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1 Alumni return to perform in Interpreters Theatre
Northern Iowan 110:8, p.4
9/24/2013 The Interpreters Theater has been at UNI since 1976. The theatre will host solo performances of "Leftovers" and "Station to Station" this fall. UNI alumni often come back to perform.
2 Mystery of leap year unraveled
Oliphant--Matthew David (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 96:41, p.11
2/29/2000 Why the year 2000 is a leap year.
3 New Year's Eve was just another night
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:31, p.6
1/25/2000 New Year's Eve 1999 turned out to be just like any other night regardless of all the Y2K anticipation.
4 UNI escapes Y2K crisis thanks to early preparation
Delp--Sarah Lynn
Northern Iowan 96:29, p.3
1/14/2000 ITS began working on preparing UNI for the Year 2000 five years ago.
5 How did UNI fare in the Y2K transition?
Public Relations News Release 1999:173, p.1
1/3/2000 Discussion with Gary Bozylinsky about the impact that Y2K had on UNI.
6 All was quiet on the Y2K front
Northern Iowa Today 84:1, p.23
1/1/2000 No problems reported as year changes; photo.
7 Millennium lecture series
Northern Iowa Today 84:1, p.10
1/1/2000 Faculty will present ten lectures on their visions of the future.
8 Getting financially ready for Y2K
Public Relations News Release 1999:172, p.1
12/27/1999 UNI's controller, Gary Shontz, will describe the financial preparations being made for educational institutions.
9 UNI is Y2K OK
Public Relations News Release 1999:172, p.1
12/27/1999 Garry Bozylinsky, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, will discuss UNI's Y2K readiness.
10 Media advisory: three "housekeeping" updates from the UNI Office of Public Relations
Public Relations News Release 1999:168, p.1
12/17/1999 Update on the Y2K management team, the holiday hours, and a staff change for the Office of Public Relations.
11 Media advisory: University of Northern Iowa--on the job Dec. 31
Public Relations News Release 1999:157, p.1
12/7/1999 UNI has been preparing for Y2K and has set up a management team to monitor problems on campus.
12 I'm OK. You're OK. Y2K?
Campus News Network 10:9, p.1
12/6/1999 There are few real worries regarding Y2K. However, a management team has been assembled to monitor computer systems on campus on New Year's Eve.
13 People's perception of time yields new millennium
Northern Iowan 96:24, p.6
11/19/1999 Student advises Mr. Parker to stop worrying about when the new millennium actually begins.
14 Many are deluded by real start of millennium
Northern Iowan 96:22, p.7
11/12/1999 Year 2001 is actually the first year in the new millennium.
15 Millennium fever sweeps the world
Northern Iowan 96:20, p.5
11/5/1999 Columnist explores the importance of the upcoming new millennium.
16 UNI prepared for the millennium; President Koob: We expect it to be a quiet night
Richardson--Robyn A. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 96:19, p.5
11/2/1999 The UNI campus is prepared for the coming of the new millennium.
17 Y2K status check at UNI
Northern Iowan 96:19, p.5
11/2/1999 Telephone numbers to receive help and final instructions given for the new year.
18 Koob: I'm upbeat about new century
Cremer--Justin A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:1, p.1
8/27/1999 President Koob cites enrollment growth and preparedness for Y2K; predicts increased diversity.
19 Cedar Falls prepares for the year 2000
Northern Iowan 95:61, p.6
7/23/1999 Cedar Falls has also been preparing for the new millennium.
20 Y2K Task Forces prepares University for millennium
Northern Iowan 95:61, p.6
7/23/1999 Overview of the work the Y2K Task Force has completed to prepare for the year 2000.
21 ITS wiping out Y2K problems on UNI PCs
Campus News Network 9:19, p.1
5/24/1999 ITS User Services staff are checking every personal computer on campus for Y2K compatibility.
22 What's Up
Northern Iowan 95:48, p.3
4/6/1999 Activities and meetings.
23 The Riot Act
Greene--James (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 95:41, p.12
3/2/1999 Electricity shuts down causing an apocalypse.
