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1 Language leaves room for ambiguity
Wiggins--Kevin (Student--2019)
Northern Iowan 116:14, p.03
10/17/2019 Wiggins analyzes words presidential candidates use throughout their campaign, particularly inconsistences in the meanings of "our vales" and "freedom." In the author's opinion, there are many different meanings for those words, and meaning can also vary person to person; photo.
2 Guys like Ronald Reagan are the reason that democracies die
Abbott--Tristan E. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 104:13, p.9
10/9/2007 Believes that the legacy of President Reagan is tainted by hypocrisy.
3 Reagan's reign offers Bush lessons
Musgrave--Matt (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 100:56, p.5
6/11/2004 Describes list of similarities and differences between Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.
4 UNI sources can discuss Ronald Reagan and his legacy
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.1
6/7/2004 Contact information for UNI faculty versed in the U.S. presidency and presidential history provided.
5 Almost everyone a winner in Reagan's Iran Contra scandal
Prins--Todd A. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:32, p.5
1/28/1994 Investigation reveals little that everybody did not already know.
6 The decade of the '80s--top 10 stories
Public Relations News Release 1989:316, p.1
12/21/1989 Professor Tom Ryan recounts the top news stories of the decade. Stories include increased U. S. involvement in Central American affairs, as well as the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
7 Informational meeting at University of Northern Iowa Saturday (Sept. 23) for high school students on being a student ambassador to Soviet Union.
Public Relations News Release 1989:88, p.1
9/20/1989 Sponsored by the High School Student Ambassador Program People to People, the program is an opportunity for student ambassadors to go abroad for three weeks and see virtually every facet of Soviet life.
8 National Geography Awareness Week activites planned at Northern Iowa Nov. 13-19
Public Relations News Release 1988:149, p.1
11/9/1988 Activies will be based on five themes of geography: place, location, human/enviroment, movement and regions. Displays and continuous presentations will be available for viewing.
9 Northern Iowa students, faculty, staff join together to observe National Alcohol awareness week, Oct. 16-22.
Public Relations News Release 1988:83, p.1
10/3/1988 Students, faculty, and staff will join together to observe National Alcohol Awareness Week by signing contracts to give up drinking for six days. Drake Martin says national , state and community leaders are invited to participate.
10 NU High students think, act like Reagan, diplomats in Middle East computer simulation exercise.
Public Relations News Release 1988:455, p.1
6/1/1988 Experimental social studies course, the Arab-Israeli Conflict, using a computer students communicate anonymously with high schools in the U.S. and the world in a Middle East conflict simulation exercise set two months in the future.
11 UNI survey: 75 percent of college students believe congress would lie.
Public Relations News Release 1988:427, p.1
5/16/1988 75 percent of college students believe that members of Congress would lie of they thought telling the truth might be politically damaging.
12 Reagan ups imprisonment
Northern Iowan 84:56, p.2
4/26/1988 Notes increasing numbers of prisoners.
13 Historian, author, former Kennedy aide Schlesinger at Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1987:330, p.1
3/28/1988 Former assistant to President Kennedy and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Arthur Schlesinger, speaks on the Kennedy legacy and his feelings on the Reagan administration.
14 Price Lab students play role of diplomats in Arab-Israeli conflict via computer
Public Relations News Release 1987:327, p.1
3/24/1988 High school students participate in a diplomatic computer simulation of the Arab-Israeli conflict, where they play as Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State George Shultz, Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, and Assistant Secretary of State Richard Murphy.
15 Radio News Network Broadcast Briefs
Public Relations News Release 1987:164, p.1
12/3/1987 Nathaniel Richmond speaks on an arms reduction treated being developed by Reagan and Gorbechev. Pamela Redcliffe relays the symptoms of hypothermia. John Somervill explains holiday depression. Ivan Eland warns against the dangers of holiday decorating.
16 Oliver Northern courier Robert Owen to speak at UNI Nov. 19 (Thursday)
Public Relations News Release 1987:129, p.1
11/10/1987 Professor Ron Roberts engages in debate with Robert Owen, the senate aide responsible for delivering funds to Nicaraguan rebel forces. The debate focuses on the Reagan's involvement with Nicaragua, and is sponsored by the University Speakers Committee.
17 Radio News Network Broadcast Briefs
Public Relations News Release 1987:398, p.1
6/11/1987 Tom Davis discusses the Lakeshore Wellness Conference. Joe Wells opposes Reagan's mandatory AIDS testing plan. A. C. Haman explains mosquito behavior. Jane Richards explains the need for AIDS education. Sharon Huddleston discusses motivation in sports.
18 Student supports President Reagan
Northern Iowan 83:51, p.2
4/10/1987 Feels President Reagan has the support of a majority of the American people.
19 Baker circulates petition to impeach Pres. Reagan
Northern Iowan 83:49, p.2
4/3/1987 Asks for support for a petition to impeach President Ronald Reagan.
20 Political picnic for sale
Northern Iowan 83:45, p.2
3/13/1987 Proposes a new food product to satirize President Ronald Reagan.
