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1 Common objections to nuclear fission are unnecessary concerns
Grayson--Adam Michael (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:31, p.4
1/30/2009 Believes nuclear power is safe, clean, and efficient. Waste disposal is not a problematic since exposure is similar to that of an x ray. Using mountains as containers provides a dry and safe place for the waste.
2 Thoughts on dichotomies
Baxter--Brittney (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:21, p.7
11/6/2007 Personal and governmental dichotomies discussed.
3 Nuclear war on the way?
Northern Iowan 102:53, p.7
4/21/2006 The threat of nuclear war appears to be increasing with Iran's desire to proceed with nuclear capabilities.
4 Global nuclear re-arming
Public Relations News Release 1994:535, p.1
6/26/1995 Professor Vajpeyi believes U. S. influence will not be adhered to by all the nuclear powers.
5 Clinton administration cuts nuclear program
Northern Iowan 90:21, p.7
11/9/1993 Believes Clinton made bad decision on nuclear power.
6 Fusion flashbacks
Public Relations News Release 1992:463, p.1
3/29/1993 Peter Hoekje states that even though the Three Mile Island accident was tragic, it prompted extensive re-evaluation of the safety of existing nuclear power plants.
7 Future of nuclear power in U.S. guaranted after study was "whitewahed" in 1964, says University of Nothern Iowa history professor.
Public Relations News Release 1989:293, p.1
12/6/1989 The boom years of nuclear power between 1965 and 1976 might never have occurred, if the results of a damage study conducted in 1964 had not been suppressed by nuclear power supporters, according to John Johnson.
8 Dealing with nuclear wastes--dangerous but a necessary evil?
Public Relations News Release 1988:342, p.1
3/13/1989 Erwin Richter says improvements in storing nuclear wastes have been developed. Richter estimates that all of the nuclear wastes in the country would equal a pile of five feet deep the size of a football field.
9 Scherzo
Hantula--Tim (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 78:51, p.2
4/23/1982 Workers at a nuclear power plant frighten protestors.
10 'Day Before Doomsday' author at UNI Tuesday
Northern Iowan 77:39, p.4
3/6/1981 Sidney Lens will speak; photo.
11 Cordaro: protest is 'a way of life'
Northern Iowan 77:23, p.1, 3
11/25/1980 Profile of Father Frank Cordaro; photo.
12 1980, a year of decision: Babbit says nuclear a troubled energy source
Sampson--Kathryn Ann (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 77:12, p.4
10/10/1980 Excerpts from speech by Bruce Babbit; photo.
13 Event to feature futurist
Northern Iowan 76:57, p.4
6/13/1980 Lee Smalley will speak on the future of technology.
14 Was Karen Silkwood murdered?
Northern Iowan 76:21, p.3
11/20/1979 A memorial service was held for Karen Silkwood who died of radiation poisoning.
15 Nuclear industry talk to be tomorrow afternoon
Northern Iowan 76:19, p.1
11/13/1979 A presentation about the nuclear industry and its hazards will be held in memory of Karen Silkwood.
16 Nuclear pros and cons discussed
Northern Iowan 76:2, p.5
9/7/1979 Iowa Public Interest Research Group hosted a debate on the pros and cons of nuclear energy.
17 O'Halloran urges careful examination of nuclear safety regulations
Northern Iowan 75:57, p.1
6/15/1979 Mary O'Halloran discusses the energy crisis and the possible construction of additional nuclear power plants in the Midwest.
18 Anti-nuke march in D.C.
Northern Iowan 75:55, p.2
5/11/1979 Would like interested people to contact them if they are interested in the anti-nuke movement.
19 Participate in anti-nuclear demonstration
Northern Iowan 75:52, p.3
5/1/1979 IaPIRG member urges students to attend the anti-nuclear demonstration in Cedar Rapids.
20 We asked: do you think nuclear power should continue? And you said..
Northern Iowan 75:50, p.3
4/24/1979 Students asked if nuclear power should continue being developed; photo.
21 "Do we deserve to feel safe?"
Northern Iowan 75:47, p.2
4/6/1979 Student believes that modern man has no right to feel safe.