24 The Riot Act
Northern Iowan 95:37, p.13
2/16/1999 Y2K (Millenium Bug) hysteria continues.
25 New millennium craze raises questions
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 95:30, p.10
1/22/1999 Coming of new millennium causes concerns for some, both religious and technological.
26 Are we Y2K-razy?
Northern Iowan 95:29, p.7
1/15/1999 Many are worrying too much about what may happen in the year 2000.
27 UNI vs. Y2K; campus tackles the year 2000 computer problem
Culpepper--Gwenne C. Holmes (Compliance and Equity Staff)
Campus News Network 9:6, p.1
10/26/1998 UNI continues work on updating systems to eliminate year 2000 problems.
28 Norwest receives Y2K certification
Northern Iowan 95:9, p.2
9/29/1998 Norwest Bank has received Year 2000 certification.
29 Party of 1999 could end in disaster
Northern Iowan 95:3, p.13
9/4/1998 UNI continues to work on solving the problems the Year 2000 will have on computer systems.
30 UNI vs. Y2K
Culpepper--Gwenne C. Holmes (Compliance and Equity Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 27:1, p.1
9/1/1998 Survey of UNI efforts to prepare computer systems for the year 2000.
31 End of the world as we know it
Northern Iowan 93:29, p.9
1/17/1997 End of the world may be coming with the new millennium.
32 Apocalypse aside, what will UNI be like for graduating class of 2000
Northern Iowan 92:29, p.7
1/23/1996 Speculates on what people will be doing in 2000.
33 Radio call-in show features prejudice
Northern Iowan 87:3, p.15
9/11/1990 National Public Radio will feature week-long program called "Class of 2000: The Prejudice Puzzle".
34 Music should be integral part of any child's education: University of Northern Iowa professor
Public Relations News Release 1989:438, p.1
3/19/1990 Professor Patricia Osterby discusses the future role of music in education. Osterby predicts that the arts will replace sports as the country's extracurricular activity of choice as the New Millennium approaches.
35 Preparing for the year 2000
Northern Iowa Today 17:2, p.12
9/1/1989 Deere and Company donates two industrial robots to UNI.
36 Training prepares students for the year 2000
Northern Iowa Today 16:1, p.8
9/1/1987 Student interns at local laser company.
37 Predictions for 2000
Northern Iowan 81:26, p.1
12/11/1984 Area officials comment on how to prepare for the future.
38 Panel presents diverse solutions to energy issue
Northern Iowan 77:47, p.7
4/14/1981 Excerpts from panelists' views.
39 A future odyssey
UNI Century 9:2, p.6
3/1/1981 UNI faculty make predictions about the future in their fields.
40 A look at the arts in the year 2000
Northern Iowan 73:49, p.5
4/5/1977 Professor Wilson will head Future Studies colloquium.
41 Awareness seminars explore change
Northern Iowan 71:54, p.8
5/2/1975 UNI co-sponsors conference on women's issues, Women 2000.
42 "2000": Iowa Odyssey
Northern Iowan 70:46, p.10
4/12/1974 Professor Anderson is regional chair of portion of the Iowa 2000 project.
43 Iowa 2000 and you
Northern Iowan 70:29, p.2
2/1/1974 Thinking about Iowa's future.
44 Livingston takes a look at today from the year 2000
Gibbons--Steven M. (Class of 1973)
Northern Iowan 69:46, p.1
4/13/1973 Dennis Livingston considers what might happen; photo.
45 Alley to speak Monday
Northern Iowan 68:31, p.4
2/11/1972 Louis Alley will speak on physical education in the year 2000.
46 First TC Band Performance to Feature Specialty Number
Public Relations News Release 1950:30, p.1
9/25/1950 Director David Kennedy said the band's specialty number will feature the career of a Teachers College musician from his first sour note to his arrival in the "big time." The 96-piece marching band will perform between halves.
47 The future, or the new era realized
Savage--Harry Harper (Class of 1895; Political Science Faculty)
Normal Eyte 4:27, p.422
4/13/1895 A fictional look back at the 20th century.

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