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1 Offers teach ed changes
Lamberti--Joseph F. (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:66, p.3
7/25/1969 Professor Lamberti considers possible revision of the professional sequence.
2 We can serve the people
Ryan--Thomas G. (History Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:65, p.2
7/18/1969 Professor Ryan outlines ways the UNI can help African-Americans.
3 Mae West: where are you?
Childress--Carl W. (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:64, p.4
7/11/1969 Humorous look at recent activities.
4 Big sections and wheeler dealers
Lindberg--John Monson (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:61, p.2
6/20/1969 Professor Lindberg discusses large classes.
5 Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia . . . UNI?
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
Northern Iowan 65:60, p.2
6/13/1969 Professor Crownfield sketches scenario of possible student protest.
6 Volker--'Greeks do not do enough on campus to deserve 26 pages'
Volker--John Earl (Class of 1969; Future Studies Staff)
College Eye 63:45, p.2
4/11/1967 Discusses the changes which will happen in this year's book.
7 Why I am a college drop out
Russell--John (Class of 1956)
College Eye 63:42, p.2
3/21/1967 Contends that too many academics spend too much time on things other than academia.
8 We must have faith in ourselves
Peterson--Ned L. (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:40, p.2
3/14/1967 Directs students to prepare for the social changes which come with university status.
9 Counseling: an urgent need
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
College Eye 63:38, p.2
3/7/1967 Encourages strengthening of the counseling available at UNI.
10 Exam controversy has unwanted guests
Jacobs--John L. (Classes of 1968 and 1974)
College Eye 63:36, p.3
2/28/1967 Believes that people are spending a great deal of time with surrounding issues and not the issue itself.
11 SCI personnel ought to come out of nests
Liebbe--James ( Jim) (Class of 1966)
College Eye 63:34, p.2
2/21/1967 Contends that intellectual interchange is more important than a material degree.
12 Every teacher has a rationale
Froyen--Leonard A. (Class of 1957; Education Faculty)
College Eye 63:32, p.2
2/14/1967 Expresses discontent with students seeking formulaic teaching methods.
13 Controversial Speakers Committee congratulated
Bohme--Joseph (English Faculty)
College Eye 63:31, p.2
2/10/1967 Praises the efforts of the committee; chides writers in the Courier.
14 'Send me a man who reads'
Rod--Donald Olaf (Library Director)
College Eye 63:30, p.3
2/7/1967 Contends that the Library is vastly underused for its intended purpose of allowing students to read.
15 Has questions for Dr. Maucker
Ayers--John L.
College Eye 63:27, p.2
1/10/1967 Expresses concern over the lack of communication between administrators and students.
16 Credit hours system needs reform
Chabert--Henri L. (Modern Language Faculty)
College Eye 63:24, p.2
12/13/1966 Professor Chabert declares that professors are too easy on students, and this cheapens college degrees.
17 Behind the corn curtain
Parker--Henry Herbin (Modern Languages Faculty)
College Eye 63:22, p.2
12/6/1966 Proposes the establishment of an orientation which will motivate fresh student minds to think on their own.
18 Modern Savonarolas show dedicated intolerance
Dohrman--Henry Theodore (Sociology Faculty)
College Eye 63:20, p.2
11/22/1966 Applauds those students who protest from within the system instead of simply holding demonstrations.
19 Student most important factor in teaching
College Eye 63:18, p.2
11/15/1966 Colombian university president Irene Jarade Solorzano shares her views on education; photo.
20 Gives administration reorganization proposal
Wilson--Lora Lee (Public Relations Staff; English Fac
College Eye 63:16, p.2
11/8/1966 Discusses ideas that need to be considered before SCI changes to a university.
21 Honesty is the best policy
Breithaupt--J. F. (Psychology Faculty)
College Eye 63:14, p.2
11/1/1966 Comments on the benefits of being honest.
22 Athletics should upgrade present program
Sheriff--Stanley B. (Athletics Staff)
College Eye 63:12, p.2
10/25/1966 Discusses changes that should be made to the athletic program if SCI becomes a university.
23 McCollum endorses university status
McCollum--Clifford G. (Science Faculty; CNS Dean)
College Eye 63:11, p.4
10/21/1966 Defends the decision to change SCI from a college to a university.
24 The issue of black power
Wiesenfeld--Julius (Mathematics Faculty)
College Eye 63:10, p.2
10/18/1966 Discusses concerns people have about the idea of black power.
25 Constitutional amendments have merit
Plaehn--Erma Belle (Education Faculty; Political Science Faculty)
College Eye 63:8, p.2
10/11/1966 Comments on proposed amendments to the Iowa Constitution.
26 Withdrawal from Viet Nam not impractical
Hoffmans--Edward C. (English Faculty)
College Eye 63:6, p.2
10/4/1966 Provides reasons for why the U.S. should leave Viet Nam.
27 'Birds don't fly because they have wings. . !'
Ratekin--Ned Harry (Education Faculty)
College Eye 63:4, p.2
9/27/1966 Comments on SCI's change from a college to a university.
