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1 Orchesis Dance Company to take the stage at Oster Regent Theatre
McRae--Erin (Student--2023), Dillon--Seterah (Student--2022)
Northern Iowan 119:50, p.01
4/13/2023 The Orchesis Dance Company's annual gala performance will be held on April 14-15 at the Oster Regent Theatre; photos.
2 Finding your community at UNI
Klinkhammer--Bailey (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:32, p.03
1/30/2023 Bailey Klinkhammer talks about the different organizations on campus and why students should participate and find their community during school months. She states that finding ways to get involved can help you discover your interests as well as build connections with others.
3 A dazzling dance with Orchesis' fall show
Schmitz--Mallory (Student--2021), Dillon--Seterah (Student--2022)
Northern Iowan 119:17, p.01
10/24/2022 Orchesis Dance Company performed their annual fall show in Bengtson Auditorium at Russell Hall last Saturday. Mallory Schmitz speaks with a few of the dancers and gives details about the performances; photo.
4 Men's Glee Club back on stage
Brunsting--Olivia (Student--2021), Fortmann--Toni (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 118:27, p.5
12/6/2021 The Men's Glee Club returned to the GBPAC for their 44th annual Christmas Variety Show after nearly two years; photo.
5 Panther Portrait: Orchesis Annual Gala
Northern Iowan 117:49, p.05
4/12/2021 The Orchesis Dance Company choreographed and performed a variety of pieces in their annual Gala. Their event followed COVID-19 guidelines as all attendees were wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing; photo.
6 Panther Portrait: Orchesis Fall 2020 show
Witherow--Anthony (Student--2020), Fortmann--Toni (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 117:26, p.05
11/16/2020 The UNI Orchesis Dance Company held its annual fall recital; photo.
7 Illuminate Dance Troupe has final fall show
Gordon--Darien (Student--2020), Magnificat--Gelase (Student--2020)
Northern Iowan 117:25, p.01
11/12/2020 The Illuminate Dance Troupe held their second show of 2020 and performed several styles of dance such as folk, ballroom, and studio styles;photo
8 The show must go on for Ochesis
McGuill--Lauren (Student--2019), Fortmann--Toni (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 117:5, p.01
9/3/2020 The Orchesis Dance Company hosts its annual gala, adjusting for COVID-19 protocols; photos.
9 Glee Club 'sleighs' at annual Variety Show
Alldredge--Anna (Student--2019), Rublaitus--Lindy (Student--2019)
Northern Iowan 116:26, p.01
12/9/2019 Theatre critic, Anna Alldredge, reviews the Varsity Men's Glee Club's 42nd annual Christmas Variety Show in the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center (GBPAC) on December 6 and 7. The show featured a number of musical acts and performances for everyone, both young and old, to enjoy. This years' production featured a variety of new material, from student-written compositions to holiday renditions of non-holiday songs. The Men's Glee Club ignited holiday spirit through a creative blend of lighthearted humor and heartfelt, moving music; photo.
10 Panther Portrait: Orchesis & IDT Show
Maas--Emma'le (Student--2019)
Northern Iowan 116:16, p.05
10/24/2019 The UNI Dance Program kicked off Family Weekend festivities with its annual fall showcase. The sister dance companies Orchesis and International Dance Theatre (IDT) performed in the Bengtson Auditorium at Russell Hall. The showcase held performances ranging from tap dancing to hip-hop to traditional Russian folk dance. Many of the performances held were choreographed by the students themselves.
11 UNI hosts Family Weekend 2019
Legaspi--Sofia (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 116:15, p.05
10/21/2019 UNI Family Weekend 2019 took place from October 18th to the 20th, with an opening reception held on Saturday morning; photo.
12 Glee Club Serenades at Variety Show
Byrnes--Alanna (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:27, p.01
12/6/2018 Article recounts a successful 41st annual UNI Varsity Men's Glee Club Christmas Concert. The Glee Club of over 100 students, was led by Dr. John Wiles. In addition to the Glee Club, acts from across campus also performed such as the Orchesis Dance Company, UNITUBA, and the SingPins.
13 Orchesis & IDT perform at fall show
Fortmann--Toni (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:18, p.01
10/25/2018 IDT Dance Company and Orchesis Dance Company presented their fall recital.
