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Prall--John C. (Class of 1895)

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1 John C. Prall
Alumnus 29:3, p.32
7/1/1945 Died October 18, 1944, at Iowa City, Iowa. From 1899 to 1912 he was Y. M. C. A. Secretary at Iowa State College, Ames, and coached sprinters of the track team. Since 1912 he had been in the insurance business. Surviving are his wife and three daughters.
2 The following from the Cedar Falls Record
Normal Eyte 20:18, p.309
1/26/1910 John Prall will engage in missionary organization for the Y. M. C. A.
3 The April number of Midland Schools
Normal Eyte 15:30, p.471
5/3/1905 Compliments for graduates of I. S. N. S.
4 A little daughter
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.552
6/14/1902 John Prall has a new daughter.
5 Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 12:11, p.167
11/23/1901 State Secretary J. C. Prall visited; hopes more men will attend mission study meetings.
6 Mr. J. C. Praul
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.157
11/16/1901 Spoke to YMCA meeting.
7 Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 12:9, p.136
11/9/1901 Preparing for week of prayer.
8 John C. Prall
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.380
1/19/1901 Conducted devotional exercises.
9 John C. Prall
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.688
5/5/1900 Was secretary of Y. M. C. A. in Leland; now is college secretary of Y. M. C. A. in Iowa.
10 John Prall, Chas. Johnson, and Blaine Youel
Normal Eyte 9:22, p.521
3/10/1900 Attended YMCA conference.
11 Jno. Prall
Normal Eyte 9:6, p.131
10/21/1899 Visited campus.
12 J. C. Prall
Normal Eyte 9:2, p.34
9/23/1899 Officer in state YMCA.
13 J. C. Prall
Normal Eyte 8:32, p.453
5/20/1899 Publishes article.
14 J. C. Prall
Normal Eyte 8:9, p.122
11/5/1898 YMCA secretary at Stanford University.
15 John C. Prall
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.12
6/18/1898 Studying at Stanford University.
16 The Normal school has been represented
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.13
6/18/1898 About forty Normalites have been attending the University of Iowa; a dozen recently received degrees.
17 Athletic; Athletic Association
Boardman--Benjamin (Business Manager)
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.42
6/11/1898 History of athletics at the school; current athletic records.
18 John C. Prall
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.9
4/2/1898 General secretary of YMCA at University of Iowa; John Fellingham will be secretary at Fort Dodge.
19 The Normal School is well-represented
Normal Eyte 7:24, p.12
3/19/1898 Many are studying at the University of Iowa.
20 Among the S. U. I. delegates
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.9
2/19/1898 Normalites attend YMCA convention.
21 The Glee and Mandolin Clubs
Normal Eyte 7:17, p.12
1/15/1898 University of Iowa clubs give concert in Waterloo; several Normalites took part.
22 Twenty-nine of our alumni are enrolled
Normal Eyte 7:9, p.101
11/6/1897 At University of Iowa.
23 J. C. Prall
Normal Eyte 6:18, p.214
2/6/1897 Sings first tenor in University of Iowa Glee Club.
24 The following names
Normal Eyte 6:14, p.160
12/19/1896 Roster of former Normalites now studying at University of Iowa.
25 In the S. U. I. Quill
Normal Eyte 6:8, p.93
10/31/1896 J. C. Prall doing well in athletics at University of Iowa.
26 John Prall
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.331
5/30/1896 Visited campus.
27 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 5:28, p.260
4/25/1896 Thirty-two new members join YMCA; hold missionary meeting on South America; lengthy YMCA annual report.
28 Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 5:9, p.71
11/16/1895 Adopt new constitution; make committee and team appointments; hear allegations of professionalism.
29 The following of our alumni
Normal Eyte 5:2, p.13
9/28/1895 Roster of those enrolled at University of Iowa.
30 It is with pride
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.607
6/19/1895 Athletic Association reviews year's activities; baseball team lost just one game; plan for baseball, football, track, and gymnastics next year; J. C. Prall recognized for his athletic abilities.
31 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:35, p.552
6/8/1895 Meeting leaders announced; YMCA Geneva delegates selected.
32 The regular business meeting
Normal Eyte 4:34, p.538
6/1/1895 Elect officers of Athletic Association; financial report; report on state convention.
33 Field Day
Normal Eyte 4:33, p.524
5/25/1895 Records in track and field events.
34 The following persons
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.380
3/16/1895 Speakers and topics.
35 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:20, p.312
2/16/1895 Meeting leaders announced; delegates selected for state convention.
36 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:19, p.297
2/9/1895 Meeting leaders announced.
37 A meeting of the Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 4:18, p.282
2/2/1895 Considering lowering fees; elect new officers.
38 The addresses of the past week
Normal Eyte 4:12, p.187
12/1/1894 Speakers and topics.
39 The II yr. H. S. class
Normal Eyte 4:7, p.107
10/27/1894 Elected officers.
40 Field Day
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.269
5/26/1894 Results of individual events.
41 Messrs. T. M. and John Prall, together with O. M. Harvey
Normal Eyte 3:26, p.206
3/31/1894 Visit the Hearsts.
42 The joint debate
Normal Eyte 3:23, p.183
3/3/1894 Men's societies hold joint debate; Philos win over Aristos, 2-1.
43 The convention
Normal Eyte 3:22, p.170
2/24/1894 Report on the YMCA meeting in Davenport.
44 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 3:20, p.157
2/10/1894 Meeting leaders announced; more song books ordered; many expect to attend Davenport meeting.

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