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1 Controversial speakers program
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.354
7/1/1995 A survey of the speakers who came to campus under this program; the reaction to the speakers; photo.
2 The Childress affair and its implication for academic freedom
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.299
7/1/1995 Detailed account of the assignment in which Mr. Childress used taboo words and the public reaction to the assignment.
3 The climactic end of the Sixties
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.367
7/1/1995 The close of the spring semester, 1970; reaction to the fighting in Cambodia; arrangements for ending the semester.
4 The Hoffmans affair
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.282
7/1/1995 Detailed account of the controversy surrounding Mr. Hoffmans and his protests against the Viet Nam War and the draft; photo.
5 Welcome to my Module
Maravetz--Steven John (Class of 1981; Communication Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 72:44, p.3
3/19/1976 Disagrees with opinions of columnist Bill Severin.
6 'Iron Duke' to speak at spring athletic fete
Northern Iowan 68:55, p.15
5/16/1972 Bill Severin of the Waterloo Courier will speak at UNI's annual spring sports banquet.
7 Academic freedom or political control?
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:30, p.3
1/30/1970 Professor Fox fears effects of Childress assignment.
8 Severin's criticism unjust
Northern Iowan 66:29, p.2
1/9/1970 Defends and explains Childress assignment.
9 Childress strikes back: personal account of the controversy raised by Carl Childress' assignment
Childress--Carl W. (English Faculty)
UNI Quarterly 1:2, p.9
1/1/1970 Carl Childress tells his side of the story relating to his assignment that included offensive language; includes text of assignment; photo.
10 Religion and the radical left find common concerns in humanity
UNI Quarterly 1:2, p.56
1/1/1970 A look at the New Prairie Primer, whose office is in Bethany House; photo.
11 Childress criticized for vulgar words
Northern Iowan 66:28, p.5
12/19/1969 Mr. Severin cites recent assignment given by Mr. Childress; Dean Shields defends assignment.
12 Iron Duke discusses war, legislature, pot
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.12
11/7/1969 Outlines views during presentation to Young Republicans; photo.
13 Defends North American Review
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:16, p.3
10/31/1969 Attempts to counter recent criticism made by Mr. Severin on a story in the NAR.
14 Moratorium promoted openness
Northern Iowan 66:14, p.2
10/24/1969 Critical of Mr. Severin for not attending dialogue at City Hall.
15 Thanks Duke for column on Primer
Dreier--William H. (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:12, p.2
10/17/1969 Professor Dreier believes Mr. Severin has not given full picture of new underground paper.
16 Blames politicians, publicists for woes
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:57, p.3
5/9/1969 Professor Fox sharply attacks Mr. Severin for his claim that President Maucker is responsible for any increase in tuition.
17 Defends the Iron Duke
Northern Iowan 65:18, p.3
11/8/1968 Believes NI editor should have checked his facts.
18 Controversy over speakers
Northern Iowan 65:16, p.2
11/1/1968 Mr. Severin's viewpoint on balance in the Controversial Speakers Committee roster of speakers.
19 Iron "Duck" uses fowl tactics
Northern Iowan 65:16, p.2
11/1/1968 Critical of column and tactics of Courier's Bill Severin.
20 The Iron Duke
Northern Iowan 65:16, p.2
11/1/1968 Bill "The Iron Duke" Severin rides his high horse.
21 Iron Duke's news article
Northern Iowan 65:3, p.2
9/17/1968 Reprint of article from Waterloo Daily Courier; Waterloo Elks Lodge plans to bring refugees to speak at UNI.
22 Wilson: town-gown relations odd
Wilson--Robley C. (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 64:60, p.2
6/28/1968 Finds critical attitude of local press toward UNI puzzling.
23 Assists Courier's research
Haberer--Fredric M.
Northern Iowan 64:37, p.2
3/1/1968 Reacts to recent comments by Bill Severin on the Ginsberg appearance.
24 Ginsberg tape on KXEL radio Thursday morning
Northern Iowan 64:36, p.5
2/27/1968 Will broadcast interview; photo.
25 Controversy on speakers committee
Northern Iowan 64:26, p.2
12/15/1967 Believes speakers are not controversial; wants explanation from committee.