14 A wonderful week of homecoming events
Weber--Colby (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:16, p.04
10/18/2018 There is a wide variety of activities that students can participate in during homecoming week.
15 Collaboration revamps CME BBQ
Barikor--Leziga (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 115:2, p.05
8/27/2018 The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice put on the Welcome Back BBQ. The office worked with UNI Dining and Catering to expand the BBQ options available to the students so the options were ethnically and culturally diverse. The BBQ was well received by students; photos.
16 Orchesis and IDT fall show
Flanders--Anna (Student--2017), Barikor--Leziga (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 114:17, p.05
10/23/2017 Orchesis and International Dance Theatre (IDT) hosted their annual fall show. There is an overview of the show; photo.
17 A very 'Glee'ful Christmas
Wikstrom--Anna (Student--2015), Barikor--Leziga (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 112:26, p.01
12/7/2015 Varsity Men's Glee Club performs traditional Christmas songs; photos.
18 DM hosts dance benifit
Frasher--Iris (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:32, p.4
2/2/2015 Dance Marathon hosted a Dance benefit at the GBPAC to raise money for the Iowa City Children's Hospital.
19 Make the world a Glee-ful place
Jamtgaard--Katherine A (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:26, p.1
12/8/2014 The UNI Varsity Men's Glee Club are holding their 37th annual variety show; photo.
20 Orchesis Dance Company and International Dance Theatre Fall Show
Northern Iowan 110:14, p.5
10/15/2013 Gives dates and times of performances.
21 UNI's dance troupes to host fall performance
Public Relations News Release 2013:83, p.1
10/8/2013 Orchesis and the International Dance theatre will present their annual fall dance concert. The companies will perform a variety of dance styles. The event is free and open to the public.
22 UNI's Orchesis Dance Company presents 'Reverie' at annual spring concert
Public Relations News Release 2012:279, p.1
4/16/2013 UNI's Orchesis Dance Company will present its annual spring show "Reverie" in the Oster Regent Theater. The show will feature student-choreographed performances.
23 UNI International Dance Theatre presents 'Traditions'
Public Relations News Release 2012:271, p.1
4/15/2013 UNI's International Dance Theatre will present its annual spring concert. This year's production is "Traditions", and will feature many different dance styles from all over the world.
24 Vocal AmmUNItion wields arsenal of jazz hands, fun
Northern Iowan 109:29, p.5
1/25/2013 Description and background of UNI's Vocal AmmUNItion. The group is the only one in existence at Iowa's state universities, and it is run entirely by students. The group receives no help from UNI's School of Music; photo.
25 Pride Cry kicks off Homecoming
Baker--Brandon Lee (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:16, p.1
10/19/2012 Nine teams compete; three teams selected for finals on Friday; teams must sing fight song and another song as well as dance; Homecoming Court announced; photo.
26 International Dance Theatre and Orchesis Dance Company Fall Show 2012
Northern Iowan 109:15, p.8
10/16/2012 International Dance Theatre and Orchesis Dance Company performs Fall Show 2012; photo.
27 UNI's dance troupes to perform during Homecoming week
Public Relations News Release 2012:92, p.1
10/4/2012 Annual fall dance concert for Orchesis and International Dance Theatre will be part of Homecoming festivities. Variety of dance styles will be included, such as hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, and multicultural.
28 After 34 years, Glee Club Christmas still surprises
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 108:26, p.6
12/6/2011 Soulful vocals and jazzy tones set the stage for the annual Men's Glee Club concert. Sharrie Phillips led the Glee Club in "He's Done Enough". Her powerful voice improvised calls of praise and gratitude; photo.
29 Panther Portraits
Allen--Justin Dale (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 108:11, p.9
10/4/2011 Students join in a joint performance of the UNI Orchesis Dance Company and the UNI International Dance Theatre; photo.
30 UNI dance troupes to perform
Public Relations News Release 2011:37, p.1
9/14/2011 UNI Orchesis and International Dance Theatre will perform for family weekend.
31 Glee Club celebrates 50 years at UNI
Braumann--Kari Sue (Student--2009)
Northern Iowan 107:26, p.5
12/7/2010 Les Hale, the founder and former director, led the group of nearly two hundred sixty voices in the Saturday finale. Nearly one hundred alumni returned to add their voices for the concert.
