11/16/1904 The Neotrophian society held an open session for the public on November 12.
22 Miss Jean Merriam
Normal Eyte 15:9, p.142
11/5/1904 Visited sister.
23 Misses Merriam and Lovitt
Normal Eyte 15:6, p.95
10/15/1904 Visited Waterloo.
24 Miss Merriam
Normal Eyte 15:3, p.46
9/24/1904 Brother visited.
25 In response to an invitation
Normal Eyte 15:2, p.31
9/17/1904 Group enjoys a long picnic.
26 Alice Edwards
Normal Eyte 15:1, p.16
9/10/1904 Visited Minna Merriam; will attend University of Iowa.
27 Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 14:33, p.536
5/21/1904 Minna Merriam will be General Secretary of campus group.
28 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.269
1/16/1904 Minna Merriam visited friends.
29 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 14:2, p.22
9/12/1903 Minna Merriam is assistant principal at Marcus this year.
30 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 14:1, p.14
9/5/1903 Minna Merriam was the guest of Ethel Lovitt this week.
31 June graduates
Normal Eyte 13:35, p.557
6/10/1903 Roster of those who will receive degrees or certificates.
32 Among those who have received positions recently are
Normal Eyte 13:30, p.478
5/2/1903 Brief roster of those who have found teaching positions.
33 Minna M. Merriam
Normal Eyte 13:29, p.461
4/25/1903 Visited Hanna Fields.
34 The Citizen's Bazaar
Normal Eyte 13:28, p.445
4/18/1903 Minnesingers sing at benefit for Cedar Falls Band.
35 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 13:18, p.284
1/31/1903 Has been sick.
36 Sue M. Merriam
Normal Eyte 13:15, p.230
1/10/1903 Teaching in Wyoming.
37 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 13:10, p.159
11/8/1902 Sister Zela visited.
38 Supt. C. B. Paul
Normal Eyte 13:8, p.123
10/25/1902 Visited Mina Merriam.
39 The delegates chosen to attend the Y. W. C. A. convention
Normal Eyte 13:8, p.123
10/25/1902 Roster of delegates.
40 Society
Normal Eyte 13:4, p.54
9/27/1902 Alphas initiate new members; Neos enjoy musical program; Philos hold open session; Aristos enjoy music.
41 Nell Fields, Minna Merriam, and Adelaide Bishop
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.556
6/14/1902 Will visit Salome Van Winkle.
42 The following were among those who attended
Normal Eyte 12:27, p.425
4/12/1902 Many Normalites attended the Beloit course in Waterloo.
43 Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 12:27, p.423
4/12/1902 Will be without secretary until fall 1902 when Lillian Chantry will arrive; new executive committee in place.
44 At the Y. W. C. A. meeting
Normal Eyte 12:24, p.380
3/22/1902 Executive Committee installed.
45 Misses Leila Ware and Harriet Weeks
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.92
10/19/1901 Visited Minna Merriam.
46 Neotrophian
Normal Eyte 12:4, p.59
10/4/1901 Enjoyed program and debate.
47 Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 10:15, p.359
1/12/1901 Visited the Misses Fields and Bella Hostetter.
48 Miss Minna Merriam
Normal Eyte 10:1, p.12
9/15/1900 Visited Bella Hostetter.
49 The elections of the past week
Normal Eyte 9:30, p.715
5/12/1900 News about those who have found teaching positions.
50 Sixteen delegates from the Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 9:8, p.180
11/4/1899 Attended state convention; list of those who attended.

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