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1 Blue safety phones to be removed
Christensen--Caroline (Student--2021), Schmitz--Mallory (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:47, p.01
4/3/2023 UNI is introducing the Rave Guardian app that will take place of the blue safety phones located sporadically on campus; photos.
2 First NISG Town Hall held in Union
Smith--Monique (Student--2017), Davis--Kirby (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 114:21, p.01
11/6/2017 The Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) held a town hall in Maucker Union. They wanted to provide students with an opportunity to speak with representatives about issues they are concerned with on campus. Issues discussed by the cabinet include mental health, campus safety, and how to get involved with NISG and lobbying; photos.
3 NISG responds to Charlottesville
Bernhard--Tristan (Student--2017), White--Jamal (Student--2014), Givens--Darvel (Class of 2017)
Northern Iowan 114:1, p.6
8/24/2017 Representatives from the Northern Iowa Student Government give their response to the violent protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.
4 Striving towards a safe campus
Madden--Jacob (Class of 2019)
Northern Iowan 112:21, p.3
11/9/2015 As school shootings become more prevalent in society, UNI police officer Joe Tyler believes that the Violent Incident Defense Strategies program (VIDS) is an essential resource for students.
5 Hit by a car? No free tuition
Adams--Phillip (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 112:20, p.1
11/5/2015 Students and faculty are beginning to question the safety of the Hudson Road crosswalk to the Towers dormitory complex; photo.
6 Beware of telephone scam
Fisher--Nicholas Allen (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:15, p.2
10/19/2015 Several UNI students have been receiving calls from telephone scammers posing as the IRS or FBI.
7 Public Safety crime log
Northern Iowan 111:43, p.2
3/12/2015 A collection of crimes that happened on campus
8 BOR meeting March 11
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:42, p.2
3/9/2015 The Board of Regents will discuss the Annual Report on Campus Safety and Security.
9 Public Safety crime log
Northern Iowan 111:27, p.3
12/11/2014 A collection of crimes that occurred on campus
10 Tickets of convenience
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:27, p.1
12/11/2014 Students are making their own parking spots between the Presidents House and Lang hall, causing possible safety issues; photo.
11 Winter driving tips
Schueller--Amanda Lynne (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 111:25, p.2
12/4/2014 Lt. Joe Tyler of UNI public safety shares winter driving tips and expresses to students how important it is to drive safe during winter weather.
12 UNI conducts annual emergency exercise
Public Relations News Release 2014:121, p.1
11/14/2014 UNI conducted its annual emergency exercise November 8, it simulated a chemical spill in an academic building. UNI also conducts a test of its emergency text messaging system semiannually.
13 False Alarm
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:22, p.2
11/13/2014 Russell Hall was evacuated due to a pulled fire alarm, the alarmed turned out to be false and had been pulled by accident.
14 No parking pass? No problem!
Boisen--Eric (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 111:22, p.3
11/13/2014 Student Eric Boisen looks at public safety and how he feels they do a poor job of being consistent with their parking lot rules; photo.
15 Assult reported on campus
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:18, p.2
10/30/2014 A sexual assault was reported in Campbell hall.
16 So-called "sexual misconduct"
Daniel--Christopher (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 111:18, p.3
10/30/2014 Christopher Daniel shares his opinion on the recent acts of sexual misconduct on campus and expresses how they should be punished more; photo.
17 Bike thefts on the upswing
Ruggles--Jacinda Rose (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:55, p.1
5/1/2014 Warm weather brings out bicyclers on campus. There have been many reports of bike thefts recently. Public safety recommends registering bikes and keeping track of their serial numbers; photo.
18 Don't get a ticket
Hausler--Jonathan Wesley (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 110:55, p.supp. 13
5/1/2014 The article explains the rules of parking at UNI. It gives tips on how to avoid getting a ticket.
19 Alleged sexual assault on the hill
Aune--Jordan Lee (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:54, p.2
4/28/2014 The UNI Police Department investigated an alleged sexual assault. Anyone with information regarding the alleged assault is encouraged to call the UNI Police Department.
20 Challenging university costs
Beard--Renae (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:45, p.5
3/27/2014 Gives the facts of the two-year advantage plan offered by the Department of Residence. Says that the plan does not save money in the long run.
21 Student who reported sexual assault faces false filing charges
Ta--Linh Mai (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 110:17, p.1
10/25/2013 A sexual assault was reported in ROTH residence hall on September 15. Since then, the police have uncovered that the sexual activity was consensual. Elizabeth Richmann, the woman that reported the assault, is facing false filing charges.
22 Public intox popular crime during Homecoming
Jamtgaard--Katherine A (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:13, p.1
10/11/2013 Alcohol is often an issue during Homecoming week. Last year at the football game, seven students were arrested for public intoxication; photo.
23 Report shows UNI has fewer crimes than ISU and U of I
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:8, p.1
9/24/2013 The University of Northern Iowa's campus is safer than both Iowa State University's and the University of Iowa's. Under the Cleary Act, the university must disclose all campus crime reports to the Iowa Department of Education each year.
24 17. Don¿t get a ticket!
Allen--Justin Dale (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:54, p.supp. 1
25 Parking: a little ticket goes a long way; 30,000-40, 000 parking tickets are issued per calendar year
Allen--Justin Dale (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:48, p.1
4/12/2013 During an average academic year, the total cost for parking tickets at UNI is approximately $421,000. The money that is collected from these tickets is used to cover all parking expenses; photo.