22 Anti-nuclear film
Northern Iowan 75:46, p.9
23 IaPIRG urges tighter control over nuclear material transport; petitions Cedar Falls Council
Northern Iowan 75:45, p.1
24 "Let your voice be heard" urges IaPIRG
Northern Iowan 75:38, p.3
2/23/1979 Nuclear energy is criticized by the members of IaPIRG.
25 Anti-nuke rally planned; IaPIRG member urges participation
Northern Iowan 75:36, p.2
2/16/1979 IaPIRG will hold a rally at the Palo nuclear power plant on April 21.
26 IaPIRG invites students to learn about nuclear dangers
Northern Iowan 75:25, p.3
12/5/1978 IaPIRG recently held a peaceful assembly to protest the nuclear plant in Palo.
27 Environmental rally
Hurlburt--Kevin W.
Northern Iowan 75:22, p.3
11/17/1978 UNI students will be holding an environmental rally to protest the nuclear plant in Palo.
28 IaPIRG rally planned
Northern Iowan 75:22, p.11
11/17/1978 Will rally at nuclear plant in Palo.
29 laPIRG plans support for environmental rally
Northern Iowan 75:19, p.2
11/7/1978 laPIRG believes Iowa's nuclear plant in Palo is a threat to the environment.
30 In the public interest
Northern Iowan 74:22, p.2
11/15/1977 ISPIRG presents its views on nuclear energy.
31 Urges students to attend meeting
Northern Iowan 73:25, p.2
12/3/1976 First of a series of meetings that will discuss the construction of nuclear power plants.
32 Nuclear power debated; alternatives offered
Wible--Pamela J. (Classes of 1977 and 2002)
Northern Iowan 72:41, p.4
2/27/1976 Excerpts from debate on nuclear energy.
33 Concerned with nuclear juggernaut; Sieleman for ISPIRG
Northern Iowan 72:40, p.3
2/24/1976 Greg Sieleman speaks out for ISPIRG.
34 Nuclear energy
Northern Iowan 72:28, p.11
12/12/1975 Group will gather to discuss hazards.
35 Sieleman to confab
Larson--E. Anne (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 71:22, p.5
11/15/1974 Will attend conference on nuclear energy.
36 Consider these facts
Bradley--Wendell G.
Northern Iowan 69:50, p.2
4/27/1973 Critical of recent article on nuclear energy.
37 The Duane Arnold Energy Center and the ecology of the Cedar River
Northern Iowan 69:45, p.3
4/11/1973 Essay.
38 North American Review features nuclear power conflict
Northern Iowan 68:45, p.3
4/11/1972 Highlights of issue.
39 Five scientists will speak at symposium this week
College Eye 60:38, p.6
3/4/1966 Will speak on radiation as part of Science Symposium.
40 800 students to participate in symposium
College Eye 60:37, p.1
3/1/1966 Will learn about radiation.
41 T. C. gets 2 more grants
Alumnus 44:1, p.7
2/1/1959 Receives $91,300 from NSF for science and math teacher education; receives $7000 from AEC to cover costs of equipment relating to atomic energy.
42 AEC awards $7,000 grant
College Eye 50:12, p.1
12/5/1958 Will purchase Geiger counters.
43 Two week TC workshop announced
College Eye 47:25, p.5
4/6/1956 Professor Kercheval will lead class on radioisotopes.
44 Radioisotopes is subject of workshop
College Eye 46:33, p.4
6/17/1955 Quick look at the workshop.
45 College receives $1000 grant from Standard Oil
Alumnus 39:2, p.3
5/1/1955 Will fund scholarships for the study of radioisotopes.
46 TC receives $300 more for research
College Eye 46:28, p.6
4/29/1955 For radioisotopes workshop.
47 Staffers assist in publication of series dealing with atomic energy education
Alumnus 37:3, p.11
9/1/1953 State publishes five-volume series.
48 Reporter interviews Alyea after atomic talk Monday
Annis--Norman (Student--1951-1953)
College Eye 44:37, p.4
7/10/1953 Interview with Hubert Alyea.
49 AEC fellowships are now available in science fields
College Eye 42:14, p.7
50 Teach fifth-graders about Atomic Science
Public Relations News Release 1950:66, p.1
10/11/1950 Iowa's plan is the first statewide attempt in the nation to promote atomic education and will reach grade school, high school, college, and adult education levels. The fifth-graders did study and remember a speaking knowledge of neutrons and fission.


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