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1 Institutional growth and program expansion to 1890
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.107
7/1/1990 Enrollment grows; the Board outlines its authority more clearly; difficulties with the Boarding Department and physical facilities; photo.
2 Frank M. Phillips
Alumnus 23:2, p.22
4/1/1939 Is now serving as actuary and statistician with the U. S. Employees Compensation Commission. He received his Ph. D. degree from George Washington University, and he resides in Washington.
3 Eleven members of the faculty
Alumnus 22:2, p.Cover
4/1/1938 Composite photo of faculty, 1895; photo.
4 Southern Californians eat turkey, honor author
Alumnus 19:3, p.7
7/1/1935 California alumni hold banquet; honor Bess Streeter Aldrich; roster of those who attended.
5 Facts about first class
Alumnus 17:4, p.12
10/1/1933 News about members of Class of 1877.
6 Member of first graduation class writes his alma mater desires information about other members of class
College Eye 25:4, p.1
6/30/1933 Louis W. Pierce inquires about his classmates.
7 Abbott C. Page
Alumnus 17:2, p.19
4/1/1933 Professor Page pays tribute to President Seerley.
8 Abbott C. Page
Alumnus 15:3, p.25
7/1/1931 Abbott C. Page, former member of the Chemistry Department at the College, is now a retired resident of Claremont, California.
9 Mrs. Harry L. Scott
Alumnus 14:4, p.29
10/1/1930 The former Lucy Kuehne, of Los Angeles, California, enjoyed a visit from her brother, Charles F. Kuehne. They called on Professor Abbott Page, at Claremont, California.
10 Forest C. Ensign
Alumnus 14:2, p.24
4/1/1930 Professor of education at the University of Iowa, and Mrs. Ensign (Lucy Smith) travelled to Los Angeles, where he was a member of the staff of the University of Southern California for eight weeks last summer.
11 Abbott C. Page
Alumnus 14:1, p.25
1/1/1930 Former Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State Teachers College; now in Claremont, California; receives visitors.
12 Brief history of physical science
College Eye 20:9, p.1
11/8/1928 History of the physical science curriculum, faculty, and facilities at ISTC; photo.
13 In a letter received by Mr. R. Getchell
College Eye 18:23, p.3
12/15/1926 Mr. A. C. Page sent a letter; wishes to visit sometime.
14 Page and Parish
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.123
7/1/1926 Biographical sketches of Professors Leonard W. Parish and Abbott C. Page.
15 The Auditorium Building
Wright--David Sands (Mathematics Faculty)
Fifty Years at the Teachers College 0:0, p.144
7/1/1926 Multiple smaller buildings are rejected in favor of one large building; cornerstone laid November 13, 1900; description of facilities; dedicated January 20, 1902; building marks beginning of new growth.
16 Wright's book on school history well illustrates; covers a fifty year period
College Eye 17:40, p.3
4/14/1926 Brief review of "Fifty Years at the Teachers College."
17 Who's Who
College Eye 17:22, p.2
11/11/1925 Profile of Professor Getchell.
18 Mrs. A. C. Page death announcement
College Eye 17:21, p.3
11/4/1925 Wife of Professor Abbott Page died in California.
19 Gilchrist Hall; this week's feature story portrays the history of one of the oldest buildings on the campus
College Eye 15:4, p.1
9/26/1923 Recounts history of building, including current and original uses of rooms; photo.
20 Abbot C. Page
Alumni News Letter 6:4, p.2
10/1/1922 Mr. and Mrs. Abbott C. Page move to California, where they are visited by Lieutenant Colonel Leslie I. Chapman.
21 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Page
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.3
7/1/1921 Mrs. And Mrs. A. C. Page have both an automobile and a lovely home in Pomona, California.
22 Prof. Abbott C. Page
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.4
7/1/1921 Professor Abbot C. Page, former member of the physical science department, writes a letter concerning Chloris Anderson, Linnie Downs-Savage, and W. A. Bartlett.
23 Prof. A. C. Page
Alumni News Letter 5:1, p.4
1/1/1921 Page writes of happiness in California.
24 Abbott C. Page
Alumni News Letter 4:3, p.5
7/1/1920 Abbott C. Page saw Maude Smith-Stewart, Lydia Whited, Linnie Downs-Savage in Pomona and is also enjoying golf.
