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Rall--Edward Everett (Class of 1895)

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1 Prominent alumni graduated here; serve as college presidents
College Eye 29:6, p.5
10/15/1937 Quick look at illustrious graduates of ISTC.
2 President of two colleges is one of seven who received early training at your alma mater!
Alumnus 20:2, p.11
4/1/1936 Survey and roster of alumni who direct or serve in executive position in colleges and universities.
3 Dr. Earl Allen Roadman is the only alumnus who directs two colleges
Public Relations News Release 1935:661, p.1
2/28/1936 College presidents who received their early training at the Teachers College.
4 Edward Everett Rall
Old Gold 0:0, p.15
6/1/1925 Brief biographical sketch; photo.
5 Dr. E. E. Rall
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.5
10/1/1921 Dr. Edward E. Rall, President of Northwestern College in Illinois, attends the funeral of Reverend Otto Rall in Cedar Falls.
6 Rall
Alumni News Letter 4:3, p.7
7/1/1920 Joseph Edward Rall was born February 3, 1920, to President Edward E. Rall and wife of Northwestern College.
7 Dr. Edward E. Rall
Alumni News Letter 4:1, p.5
1/1/1920 Edward E. Rall attended the Quadrennial General Conference of the Evangelical Association.
8 Dr. Edward E. Rall
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
7/1/1916 Edward E. Rall elected President of Northwestern Evangelical College in Naperville, Illinois.
9 Nashville Rural Teacher Training Conference
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
12/1/1915 Alumni Edward E. Rall, Professor of Education, J. Herbert Kelley, and George S. Dick, presidents of normal schools in Colorado and Nebraska participated in conference.
10 Official
College Eye 7:10, p.6
11/24/1915 News of alumni; news of other normal schools.
11 Dr. E. E. Rall
College Eye 3:4, p.82
9/24/1913 Spent time visiting his sister in Cedar Falls; spoke at chapel.
12 Dr. E. E. Rall
College Eye 1:14, p.7
1/17/1912 Has been called to leave his position as head of the Department of Education at the University of Texas to take the same position at the University of Tennessee.
13 Dr. E. E. Rall
Normal Eyte 17:2, p.26
9/19/1906 At University of Texas; visited Cedar Falls.
14 E. E. Rall
Normal Eyte 15:18, p.280
2/1/1905 Is studying at Teacher's College, Columbia, New York.
15 Edward Rall
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.688
16 Edward E. Rall
Normal Eyte 9:27, p.640
4/21/1900 Is a senior at S. U. I.
17 The faculty of the State University
Normal Eyte 9:16, p.378
1/27/1900 Three of the Commencement orators are from ISNS.
18 The following is a complete list
Normal Eyte 9:6, p.128
10/21/1899 Roster of those attending University of Iowa.
19 Edward Rall
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.484
6/3/1899 Will be president of oratorical association at University of Iowa.
20 On the roll of honor at S. U. I.
Normal Eyte 8:23, p.323
3/18/1899 Many Normalites doing very well at University of Iowa.
21 Ed Rall and John Lambert
Normal Eyte 8:10, p.140
11/12/1898 Visited chapel.
22 J. J. Lambert and Edward Rall
Normal Eyte 8:10, p.139
11/12/1898 Came home to vote.
23 B. J. Lambert, J. J. Lambert, Percy Hunt . . . .
Normal Eyte 8:7, p.97
10/22/1898 Members of boarding club in Iowa City.
24 We take pleasure
Normal Eyte 8:4, p.54
10/1/1898 Many Normalites enrolled at University of Iowa.
25 Mamie Hearst, Edward Rall, Percy Hunt, B. J. Lambert, and J. J. Lambert
Normal Eyte 8:2, p.27
9/17/1898 Studying at University of Iowa.
26 Ed. Rall
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.12
9/10/1898 Visited chapel.
27 Mr. E. E. Rall
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.327
5/30/1896 Associate principal at Hawarden; Elsie Orcutt teaching there, too.
28 We are glad to hear
Normal Eyte 5:4, p.26
10/12/1895 E. E. Rall doing well in Hawarden.
29 Fourth Year class
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.590
6/19/1895 Composite class photo on two pages; photo.
30 Military officers
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.598
6/19/1895 Group photo; photo.
31 E. E. Rall
Normal Eyte 4:30, p.476
5/4/1895 Elected principal of Hawarden Normal School.
32 Aristotelian public
Normal Eyte 4:27, p.421
4/13/1895 Review of Aristotelian public session in which members portrayed historical figures.
33 Aristotelian public
Normal Eyte 4:25, p.395
3/30/1895 Performance program.
34 The fourth year
Normal Eyte 4:20, p.313
2/16/1895 Selected Class Day representatives.
35 The following appointments
Normal Eyte 4:16, p.246
1/19/1895 Student battalion appointments.
36 The business of the Aristo Society
College Eye 4:11, p.171
11/24/1894 Good programs recently; elect new officers.
37 School Directory
Normal Eyte 4:1, p.9
9/15/1894 Roster of student organizations and their officers.
38 The Aristo Society
Normal Eyte 4:1, p.12
9/15/1894 Brief description of first program.
39 The Aristo officers
Normal Eyte 3:28, p.223
4/14/1894 Elect officers.
40 The Aristotelian Society gave a very interesting program
Normal Eyte 3:28, p.223
4/14/1894 Brief description of literary contest.
41 Although we failed to secure the names
Normal Eyte 3:18, p.142
1/27/1894 Officers of Second Year High School class.
42 Military
Normal Eyte 3:10, p.75
11/11/1893 Roster of student battalion's non-commissioned officers.
43 Aristos
Normal Eyte 2:34, p.261
5/27/1893 Short description of recent program; election of officers; will give pins to graduates.

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