32 UNI gears up for Family Weekend activities, events
Wheeler--Julie Rae (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:10, p.4
10/1/2010 Oktoberfest activities, volleyball, the Orchesis and International Dance Theatre performance, Hillside Observatory, and the Panther football game are highlights of Family Weekend; photo.
33 UNI dance troupes to perform
Public Relations News Release 2010:66, p.1
9/21/2010 Orchesis will perform a variety of contemporary pieces, ranging from jazz to modern styles. The International Dance Theatre will perform traditional styles like clogging, ballroom, and Scottish dancing.
34 UNI's Orchesis dance company to perform 'The Dancers We've Become'
Public Relations News Release 2009:357, p.1
3/26/2010 The performance at the Oster Regent theatre will include a mixture of lyrical, modern and pointe ballet dance. According to Liz Schroeder, the group has worked to express its thoughts, experiences, and future aspirations through art and movement.
35 UNI Dance Companies to Present Family Weekend Concerts
Public Relations News Release 2009:85, p.1
9/28/2009 Orchesis is one of the oldest student groups on the campus, having been organized during the 1926-1927 academic year. International Dance Theatre is the performing group of the Folk and Ballroom Dancers, which was founded in 1957. Students listed.
36 Orchesis dances off budget cuts
Strong--Jocelyn Jane (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:47, p.9
4/7/2009 In spite of the rumor of being a victim of budget cuts, Orchesis is here to stay; photo.
37 Dancers to showcase talents in free concert
Kuster--Therese Catherine (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:6, p.9
9/19/2008 The "Family Weekend Concert" will be held in the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center. Orchesis and the International Dance Theatre will perform; photo.
38 Welcome families!
Northern Iowan 105:6, p.1
9/19/2008 Schedule of events for Family Weekend; photo.
39 UNI Orchesis Dance Company announces 2008 officers
Public Relations News Release 2007:405, p.1
2/5/2008 Sydnee Stark, Lindsey Ferin, Danielle Basener, and Liz Schroeder have been named officers for 2008.
40 Home and college life meld together for Family Weekend
French--Larissa A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:18, p.1
10/26/2007 Schedule of activities for Family Weekend; photo.
41 UNI's performing dance companies to present free concert for Family Fest Weekend
Public Relations News Release 2007:229, p.1
10/19/2007 International Dance Theatre and Orchesis Dance Company will be performing October 27 and 28.
42 Orchesis spring dance show
Northern Iowan 103:48, p.14
4/3/2007 April 6 at 7:30 and 7 at 2:00 are the dates for the spring dance show by Orchesis.
43 News Brief/Calendar of Events
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
2/19/2007 The Orchesis Dance Company will be presenting a musical theatre/jazz dance style master class Monday, February 26.
44 News Brief/Calendar of Events
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
9/11/2006 "Friends and Family Weekend Dance Concert" will be presented by the International Dance Theatre, Orchesis Dance Company, and UNI Repertory Dance Theatre September 15 and 17.
45 UNI Young People's Dance Theatre to present annual spring 'informance'
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.1
4/19/2006 "Going to the Movies" is the theme for the annual spring "Informance" hosted by the UNI Young People's Dance Theatre; list of members provided.
46 UNI dance programs celebrate National Dance Week
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.1
4/10/2006 UNI's dance program will celebrate National Dance Week with performances and events; list of events and performances provided.
47 UNI International Dance Theatre Spring Concert
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.1
3/29/2006 International Dance Theatre will present "Around the World in Dance" as the Spring Concert.
48 Dance Theater's spring concert truly international
Northern Iowan 102:46, p.13
3/28/2006 Program for the upcoming presentation; Orchesis will also present a program later in April.
49 Dance concerts to be presented all weekend
Meeker--Georgia Kaye (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:18, p.13
10/28/2005 Concerts during this Parents Weekend are free and suitable for all ages; photo.
50 Friday, Oct. 28
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.2
10/24/2005 Study Abroad Center will host open house; Grand Opening of the Student Health Center will be celebrated; Family Fest Dance Concert hosted by the International Dance Theatre and Orchesis Dance Company.


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