28 Will we lose our humanity
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
College Eye 63:2, p.2
9/20/1966 Discusses changes that may have to be made once SCI becomes a university.
29 May be too late for Dr. Fox's 'great conversation'
Poage--George Richard (Class of 1950; History Faculty)
College Eye 60:56, p.2
5/17/1966 Discusses the processes that have been used in campus planning.
30 Impossible to condemn modern music in one sweep
Michaelides--Peter S. (Music Faculty)
College Eye 60:52, p.2
5/3/1966 Discusses the vast array of modern music and its qualities.
31 SCI should have sounding board to purchase art
Bultena--Louis (Sociology Faculty)
College Eye 60:50, p.2
4/26/1966 Advocates a method of buying artistic works which can be appreciated by the masses.
32 Perspective: Imbue education with strong sense of skepticism
Smith--Robert Gordon (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 60:48, p.2
4/19/1966 Explores two questions concerning critical thinking: "What influences us? And what should influence us?"
33 Perspective: Von Schuschnigg wrong on German nature of Austria
Sage--Leland Livingston (History Faculty)
College Eye 60:47, p.3
4/15/1966 Discusses the lecture given by Dr. Kurt von Schuschnigg.
34 Perspective: Reason, experience are our final authorities
O'Brien--Robert James (English Faculty)
College Eye 60:46, p.2
4/12/1966 Discusses Lechay's recent painting of President Maucker.
35 Perspective: Ten judgmental criteria will improve admissions system
DeKock--Walter D. (Education Faculty)
College Eye 60:43, p.2
3/22/1966 Suggests the use of the Miller Analogies Test and other examinations to screen the students attending the university.
36 Perspective: Student leader must encourage responsibility learning
Holmes--Mavis L. (Dean of Women)
College Eye 60:41, p.2
3/15/1966 Dean Holmes discusses the major changes at SCI, including the scenery, the new buildings and sidewalks, the possible university status, and a change in standards and values in students.
37 Perspective: Proposals for SCI uniqueness should focus on students
Froyen--Leonard A. (Class of 1957; Education Faculty)
College Eye 60:39, p.2
3/8/1966 Discusses the lack of appreciation for good teaching.
38 Perspective: 4 factors to consider in teacher-student communication
Skaine--James Cole (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 60:37, p.2
3/1/1966 Claims that teachers should focus on teaching students as many clear and meaningful concepts as are realistically possible given the time frames.
39 Perspective: Creative imagination, beauty play major science roles
Wilson--Leland L. (Chemistry Faculty)
College Eye 60:35, p.3
2/22/1966 Suggests that people shouldn't focus only on facts, but that they should also enjoy and revel in the "creative work of man."
40 Perspective: Authentic personality lowers communications bridge
TePaske--E. Russell (Biology Faculty)
College Eye 60:33, p.2
2/15/1966 Claims that how we see another person's self-worth is reflective of what we think of ourselves.
41 Perspective: Teachers' contributions must repay society's investment
Clausen--Bernard L. (Biology Faculty)
College Eye 60:31, p.2
2/8/1966 Claims that society cannot afford to have instructors who confine their teaching to the space between the two covers of a textbook.
42 Perspective: State of society depends on effective family education
Sjolander--Margaret A. (Home Economics Faculty)
College Eye 60:28, p.2
1/11/1966 Discusses the importance of women's education.
43 Perspective: Each student should revolt for truth, honor, freedom
Hearst--James Schell (Student--1918; English Faculty)
College Eye 60:26, p.2
12/15/1965 Encourages students to stand up for noble causes.
44 Perspective: Both Obratsov's, Farrell's sociological art views valid
Jamosky--Edward V. (Modern Languages Faculty)
College Eye 60:24, p.2
12/7/1965 Compares Sergei Obratsov and his views to those of James T. Farrell.
45 Perspective: Students must correct Myopia, improve view of world
Parker--Henry Herbin (Modern Languages Faculty)
College Eye 60:22, p.2
11/30/1965 Discusses myopia, which is the inability to see past your own closed society.
46 Perspective: Rewarding to watch student reactions on European Tour
Whitnah--Donald R. (History Faculty)
College Eye 60:21, p.2
11/23/1965 Comments on the reactions of students during the 1965 Seminar in Europe.
47 Perspective: 'Experts' must confront both conscience, competency
Bernhard--Harold E. (Religion Faculty)
College Eye 60:20, p.2
11/19/1965 Discusses what is meant by value and what is implied in trying to preserve it.
48 Perspective: Decision making distinctly personal, pleasant experience
Nijim--Basheer K. (Geography Faculty)
College Eye 60:19, p.2
11/16/1965 Claims that you may profit from someone else's advice, but the decision must come from you.
49 Perspective: Colleges must risk embarrassment for education's sake
Cowley--John P. (English Faculty)
College Eye 60:17, p.2
11/9/1965 Discusses recent student protest concerning free speech.
50 Perspective: Value of nonconformity varies with accomplishments
Voldseth--Edward V. (Vice President)
College Eye 60:16, p.3
11/5/1965 Claims that many American college students are conformists.


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