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Shaffer--Pearl M. (Class of 1897)

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1 Fannie Shaffer
Alumnus 35:1, p.26
2/1/1951 Died on October 16, 1950, in Los Angeles, California.
2 Colonel Shaffer knows Bataan defenses
Alumnus 26:3, p.28
7/1/1942 Pearl M. Shaffer was a second lieutenant and later a captain of infantry the U. S. Army; he has now retired; three other graduates also served in the Spanish-American War.
3 Hats off! The flag goes marching by! Cadets of '96
Alumnus 19:3, p.9
7/1/1935 Description of photo of officers of Student Battalion in 1896 that appears on back cover of Alumnus; photo.
4 Pearl M. Shaffer
Alumnus 16:1, p.27
1/1/1932 As a Colonel in the U.S. Army, he is an instructor for the Iowa National Guard.
5 The second annual Homecoming
Old Gold 0:0, p.253
6/1/1922 Summary of Homecoming events; photo.
6 Homecoming
Alumni News Letter 6:1, p.1
1/1/1922 Homecoming activities under the Student Council include a Cedar Falls Band concert, a dance party, and the football game. Addresses were given by Colonel P. M. Shaffer, Professor Michael H. Thielen, and President Seerley. Professor Wesley wiler presided.
7 Col. Pearl M. Shaffer
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.5
7/1/1921 Colonel Pearl. M. Shaffer is a professor of military science and tactics at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa.
8 Lieut. Col. P. M. Shaffer
Alumni News Letter 4:4, p.5
10/1/1920 Shaffer took charge at Iowa State College in Ames, Iowa.
9 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 16:10, p.154
11/15/1905 Teaching military science and tactics in Kansas.
10 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 15:32, p.508
5/17/1905 Will join regiment soon.
11 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 15:11, p.168
11/16/1904 Is in the Kansas State Agricultural College as professor of Military Science and Tactics.
12 The Evening Republic
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.327
2/13/1904 Pearl Shaffer promoted to rank of captain in US Army.
13 Pearl Shaffer
Normal Eyte 14:10, p.151
11/7/1903 Pearl Shaffer will teach military science and tactics in Kansas.
14 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 12:23, p.361
3/15/1902 Will be stationed in the Philippine Islands.
15 The editors of the Normal Eyte
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.119
11/2/1901 Pearl M. Shaffer is a first lieutenant in the US Army stationed in Ohio; Lieutenant Shaffer notes that ISNS has furnished four officers since the beginning of the Spanish-American War: H. E. Whitney, Pearl M. Shaffer, Leslie Chapman, and Robert Crawford.
16 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 11:28, p.690
4/20/1901 Home from army.
17 Lieut. P. M. Shaffer.
Normal Eyte 10:16, p.379
1/19/1901 Back in Philippines.
18 Lieut. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 10:6, p.128
10/20/1900 Received orders to go from Philippines to China.
19 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 9:33, p.787
6/2/1900 Professor of military science at the industrial school in Eldora; enlisted in the army; now first lieutenant.
20 Pearl M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 9:32, p.760
5/26/1900 Serving in US Army.
21 Lieut. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.690
5/5/1900 Visiting and telling stories from the Spanish-American War.
22 Lieut. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 9:22, p.521
3/10/1900 On furlough due to health.
23 Lieut. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 9:18, p.425
2/10/1900 Recuperating from illness after Army duty in the Philippines.
24 Interesting newspapers
Normal Eyte 9:8, p.178
11/4/1899 Pearl Shaffer is sending copies from the Philippines.
25 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 8:30, p.415
5/6/1899 Travels with regiment to Philippines.
26 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 8:2, p.27
9/17/1898 Now in US Army.
27 H. E. Whitney, '97, and P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.13
6/18/1898 Appointed second lieutenants in regular army.
28 The alumni
Wallbank--Nellie B. (Class of 1890; English Faculty)
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.8
6/11/1898 Survey of alumni achievements; W. R. Patterson was first alumnus to earn Ph. D.; photo.
29 In consideration of the superior records
Normal Eyte 7:24, p.12
3/19/1898 Joseph Johnson and P. M. Shaffer honored for service in the Student Battalion.
30 Several old members of the Orio Society
Normal Eyte 7:9, p.105
11/6/1897 Harry Whitney and P. M. Shaffer attended program.
31 Mr. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 7:1, p.8
9/11/1897 Professor of military science at Industrial School in Eldora.
32 Cadet Corps officers
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.468
6/12/1897 Group portrait; photo.
33 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 6:30, p.356
5/15/1897 Visited Centerville.
34 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 6:30, p.356
5/15/1897 Will teach in Eldora.
35 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 6:29, p.340
5/8/1897 A look at the Neotrophian and Natural History Association programs.
36 M'Arey Natural History Association
Normal Eyte 6:27, p.315
4/24/1897 Presentation topics.
37 Natural History
Normal Eyte 6:18, p.211
2/6/1897 Roster of speakers and topics.
38 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 6:12, p.137
12/5/1896 Descriptions of recent programs; Israels hold Thanksgiving open house.
39 C. J. and P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 6:9, p.106
11/7/1896 Did not go home to vote since one favored McKinley and one favored Bryan.
40 The following is the organization of the cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 6:4, p.38
10/3/1896 Roster of officers; Professor Fitzgerald directs Cadet Band.
41 Officers and non-commissioned staff cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.371
6/24/1896 Group photo; photo.
42 Society notes
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.327
5/30/1896 Report on the triangular debate among the Aristos, Orios, and Philos.
43 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 5:26, p.245
4/11/1896 Back in school.
44 Mr. A. L. Comstock
Normal Eyte 5:24, p.221
3/21/1896 Reports on Southeastern Iowa Teachers Association meeting, which many Normalites attended.
45 P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.113
12/14/1895 Will teach in Griffinsville.
46 Among those who expected to return
Normal Eyte 5:1, p.6
9/21/1895 P. M. and Carl Shaffer did not return to school.
47 The newly elected officers
Normal Eyte 4:32, p.506
5/18/1895 New Oratorical Association officers.
48 Mr. P. M. Shaffer
Normal Eyte 4:27, p.427
4/13/1895 Returned to school.
49 The annual open session
Normal Eyte 4:18, p.277
2/2/1895 Description of the Orio program.
50 The Orios
Normal Eyte 4:16, p.251
1/19/1895 Program for open session.


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