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Roosevelt--Franklin Delano (President of the United States)

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1 Face your economy fears
Northern Iowan 105:34, p.7
2/10/2009 Urges students to stay informed about the current economic difficulties.
2 The disarray of politics
Boevers--Cassandra Mae (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:5, p.8
9/16/2008 Believes that politics today are impersonal and vicious.
3 Day set aside to remember Pearl Harbor
Pierce--Leslie D. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:26, p.13
11/6/2002 Joseph Pesek gives his reflections of December 7, 1941; photo.
4 In memoriam to a great American
College Eye 38:27, p.2
4/11/1947 Believes that history will value President Roosevelt highly.
5 Survey of Campus Opinion
Smith--Warren Allen (Class of 1948)
College Eye 38:16, p.3
1/17/1947 Students respond to the question: "If you were to use a teacher's grades in rating Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt as President of the U.S., would you give him an A, B, C, D, or F?"
6 Foreign policy warnings
College Eye 38:6, p.2
10/18/1946 Unsure about the state of foreign relations following the death of President Roosevelt.
7 World Views
Porter--Donald L. (Class of 1946)
College Eye 37:29, p.2
4/19/1946 The anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's death was observed this past week in many countries around the world.
8 Clues to the News
Skillen--Lois P. Jr. (Class of 1945)
College Eye 36:40, p.2
7/20/1945 Speculates on the course of politics and the end of the war.
9 Clues to the News
Skillen--Lois P. Jr. (Class of 1945)
College Eye 36:18, p.2
10 Clues to the News
Skillen--Lois P. Jr. (Class of 1945)
College Eye 36:11, p.2
11/17/1944 Announces results of recent national elections.
11 Clues to the News
Skillen--Lois P. Jr. (Class of 1945)
College Eye 36:9, p.2
11/3/1944 World and national news.
12 Dr. Price to confer on rural schools in Washington D. C., next week
College Eye 36:4, p.1
13 Watching the World
Cleveland--Shirley L. (Class of 1943)
College Eye 34:27, p.2
4/23/1943 Comments on the recent actions of President Franklin Roosevelt.
14 Behind Your Front Page
Birenbaum--William M. (Student--1942-1946)
College Eye 34:14, p.2
1/15/1943 Comments on Franklin D. Roosevelt's Congressional speech, and on China's fight for political rights.
15 Watching the World
McConeghey--Harold (Student--1940-1941)
College Eye 33:15, p.2
1/9/1942 News from around the country and the world.
16 A proclamation by the President of the United States
College Eye 33:14, p.2
12/19/1941 Solicits support for Red Cross fund drive.
17 War with Japan; not with them alone, believe students interviewed
College Eye 32:42, p.2
8/8/1941 Survey taken of TC students over the recent decision made by President Roosevelt and his idea to freeze Japanese credit in the United States.
18 Watching the World
McConeghey--Harold (Student--1940-1941)
College Eye 32:14, p.2
12/20/1940 A look at world affairs.
19 "Continue education" says Roosevelt
College Eye 32:8, p.1
11/1/1940 Urges students to stay in college.
20 Youth trains for another war
College Eye 31:36, p.2
6/21/1940 Comments on the training proposals offered by President Roosevelt and Kent E. Keller.
21 Stay out of war, let men propose, election reveals
College Eye 31:13, p.1
12/15/1939 Thomas Dewey outpolls President Roosevelt, 576-487; students believe that the US should stay out of the war even if England and France are losing; both men and women believe that either gender should be able to ask for dates or to propose marriage.
22 Three questions put to students registering early
College Eye 31:11, p.1
11/24/1939 Will ask student opinion on a possible third term for President Roosevelt, the involvement of the US in the war in Europe, and the appropriate role for men and women in dating and marriage arrangements.
23 Roosevelt 'approved' in student survey
College Eye 30:17, p.1
1/27/1939 About 28% would like him to run for a third term.
24 Debate topic tears down New Deal policy
College Eye 30:8, p.5
10/28/1938 Will debate government involvement in business.