25 Abbott C. Page
Alumni News Letter 4:1, p.2
1/1/1920 Abbott C. Page and wife Mary L. Chapman Page are enjoying life in California.
26 Leslie A. I. Chapman
Alumni News Letter 4:1, p.3
1/1/1920 Leslie A. I. Chapman, Colonel in U. S. Army, is a distinguished teacher. He taught A. C. Page's class while A. C. was ill.
27 Prof. A. C. Page
Alumni News Letter 3:4, p.2
10/1/1919 Page and wife move to California and have neighbors from the ISTC.
28 Professor and Mrs. Abbott C. Page
Alumni News Letter 3:3, p.5
7/1/1919 Abbott Page, former chemistry professor, and his wife have retired to southern California.
29 Attempt to get list of '76 students
College Eye 10:27, p.4
5/21/1919 President Seerley is attempting to locate all students who attended the Normal School in 1876.
30 A. C. Page
Alumni News Letter 2:1, p.4
1/1/1918 Enjoying new home in Branford, Connecticut; nephew Leslie Chapman runs Officers' Training Camp.
31 Official
College Eye 7:8, p.6
11/10/1915 Ex-presidents council elected new members; administrative notes; faculty changes;
32 Resolutions
College Eye 1:23, p.6
4/3/1912 Professors Wright, Arey, and McGovern praised Professor Abbott, who is retiring due to continued poor health.
33 We are al sorry to know
College Eye 1:23, p.7
4/3/1912 Professor A. C. Page has given his resignation.
34 Friends of Professor Page
College Eye 1:12, p.8
12/16/1911 Will be glad to hear he is improving and plans to return next September.
35 Official Notes
College Eye 1:1, p.2
9/13/1911 Commercial education course available; enrollment strong in domestic science; teacher education courses are effective; faculty and staff changes.
36 Alumni business meeting
College Eye 1:12, p.18
6/15/1911 At the Alumni Association business meeting, new officers were elected.
37 Changes and plans for the coming year
College Eye 1:12, p.4
6/15/1911 News about changes for past and present faculty; ISTC students will assist in domestic science in Cedar Falls schools; excavation for Training School may begin soon; may also build a "detention hospital; will let $10,000 contract for pipe organ..
38 Chemistry Department
Old Gold 0:0, p.28
6/1/1911 Illustrates the growth of the department; photo.
39 Given another year's leave of absence
College Eye 1:11, p.189
5/31/1911 Professor Page has been granted an extension on his leave of absence. Professor Begeman will be acting head of the chemistry department.
40 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 1:10, p.163
5/24/1911 Article commends the Department of Oratory on its success in the debates; describes the importance of the new library; an update on Professor Page's health; Karl Knoepfler and Helen Packard win graduate scholarships at University of Iowa.
41 Health much improved
College Eye 1:3, p.41
4/5/1911 Mrs. Page has regained enough of her health to be able to leave the hospital; Professor Page recovering in Connecticut.
42 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:18, p.306
2/1/1911 Iowa education news; Professor Page asks for additional leave to allow his ankle to heal; legislators discuss simplified spelling; Margaret Baker now in Oklahoma; Ira Condit publishes regularly.
43 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:12, p.199
12/7/1910 Roster of those who received degrees on November 22, 1910; George Muhleman joins chemistry faculty to replace Professor Page for winter term.
44 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:10, p.161
11/9/1910 Professor Page seems to be recovering; will remain on leave for winter term; national educational news.
45 Word is now being received
Normal Eyte 21:9, p.156
11/2/1910 Professor Page's condition is steadily improving.
46 Official Notes
Normal Eyte 21:8, p.126
10/26/1910 Faculty will attend ISTA meeting, so no classes will be held; Professor Page is recovering; Edith Buck has been ill; Roger Leavitt attended mission meeting; Professor Arey will prepare memorial statement on Professor Parish.
47 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:7, p.108
10/19/1910 Discusses problems and developments in education in various states; urges interest in intensive agriculture; information on a few faculty members.
48 Capt. Leslie I. Chapman
Normal Eyte 21:6, p.100
10/12/1910 Leaves to join his regiment in the Philippines; has been helping care for Professor Page.
49 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Page
Normal Eyte 21:6, p.103
10/12/1910 Enjoying a visit from their nephew, Captain Leslie Chapman.
50 Miss Myrtle Arnold
Normal Eyte 21:4, p.67
9/28/1910 Assisting the chemistry department in the absence of Professor Page.


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