26 Students simulate drunk driving
Baker--Brandon Lee (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:38, p.1
2/26/2013 Wellness and Recreation Services, along with UNI Public Safety, hosted a program called, "UNI I am Making Safe Decisions." Students simulated drunk driving to see how dangerous it really is; photo.
27 UNI to host interactive safety event
Public Relations News Release 2012:205, p.1
2/18/2013 "UNI I am . . . Making Safe Decisions!" is an event that will be hosted by UNI Public Safety, Wellness and Recreation Services, and local and state law enforcement. The event will have educational and high-risk drinking prevention activities.
28 Snowstorm spurs debate
Baker--Brandon Lee (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 109:32, p.1
2/5/2013 Students and faculty question the actions of UNI officials when classes were held after heavy snowfall. University Relations, Michael Hager, and Provost Gloria Gibson would not comment; photo.
29 UNI's cancellation process
O'Loughlin--Emily (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 107:26, p.1
12/7/2010 College campus closings are very rare, but due to extremely dangerous conditions, sometimes classes are cancelled. Students are notified via E-mail, television, and radio reports
30 NISG wins traffic safety award
Northern Iowan 105:54, p.supp 28
5/1/2009 The SafeRide program on weekends, designed to aid students and prevent drinking and driving, won a special award from the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau; photo.
31 UNI warns of possible magazine scam
Public Relations News Release 2008:472, p.1
4/16/2009 A Waterloo woman reported that in March two men who claimed to be UNI students were selling magazines door-to-door and told her the university would reimburse her for part of the purchase. The university is not affiliated with these sales.
32 UNI Police seek information about assault on campus
Northern Iowan 105:33, p.6
2/6/2009 An anonymous tip has public safety officials seeking information from the public on an assault early Sunday morning.
33 UNI Police seek information about assault on campus
Public Relations News Release 2008:331, p.1
2/2/2009 Police received an anonymous phone call of an assault near central campus. A male subject was assaulted by four males. The victim was reportedly struck in the face, but didn't require medical treatment for his injuries. Police ask for information.
34 Stalking knowledge can protect students
Weber--Braydn Lee (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:31, p.1
1/30/2009 Students urged to contact the Stalking Resource Center and Public Safety if they believe they are being stalked on campus. One in twelve women will be stalked in their lifetime. Stalking is common on college campuses; photo.
35 Police search for costumed man Wednesday
Northern Iowan 105:18, p.1
10/31/2008 A Halloween party in Maucker Union resulted in a call to Public Safety regarding an person dressed in camouflage and appearing to have a weapon. Police paid special attention to the area, but it was thought that the weapon was plastic.
36 Students removed from McCain rally
Bardsley--Laura Lee (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:18, p.1
10/31/2008 Visit to West Gym by John McCain attended by 2000 people. At least four students were removed for unknown reasons; photo.
37 The meaning of Homecoming
Boevers--Cassandra Mae (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:14, p.5
10/17/2008 Believes that some student actions during Homecoming were not positive; if students could ease off of some of the inappropriate traditions, perhaps Homecoming week would be less intimidating.
38 Safety first
Mulfinger--Dylan John (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:12, p.d
10/10/2008 Public Safety officers plan to help make Homecoming Week run smoothly; photo.
39 Safety first
Mulfinger--Dylan John (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:11, p.14
10/7/2008 Public safety officials gear up for Homecoming weekend activities; photo.
40 Two Panthers nabbed for theft at Rialto
Bullen--Tiffany Lynn (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:10, p.11
10/3/2008 Cory Goos and Lucas O'Rear have been charged with fourth degree theft involving a cell phone and iPod in the Rialto Dining Center; photo.
41 Park and Ride Shuttle
Northern Iowan 105:2, p.3
9/5/2008 The shuttle runs from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm from the West Dome parking lot to 23rd and Campus. The complete schedule is provided.
42 UNI to test outdoor warning system Thursday, July 17
Public Relations News Release 2007:765, p.1
7/15/2008 The University Mass Notification Outdoor Warning System will be tested across the campus on Thursday, to determine if planned speaker locations allow adequate notification of emergency information.
43 UNI offices begin returning to Gilchrist Hall in July
Public Relations News Release 2007:752, p.1
7/9/2008 Offices and departments displaced by the October 2005 fire in Gilchrist Hall began moving into the newly renovated building July 7. List of offices.
44 UNI reacts to possible gunman; suspect in custody
Public Relations News Release 2007:494, p.1
3/11/2008 UNI Police were notified of a possible gunman threatening a student. Students and faculty were notified via the UNI Alert system and all nine residence halls were locked down.
45 Best of 2007
Northern Iowan 104:28, p.1
1/18/2008 Quick look at most important events of 2007; photo.
46 Campus police now armed
Conaway--Brandon U. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:28, p.2
1/18/2008 On December 23, 2007, campus police began to carry firearms; Dave Zarifis talks about the matter; photo.
47 New system to help UNI speed delivery of emergency messages
Public Relations News Release 2007:331, p.1
12/4/2007 "UNI Alert" will allow emergency messages to be sent to students, faculty, and staff within minutes.
48 UNI Police to be armed; timeline of UNI Police gaining the right to be armed
Ahmed--Ranya R. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:20, p.1
11/2/2007 Board of Regents votes, 6-2, to require Regents peace officers to carry firearms.
49 Riding along with the UNI Police
Calcara--Sally A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:11, p.1
10/2/2007 Reporter rides along with campus police officer; logs what happened on a Friday night; police officers talk about their work; photo.
50 Iowa Board of Regents delays vote to arm campus police
Northern Iowan 104:8, p.1
9/21/2007 Regents ask board office to draft a comprehensive plan for campus security that would include the arming of officers.


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