25 On The Outside
College Eye 30:8, p.2
10/28/1938 Addresses President Roosevelt about economic difficulties.
26 The World News this Week
College Eye 28:0, p.1
8/13/1937 News about Italy, Mrs. Roosevelt, and vocational education.
27 The World News this Week
College Eye 28:0, p.1
8/6/1937 President Roosevelt nominates justice to the Supreme Court; British confer with Italians.
28 Garner gets job
College Eye 28:42, p.1
7/23/1937 Comments of upcoming work of Vice President John Nance Garner.
29 Supreme Court plan of F. D. R. upheld in classroom debate
College Eye 28:21, p.1
2/19/1937 Students debate in Professor Robinson's class.
30 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 28:17, p.2
1/22/1937 Campus observations.
31 Somebody say why
Alumnus 21:1, p.16
1/1/1937 Student mock election goes to Landon over Roosevelt, 55% to 44%; 1932 mock election went to Hoover by a 2 to 1 margin.
32 "Oh, boy, it suited me fine," Cry many students, "Too bad," Sigh others
College Eye 28:9, p.1
11/6/1936 Students offer reactions to re-election of Franklin Roosevelt.
33 Landon, they say, lost . . . So . . . .
College Eye 28:9, p.1
11/6/1936 Clay Varner and Harold Bloker take the punishment after losing bets to Carleton Rider and Eddie McCready; photo.
34 A C P shows other collegiate straw vote results
College Eye 28:8, p.2
10/30/1936 Survey of results from other colleges.
35 Landon leads Roosevelt in College Eye poll; Roosevelt follows Kansan by small margin; Thomas and Lemke draw scant vote
College Eye 28:8, p.1
10/30/1936 Landon defeats Roosevelt, 756-606, in campus poll; Wilson defeats Kraschel for Governor, 810-548.
36 Commercial Club to have political debate
College Eye 28:6, p.4
10/16/1936 Will debate merits of Franklin Roosevelt and Alf Landon.
37 Scouts to hear Roosevelt speak
College Eye 26:30, p.1
2/8/1935 Professor Buffum's class will listen to broadcast.
38 Reporter sees F. R. but misses the Mrs.
College Eye 26:12, p.7
9/10/1934 Lois Hawk sees President Roosevelt in Rochester, Minnesota.
39 New Deal "3R's" is forum topic; Dr. Robinson to discuss relief, recovery, and reorganization
College Eye 26:6, p.1
7/13/1934 Will assess first sixteen months of the New Deal.
40 Feminine charms influence decision of Supreme Court
College Eye 25:33, p.1
3/2/1934 Professor Robinson's class holds mock court session.
41 Ball for President attracts many to Commons Tuesday
College Eye 25:29, p.1
2/2/1934 Raised money for polio.
42 Inter-fraternity dance tonight is social highlight of weekend
College Eye 25:29, p.3
2/2/1934 Campus social calendar.
43 Ball for F. R. to take place here Jan. 30th
College Eye 25:26, p.1
1/12/1934 Will raise money for polio.
44 Hoover carries College Eye poll; Roosevelt lags in second place; Field leads Brookhart by small margin; Murphy runs poor third
College Eye 24:9, p.1
11/4/1932 Vote tallies for mock election.
45 College Eye will take straw vote; ballots will be distributed to all students at assembly
College Eye 24:6, p.1
10/14/1932 Students will speak on national and state candidates.
46 U. of C. chief talks politics; university president is in favor of vote as protest
College Eye 23:52, p.4
7/29/1932 Robert Maynard Hutchins talks about the upcoming Presidential election.
47 Dr. Erbe terms Democratic National Convention 'interesting and enlightening'
College Eye 23:49, p.1
7/8/1932 Casts vote for Franklin Roosevelt; talks about process.
48 Erbe reports on Democratic national meet; struggle is indicated over repeal plank, says professor
College Eye 23:48, p.1
6/30/1932 Reports on candidates and major issues.
49 Cox-Roosevelt Club launched
College Eye 12:6, p.1
10/6/1920 Democratic campaign organized.

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