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1 UNI Roadside Program organizes Back to Our Roots Conference
Public Relations News Release 2014:8, p.1
8/6/2014 Iowa's 28th annual Roadside Vegetation Management Conference will take place September 11 and 12 at Upper Iowa University. A grant from the Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund supports this annual event.
2 UNI to discuss roadside vegetation management plans across Iowa
Public Relations News Release 2013:115, p.1
11/6/2013 The Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program will be celebrating 25 years by hosting informational sessions.
3 Association for Integrated Roadside Management elects new officers
Public Relations News Release 2013:76, p.1
10/1/2013 The Association for Integrated Roadside Management elected new officers. Elections were followed by the 27th Annual Roadside Conference.
4 Members of the media may sign up to accompany prairie conference field trips; Deadline to register is July 30
Public Relations News Release 2009:495, p.1
7/12/2010 The 2010 North American Prairie Conference, "Restoring a National Treasure," will be ehld with full-and half-day field trips to sites throughout Iowa. Pre- and post-conference trips also are planned.
5 Iowa's county roadside managers to pick up $225,000 worth of native seeds at UNI April 14, 15
Public Relations News Release 2009:392, p.1
4/12/2010 Representatives from 45 Iowa counties will be at the campus to pick up their share of a $225,000 prairie grass and wildflower seed purchase, which is enough seed to provide beautification and maintenance reduction for more than 1,000 acres.
6 23rd Annual Roadside Conference to be held in Mason City
Public Relations News Release 2009:57, p.1
9/15/2009 "Roadsides: Living on the Edge" will have activities including a chainsaw demonstration, various speakers, an afternoon bus tour, professional development training, roadside weed control and trends in deer/vehicle collisions.
7 Six UNI professors receive Regents Award for Faculty Excellence
Public Relations News Release 2007:419, p.1
2/11/2008 Biographical profiles of Mohammad Rawwas, Katherine van Wormer, Lucille Lettow, Charles Holcombe, Melissa Beall, and Daryl Smith.
8 UNI professor to offer roadside prairie workshop for teachers
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
1/11/2007 Carl Bollwinkel will be leading two workshops for elementary and high school teachers this spring.
9 UNI to co-sponsor 18th Annual Roadside Conference in Harlan Oct. 7-8
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
10/1/2004 Conference is titled "Roadside Management and Mulch More"; will discuss effective seeding practices for ditches.
10 UNI helps preserve Iowa prairie with new NRVC
Cisco--Laura (Student--2001-2003)
Northern Iowan 100:2, p.1
9/5/2003 The new Native Roadside Vegetation Center opens in renovated campus warehouse on 27th Street; photo.
11 Roadside vegetation program transforms ditches from simple drainage to beautiful scenery
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.2
7/7/2003 IRVM program plants prairie grass and wildflowers in roadside ditches.
12 Smith devoting career to prairie restoration, Vegetation Center
Northern Iowan 99:37, p.9
2/18/2003 Profile of professor Daryl Smith; photo.
13 Long-term building projects focus on student needs
Northern Iowa Today 86:2, p.6
7/1/2002 Review of campus construction projects; roster of contractors and architects; dates of expected completion; photo.
14 Profile: Kirk Henderson
Campus News Network 12:17, p.2
4/23/2002 Profile of Kirk Henderson, manager of the Roadside Management Program for the Native Roadside Vegetation Enhancement Center; photo.
15 Native roadside vegetation gains international attention
Northern Iowan 97:40, p.4
2/23/2001 Chinese official comes to UNI to discuss solutions for roadside erosion with members of the UNI Native Roadside Vegetation Center.
16 Blasts from the past: highlights from 1999
Campus News Network 10:12, p.1
2/7/2000 A list of accomplishments from colleges and departments.
17 Daryl Smith: a guide on the side
Grimes--Vicki King (Public Relations Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 84:1, p.14
1/1/2000 Profile of Professor Daryl Smith; photo.
18 Creating prairies for tomorrow
Northern Iowa Today 83:1, p.12
1/1/1999 $760,000 in federal funds will be used to design and construct Native Roadside Vegetation Enhancement Center on campus; history of program at UNI; photo.
19 University of Northern Iowa biology professor Daryl Smith awarded for environmental service, leadership, and contributions
Public Relations News Release 1998:153, p.1
11/17/1998 Daryl Smith, UNI biology professor, received three awards for conservation education and participation, and his part in Roadside Vegetation Program.
