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1 News briefs: shorter semesters proposal
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:19, p.2
11/3/2009 A proposal by Professor Susan Hill to shorten semesters to fourteen weeks was voted not to be docketed by the Faculty Senate.
2 Students speak about budget situation
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:18, p.1
10/30/2009 Baker Hall demolition, shorter semesters, tuition surcharge, and layoffs draw the attention of students. Opinions vary and emotions run high.
3 Faculty divided over shorter semesters, longer classes
Anderson--John David (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:17, p.5
10/27/2009 A proposal to have fourteen week semesters and longer class periods has met differing opinions among faculty members. The proposal will be brought up at the next Faculty Senate Meeting.
4 Curriculum and related matters, 1940-1950
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.132
7/1/1995 Detailed coverage of curriculum change, especially the movement to reformulate general education.
5 Other major administrative, service, and curricular changes
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.234
7/1/1995 The college adopts the semester plan to begin in summer, 1957; changes in student teaching supervision include resumption of work in Cedar Falls schools; institution of honors program and work with provisional students; photo.
6 Classes start early this fall
UNI Century 2:3, p.3
6/1/1974 Fall semester begins August 26, with three week interim between fall and spring semesters.
7 Semester will begin, end earlier next fall
UNI Century 2:1, p.1
1/1/1974 Fall classes will begin in late August and end before Christmas; spring classes will begin in mid-January and end in mid-May.
8 New semester plan may be one year away
UNI Century 1:3, p.1
6/1/1973 Faculty and students react to plan to end fall semester before Christmas; have three week interim; and end spring semester in mid-May.
9 The 4-4-2-2 calendar plan; Fitzgerald suggests another plan
Northern Iowan 68:29, p.4
2/4/1972 Detailed explanation of another academic calendar.
10 Coed is upset by faculty 'buck-passing'
Northern Iowan 68:28, p.2
1/14/1972 Finds only disorder in Faculty Senate consideration of modifying semester calendar.
11 Pre-Christmas semester meets opposition from faculty
Northern Iowan 68:28, p.1
1/14/1972 After debate, the matter is sent to the full faculty without a recommendation.
12 Student Senate passes pre-Christmas semester
Northern Iowan 68:21, p.1
12/3/1971 Also considers proposals from Committee on Grading.
13 Student Senate discusses emergency conference
Northern Iowan 68:19, p.1
11/19/1971 Also consider alteration of semester schedule.
14 Dialogue topic is Texas Plan
Northern Iowan 68:15, p.7
11/5/1971 Will discuss rescheduling the semesters.
15 Students present facts about 'Texas plan'
Hult--Beverly (Classes of 1974 and 1977)
Northern Iowan 68:15, p.3
11/5/1971 Present advantages and disadvantages.
16 Student Senate discusses 'Texas', '17 week' plans
Northern Iowan 68:11, p.15
17 VP Leonard talks about Texas plan
Leonard--Jane Little
Northern Iowan 68:11, p.2
10/22/1971 Believes UNI should adopt pre-Christmas semester end, despite problems posed by student teaching schedules.
18 'Texas plan'
Stamp--Keith L. (Classes of 1972--1975--1979 and 1994)
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.2
10/15/1971 Supports ending first semester before Christmas.
19 Pre Christmas semester into effect next year
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.1
10/15/1971 Committee recommends re-arrangement of semesters.
20 Student Senate discusses 'Texas plan' in Tuesday meeting
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.7
21 Student wants finals before X-mas break
Northern Iowan 68:4, p.2
9/28/1971 Advantages of plan.
22 End fall semester before Christmas vacation
Northern Iowan 67:24, p.2
12/15/1970 Would like to move calendar up about two weeks.
23 New semester plan?
College Eye 52:32, p.6
5/26/1961 Proposes a comical new academic calendar.
24 Semester plan begins
College Eye 48:32, p.2
6/21/1957 Congratulates the Registrar's office for the relatively smooth change from quarters to semesters.
25 Registrar begins semester switch
College Eye 48:26, p.5
4/26/1957 Converting statements of graduation requirements into semester hour requirements.
26 Record enrollment for winter quarter
Alumnus 41:1, p.4
2/1/1957 Early winter figure is 3010; may climb; fall enrollment was 3189; will begin transition to semesters..
27 Semester catalogs available now
College Eye 47:34, p.1
6/22/1956 Will reflect semester plan changes.
28 Curricular change will be explained
College Eye 47:30, p.1
5/11/1956 Will explain change from quarter to semester calendar.
29 Semester system plans continue
Alumnus 40:2, p.2
5/1/1956 Dr. Beard reports progress.
30 Semester switch will bring changes
College Eye 47:28, p.1
4/27/1956 A look at the advantages of the new semester plan.
31 Fee changes and budget are approved
College Eye 47:27, p.1
4/20/1956 Most changes reflect the upcoming change from the quarter to the semester academic calendar.
32 Semester change work continues
College Eye 47:20, p.6
2/24/1956 Departments re-arranging courses; adjusting student teaching; translating quarter hours into semester hours.
33 State board approves changes
Alumnus 39:4, p.3
12/1/1955 Will shift from quarters to semesters beginning with 1957 summer session; also, all students in dorms must pay both room and board.
34 College starts new semester plan in 1957
College Eye 47:3, p.1
9/23/1955 Will begin at start of 1957 summer session; cite ease of registration and transfer of credit.
35 Faculty votes for quarters
College Eye 45:14, p.7
1/8/1954 Vote to retain quarter system over semester system, 109-103; brief history of quarter system on campus.
36 Most students here favor quarter system
Larson--Martha Ruth (Class of 1952)
College Eye 40:29, p.6
37 Letter to the editor
McCoy--Hester (Jane) (Student--1947)
College Eye 38:21, p.2
2/21/1947 Responds to letter on the advantages of the two semester plan.
38 Letter to the editor
College Eye 38:20, p.2
2/14/1947 Discuses the advantages of a two semester plan over the three quarter system now in practice. Written by the members of speech 110.

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