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1 Dwight Watson speaks at CROW forum
Donovan--Maggie Mary (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:20, p.1
11/5/2010 Dean of the College of Education addressed the problem of social isolation facing many gay and lesbian students. He suggested the use of literature circles reading different types of gay literature; photo.
2 I. H. Hart
Alumnus 23:1, p.31
1/1/1939 Spoke before the Cedar Falls Parlor Reading Circle on the topic, "Education in Iowa."
3 Skar speaks
College Eye 29:22, p.3
2/25/1938 In Waverly and at Parlor Reading Circle.
4 News briefs
College Eye 25:28, p.3
1/26/1934 Information on students, alumni, and faculty.
5 H. A. Riebe speaks on child training
College Eye 24:25, p.3
3/24/1933 At Parlor Reading Circle meeting.
6 Reading Circles
College Eye 8:10, p.2
11/22/1916 Schedules for Reading Circles organized by the Y. W. C. A.
7 Y. M. and Y. W.
College Eye 8:9, p.6
11/15/1916 Y. W. C. A. organizes Reading Circles in several boarding houses.
8 The College Hill Cottage Reading Circle and Iowa Club dine together
College Eye 7:22, p.3
3/22/1916 Elected new officers for the Cottage Reading Circle.
9 Cottage Circle "Come Together"
College Eye 7:5, p.1
10/20/1915 Held meeting to introduce members.
10 Prof. Walters addresses Parlor Reading Circle
College Eye 4:16, p.1
1/22/1915 G. W. Walters spoke on "Child Welfare" at the home of Mrs. Jackson.
11 On last Tuesday
College Eye 4:6, p.8
10/15/1914 The Reading Circle met with Professor G. W. Newton. Professor M. F. Arey and Professor L. Begeman participated in the discussion of the European War.
12 Miss Carpenter
College Eye 2:16, p.5
1/23/1913 Gave a speech to the Parlor Reading Circle.
13 The faculty college reading circle
College Eye 2:7, p.6
10/17/1912 Met at the home of Professor and Mrs. R. McKitrick; led by Professor Davis.
14 Official notes
College Eye 2:4, p.5
9/26/1912 Professor Meyerholz published a book on government; combined enrollment of college and Training School is about 1500; students from unaccredited high schools tend to enroll in private colleges; Cottage Reading Circle met.
15 Miss Luse
College Eye 1:20, p.5
2/28/1912 Led in Current Topics discussion at the Reading Circle meeting.
16 Miss Fesenbeck
College Eye 1:17, p.5
2/7/1912 Spoke to the Reading Circle about her trip to Egpyt.
17 Official Notes
College Eye 1:5, p.2
10/12/1911 Board considering new furniture for new buildings; Faculty Reading Circle met; stenography and typewriting courses available.
18 Colegrove's book won; named by official reading circle board on Tuesday in Des Moines; "The Teacher and the School" receives honored selection
Normal Eyte 21:20, p.346
2/15/1911 Professor Colegrove's latest book has been widely acclaimed by the Iowa state reading circle board.
19 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:30, p.492
4/27/1910 May be too many extracurricular activities going on; Reading Circle halts work due to overwork; weather unpredictable; summer term bulletin nearing completion.
20 President and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
Normal Eyte 20:8, p.144
10/27/1909 Entertained the Cottage Reading Circle.
21 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 19:6, p.85
10/14/1908 Several faculty members presented papers.
22 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 19:5, p.78
10/7/1908 Professor Bender will speak.
23 The making of a teacher
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.58
9/30/1908 Professor Colegrove promotes his new book.
24 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 18:11, p.175
11/20/1907 Entertained the downtown Parlor Reading Circle with a musical program.
25 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 17:7, p.111
10/24/1906 Discussed forestry at Professor Arey's home.
26 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.95
10/17/1906 Faculty discuss a variety of current topics.
27 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.64
10/3/1906 Met at Professor Gist's home to discuss revised spelling.
28 Kindergarten notes
Normal Eyte 16:29, p.452
4/25/1906 Kindergarten Department students gave program for Parlor Reading Circle.
29 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:12, p.190
11/29/1905 Met and discussed music.
30 The Cottage Reading Circle met Monday
Normal Eyte 16:9, p.141
11/8/1905 Topic for discussion was "Wise and Otherwise".
31 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:8, p.126
11/1/1905 Met at the Wright's house; enjoyed program on fads.
32 Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 16:3, p.45
9/27/1905 Met at the Colegrove home; recap of events.
33 Monday evening
Normal Eyte 15:11, p.174
11/16/1904 Women of reading circle entertain men.
34 Miss Thornton
Normal Eyte 15:5, p.78
10/8/1904 Led reading circle.
35 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:26, p.413
3/26/1904 Professor Falkler led discussion.
36 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.366
2/27/1904 Professor Begeman led the discussion.
37 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.222
12/12/1903 The Circle met at the home of Professor Arey.
38 The Parlor Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 14:14, p.222
12/12/1903 Miss Jennette Carpenter led the Circle's study.
39 The last meeting of the year of the Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:28, p.444
4/18/1903 Will discuss Rousseau.
40 The Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.410
4/4/1903 Robert Fullerton and Mary Simmons led discussion.
41 Monday evening the Cottage Circle met
Normal Eyte 13:23, p.362
3/4/1903 Discussed Goethe.
42 The committee on selection of books for the Iowa Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:21, p.333
2/21/1903 Selected Professor McGovern's book on nature study.
43 The reading circle
Normal Eyte 13:19, p.301
2/3/1903 Had a Scottish theme.
44 The next meeting of the Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:18, p.285
1/31/1903 Will feature a Scottish program.
45 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 13:11, p.173
11/15/1902 Talked about Benjamin Franklin.
46 The Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:28, p.443
4/19/1902 Discussed current events and the Revolution of 1688.
47 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:26, p.413
4/5/1902 Professors Knoepfler and Newton led discussion.
48 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.315
2/15/1902 Professor Parish spoke on Thomas Nun and Josiah Child.
49 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:13, p.204
12/14/1901 Met at Professor Begeman's home; discussed religious tendencies, Lord Herbert, and John Bunyan.
50 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.157
11/16/1901 Met at Professor Gist's house; Professor Gist spoke on the Pilgrims; Professor Newton spoke on President Roosevelt.


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