21 Reagan 'repaid Iranians' for helping win election
Northern Iowan 83:29, p.2
12/12/1986 Feels Iran helped Ronald Reagan win the presidency.
22 Whim
Northern Iowan 83:25, p.2
11/21/1986 Feels the Reagan administration is more caring of the military than education.
23 Friday Morning . . . .
Northern Iowan 82:50, p.2
4/15/1986 Perceptions of President Reagan.
24 India's national Meitei dance troupe to appear at UNI April 22 (Tuesday)
Public Relations News Release 1986:368, p.1
4/15/1986 Meitei is a fourteen person dance troupe of martial artists, drummers, dancers, and women singers; they are nature worshippers whose gods are the elements and the four directions; the event is part of the Festival on India born from a cultural exchange.
25 Indian consul general to speak on foreign policy at UNI April 14 (Monday)
Public Relations News Release 1986:347, p.1
4/7/1986 Peter A. Nazareth will speak about differences between the United State's and India's foreign policies; the years of 1985-1986 have been designated by President Reagan and India's late Prime Minister as years of intensive cultural exchange.
26 Reagan at it again
Heitman--Char Les (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:41, p.2
3/7/1986 Comments on a request made by president Reagan for money for military aid.
27 Activities to observe national festival of India to begin on UNI campus Jan. 25
Public Relations News Release 1986:211, p.1
1/17/1986 The celebration theme will be "India Republic Day" to celebrate the adoption of India's constitution in 1950; activities include a movie on India, dance performances and Indian snacks.
28 Reaganomics--An end of hope for the poor
Moore--Rogan H.
Northern Iowan 82:17, p.3
11/1/1985 Blames Reagan Administration for not helping the poor.
29 Farm Raid: foreclosure concert
Northern Iowan 82:10, p.2
10/4/1985 Portrays President Ronald Reagan and his farm bill.
30 Immaculate Perception
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:55, p.2
5/3/1985 Believes it is not un-American to question government policies.
31 Sleeper
Northern Iowan 81:54, p.2
4/30/1985 Critical of Reagan administration foreign policy.
32 Immaculate Perception
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:53, p.2
4/26/1985 Critical of President Reagan and his policies.
33 Sleeper
Northern Iowan 81:53, p.2
4/26/1985 The President's itinerary.
34 Untitled
Schwartz--Ralph J. (Communicative Disorders Faculty)
Northern Iowan 81:52, p.3
4/23/1985 Believes money has been diverted from education to defense.
35 Boggled by attitudes of U.S.
Northern Iowan 81:51, p.3
4/19/1985 Surprised that Americans re-elected Ronald Reagan.
36 Immaculate Perception
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:51, p.2
4/19/1985 Speaks on Education Rally.
37 'Students don't care--yet'
Northern Iowan 81:50, p.3
4/16/1985 Asks why students didn't show up to a rally against the newly proposed financial aid cuts.
38 Untitled
Northern Iowan 81:50, p.1
4/16/1985 Students participate in rally against President Reagan's proposed financial aid cuts.
39 Sleeper
Northern Iowan 81:46, p.2
4/2/1985 President Reagan suggests exporting America's farmers.
40 Immaculate Perception
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:45, p.2
3/29/1985 Argues that signs posted on campus for fallout shelters are obsolete.
41 But Seriously Folks
Northern Iowan 81:42, p.2
3/12/1985 Shares her views on nuclear arms.
42 Babelogue
McIlrath--James Harley (Classes of 1986 and 1999)
Northern Iowan 81:41, p.2
3/8/1985 Speaks about his father's recent farming troubles.
43 Reagan's tune continues
Northern Iowan 81:40, p.2
3/5/1985 Disagrees with the cuts in student financial aid, recently proposed by President Reagan.
44 Song written to Reagan
Conrad--Dennis G. (Classes of 1979 and 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:40, p.2
3/5/1985 Writes a song to express his disagreement with President Reagan's policies.
45 UNItoon
Northern Iowan 81:39, p.2
3/1/1985 Presents his interpretation of President Reagan's views on education.
46 But seriously folks
Northern Iowan 81:38, p.2
2/26/1985 Comments on President Reagan's first press conference, and also on 'Blue Jeans Day.'
47 Quodlibet
Northern Iowan 81:38, p.3
2/26/1985 Instead of fearing monsters beneath the bed, President Reagan fears Nicaraguans under his bed.
48 Out and About
Northern Iowan 81:33, p.10
2/8/1985 Students respond to the question: "What is your reaction to President Reagan's proposal to slash federal student aid by $2.3 billion?"
49 Financial aid guidelines too restrictive
Hager--Michael A. (Class of 1988; VP os administration and financial services)
Northern Iowan 81:32, p.2
2/5/1985 Arguing against President Reagan's proposal for new financial aid guidelines.
50 Friday morning . . .
Northern Iowan 81:31, p.2
2/1/1985 Believes the President needs to change his thinking on the Soviet Union and limiting nuclear weapons.


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