26 Another UNI atrocity
Northern Iowan 64:24, p.2
12/8/1967 Mr. Severin believes that the court system may be responsible for some of the country's problems.
27 Freedom of expression at UNI
Alumnus 52:4, p.16
12/1/1967 Reactions to the article on draft resistance written by Professor Hoffmans.
28 Knott is a 'teacher'
Northern Iowan 64:21, p.2
11/21/1967 High praise for Professor Knott as a teacher.
29 'Campus controversy costs UNI money' -- 'Iron Duke'
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.1
11/10/1967 Bill Severin speaks to Baker Hall and Rider Hall residents; believes that recent events on campus have adversely affected UNI with the General Assembly; photo.
30 'Similarity'
Clink--Charles A.--Jr. (Clancy)
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.2
11/10/1967 Critical of the arrangements for Mr. Severin's recent campus appearance.
31 An evening wasted . . . .
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.2
11/10/1967 Unhappy with speaking arrangements, but believes Mr. Severin had little to say.
32 Congratulations Severin
Blair--William Franklin (Class of 1970)
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.2
11/10/1967 Sarcastic praise for Mr. Severin.
33 Thorne explains presence at speech by Severin
Northern Iowan 64:18, p.1
11/10/1967 Text of statement released by Professor Thorne to explain why he attended presentation.
34 Knott didn't violate duty
Northern Iowan 64:17, p.2
11/7/1967 Defends Professor Knott against charges that the Hoffmans matter was the subject of discussion for an entire week.
35 Untitled
Northern Iowan 64:17, p.2
11/7/1967 Bill Severin in a parody.
36 Ask Severin to speak here
Northern Iowan 64:15, p.2
10/31/1967 Would like Mr. Severin to explain his position.
37 Courier writer misinformed
Northern Iowan 64:13, p.2
10/24/1967 Believes Waterloo Courier does not understand issues relative to Hoffmans article.
38 YD's oppose politicians
Northern Iowan 64:13, p.2
10/24/1967 Support President Maucker in handling of the Hoffmans matter; condemn local politicians and editorial writers.
39 Motives can be questioned
Northern Iowan 64:12, p.2
10/20/1967 Analyzes recent controversy involving the Hoffmans article and the response to it.
40 White knight
Northern Iowan 64:12, p.12
10/20/1967 Suggests Professor Fox be titled the White Knight in contrast to William Severin's Iron Duke.
41 Maucker announces no action is planned against Hoffmans
Northern Iowan 64:11, p.1
10/17/1967 Local newspaper columnists critical of publication of letter in Northern Iowan.
42 The Duke got the message
College Eye 63:43, p.3
3/24/1967 Refuses to speak at SCI because it could be dangerous to his health.
43 Disappointed in Eye answer
College Eye 63:34, p.3
2/21/1967 Comments that the Eye editor lowered himself to the Courier writers' level in a countering editorial.
44 Davis 'Irresponsible'
Stuempfig--Eunice Ruth (Student--1964-1967)
College Eye 63:32, p.2
2/14/1967 Argues that the editor of the Eye was just as bad as the columnist he was criticizing.
45 Has three questions about the Courier
College Eye 63:31, p.2
2/10/1967 Pokes fun at the opinions expressed in recent Courier editorials.
46 Invite Courier editor to speak?
College Eye 63:31, p.2
2/10/1967 Sarcastically proposes asking the editor to be a part of the controversial speakers program.
47 Student Senate considers hiring lawyer as adviser
College Eye 63:31, p.1
2/10/1967 Also considers grading of student teachers, telephone system, entertainment series, Union director, and column on homosexuality in Courier.
48 'They need more smarts'
College Eye 63:30, p.2
2/7/1967 Reprinted 'Courier' article expresses discontent with the Controversial Speakers Program.
49 Courier hits new low
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:30, p.2
2/7/1967 Condemns a recent editorial in the local newspaper.
50 One act plays to be given by Training School
College Eye 17:27, p.1
12/16/1925 Will present "Three Pills in a Bottle" and "The Ghost Story."

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