20 Roadside program gets boost from Congress
Campus News Network 8:20, p.2
6/15/1998 Center will receive $760,000 to develop Iowa native seedstock.
21 UNI program receives federal funding to bring back prairie grasses
Public Relations News Release 1997:365, p.1
6/4/1998 UNI has received government funding for a Native Roadside Vegetation Enhancement Center.
22 Thirty-one Iowa counties receive wildflower and prairie grass seed to beautify roadsides
Public Relations News Release 1997:293, p.1
4/8/1998 Roadside Management Program donated wildflower and prairie grass seed to thirty-one Iowa counties.
23 UNI program is distributing 868 sacks of wildflower and prairie grass seed to beautify Iowa's roadsides
Public Relations News Release 1997:286, p.1
4/2/1998 Roadside Management Program to distribute 868 sacks of wildflower and prairie grass to Iowa counties April 2-3.
24 Distribution of seed to beautify roadsides
Northern Iowa Today 26:2, p.3
3/1/1998 Roadside Management Program distributes seeds; photo.
25 Turning ditches into native Iowa prairies
Public Relations News Release 1997:5, p.1
8/21/1997 Kirk Henderson, UNI Roadside Office, educated two hundred people on using Iowa's ditches for planting native plants and flowers at recent conference.
26 UNI Roadside Vegetation Management Program
Campus News Network 7:7, p.Insert 2
11/11/1996 Receives merit award.
27 Making the Landscape a Little Brighter
Public Relations News Release 1994:337, p.1
3/20/1995 Prairie species are being planted along Iowa highways.
28 Eighth annual University of Northern Iowa co-sponsored Roadside Conference to be held August 11-12
Public Relations News Release 1993:675, p.1
8/2/1994 Paul Christiansen, Richard Pope, William Pusateri, Steve Holland, Jim Wooley, Jim Spring, and Mark Boswell will speak at the annual roadside conference.
29 7th annual UNI Roadside Conference---August 19 and 20
Public Relations News Release 1992:771, p.1
7/28/1993 University of Northern Iowa Roadside Conference to be held in Fayette. Paul Gruchow, Jon Steege, Pauline Drobney, Steve Holland, and Ole Skaar will address the group.
30 Prairie rising from ashes along county roads
Public Relations News Release 1992:546, p.1
4/15/1993 Prairie plants not only survive fire, they are often invigorated by it, according to Kirk Henderson.
31 Roadside management: more than beautiful ditches; IRVM conference promotes eco-awareness
Northern Iowan 89:3, p.3
9/4/1992 Sixth annual conference held at UNI.
32 University of Northern Iowa sponsoring Roadside Conference in Ames
Public Relations News Release 1992:1, p.1
8/17/1992 Speakers at the Roadside Conference include; Bonnie Harper-Lore, Harlow Landphair, K.A. Connelly, Lyle Laartz, and Jock Ingles.
33 UNI participates in roadside management for state of Iowa
Henderson--Kirk (CEEE Staff)
Northern Iowan 88:51, p.7
4/10/1992 Program advises on ways to manage roadside vegetation.
34 Fifth annual roadside vegetation management conference to be held Thursday and Friday (September 26-27) at University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1991:82, p.1
9/23/1991 People from Canada, the Midwest, and Iowa will gather at UNI to discuss roadside management.
35 Prairie plant seed farm started at Northern Iowa.
Public Relations News Release 1991:60, p.1
9/16/1991 Native prairie plant seed farm is started at UNI.
36 Roadside vegetation demonstration project set for April 30-May 1 by University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1990:511, p.1
4/23/1991 UNI to host roadside vegetation demonstration.
37 Iowa preserves roadsides
Huggins--Kelly (Class of 1993)
Northern Iowan 87:6, p.6
9/21/1990 Fourth annual Roadside Vegetation Management Conference will be held at the John Deere Supervisor's Club. Daryl Smith will speak on special project to develop Iowa ecology types and seeds.
38 Fourth annual roadside vegetation management conference to be held September 21 at University of Northern Iowa (pre-registration September 14)
Public Relations News Release 1990:48, p.1
9/11/1990 Use of Iowa's native grasses and flowers in roadsides will be the focus of conference at UNI.
39 Roadside vegetation management-- controlling weeds with prairie plants.
Public Relations News Release 1989:217, p.1
11/6/1989 Keeping weeds down and controlling erosion are major tasks for county personnel. But many miles of roadsides are being reseeded with native vegetation that helps keep noxious weeds from taking over.

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