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1 Mrs. William Griffen
Alumnus 22:4, p.21
10/1/1938 The former Kizzie Bell Gambs has retired from teaching; gave a contribution for the Seerley Foundation Loan Fund.
2 Miss Ida Fesenbeck
College Eye 8:1, p.6
6/14/1916 Ida Fesenbeck and Bertha Patt entertained Stella Satterthwait Smith.
3 Our new physical director; Miss Tilton come highly recommended
Normal Eyte 14:1, p.10
9/5/1903 Clara Tilton succeeds Miss Satterthwait as assistant physical director; profile of Clara Tilton; photo.
4 President Seerley
Normal Eyte 14:1, p.15
9/5/1903 The Seerley family visited Miss Satterthwait.
5 One of the week's happenings that was extremely enjoyable
Normal Eyte 13:31, p.490
5/9/1903 Women faculty hold party for Stella Satterthwait.
6 A most delightful complimentary
Normal Eyte 13:30, p.478
5/2/1903 Professors Call and Simmons held party for Stella Satterthwait.
7 A linen shower is to be given Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 13:29, p.461
4/25/1903 Hosted by Professors Call and Simmons.
8 Prof. and Mrs. Colegrove
Normal Eyte 13:28, p.444
4/18/1903 Entertained friends.
9 Miss Clara Tilton
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.411
4/4/1903 Will be assistant physical director; Amy Arey will join faculty.
10 Miss Stella Randolph Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.401
4/4/1903 Resigned effective in June.
11 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 13:24, p.378
3/21/1903 Visited Chicago.
12 The gymnasium entertainment
Normal Eyte 13:24, p.371
3/21/1903 Praise for the work of students in the physical culture classes.
13 Athletics
Normal Eyte 13:22, p.350
2/28/1903 Physical culture classes will give benefit for Athletic Association.
14 Mrs. C. P. Colegrove
Normal Eyte 13:21, p.329
2/21/1903 Entertained friends in honor of Professor Satterthwait.
15 Pre-nuptial
Normal Eyte 13:21, p.331
2/21/1903 Emma Ridley Colegrove gave party for Stella Satterthwait.
16 Saturday afternoon Mrs. C. P. Colegrove
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.317
2/14/1903 Will honor Stella Satterthwait.
17 The engagement
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.317
2/14/1903 Professor Satterthwait is engaged to H. G. Smith.
18 Stella Satherthwait
Normal Eyte 13:1, p.9
9/6/1902 Visited Chicago area.
19 Misses Patt, Supplee and Satterthwaite
Normal Eyte 12:34, p.538
5/31/1902 Staying in Des Moines till last Saturday.
20 Misses Patt and Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 12:29, p.458
4/26/1902 Entertained students.
21 The program to be given
Normal Eyte 12:21, p.324
2/22/1902 Program of musical performers and their work.
22 Miss Satterthwait's brother-in-law
Normal Eyte 12:18, p.281
2/1/1902 Here for visit.
23 Mrs. Leland
Normal Eyte 12:17, p.268
1/25/1902 Entertained Professors Satterthwait and Patt.
24 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 12:12, p.186
12/7/1901 Visited Charles City.
25 The lady members of the faculty
Normal Eyte 12:9, p.142
11/9/1901 Women come in costume.
26 Wm. A. Dinwiddie's funeral
Normal Eyte 12:9, p.131
11/9/1901 Description of the ceremonies honoring Major Dinwiddie; photo.
27 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.122
11/2/1901 Was guest at recent reception.
28 Emily Beckwith
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.27
9/21/1901 Visited Stella Satterthwait.
29 The physical culture classes
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.28
9/21/1901 Classes are now organized into several sections for men and women, including classes in teacher training; Professor Affleck is teaching the men's class.
30 Misses Humphrey, Pierce, and Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 11:35, p.862
6/13/1901 Give present to Shakespeareans; Class of 1901 gives wicker chairs.
31 The closing exercises of the piano and voice department
Normal Eyte 11:35, p.863
6/13/1901 Professor Curtiss directed; Professor Satterthwait assisted.
32 Closing exercises of the piano and voice department, June 7
Normal Eyte 11:34, p.833
6/1/1901 Roster of performers and their work.
33 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 11:31, p.764
5/11/1901 Attended friend's wedding.
34 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 11:28, p.691
4/20/1901 Spoke to women.
35 Miss Jessie Harbin
Normal Eyte 11:24, p.584
3/23/1901 Visited Professor Satterthwait.
36 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 10:22, p.538
3/2/1901 Visited Waterloo.
37 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 10:20, p.486
2/16/1901 Gave supper party.
38 Miss Isabella Cumming
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.380
1/19/1901 Visited Professor Satterthwait.
39 A series of talks
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.312
12/15/1900 To be sponsored by YWCA; aimed at women.
40 Normal's representatives in the state teachers convention
Normal Eyte 10:12, p.283
12/8/1900 Many faculty and alumni participated in the meeting.
41 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 10:11, p.263
11/24/1900 Entertained Jesse Harbin.
42 Mrs. Wm. Wilson
Normal Eyte 10:9, p.218
11/10/1900 Visiting Stella Satterthwait.
43 Mrs. Dr. Askew
Normal Eyte 10:6, p.129
10/20/1900 Visited chapel.
44 Miss Jessie Harbin
Normal Eyte 10:4, p.83
10/6/1900 Visited Professor Satterthwait.
45 Misses Satterthwait and Pierce
Normal Eyte 10:2, p.34
9/22/1900 Went to Waterloo.
46 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 10:1, p.13
9/15/1900 Spent vacation camping and teaching.
47 The class play
Normal Eyte 9:34, p.809
6/9/1900 Progressing well under Professor Satterthwait; Professor Falkler in charge of other Commencement activities.
48 Miss Satterthwait
Normal Eyte 9:33, p.788
6/2/1900 Has charge of Commencement play and other activities.
49 Official
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.684
5/5/1900 School will add departments in German, Manual Training, and Kindergarten as soon as there is room.
50 The graduates of the musical department
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.689
5/5/1900 Gave concert.


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