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1 Design for reform
College Eye 25:32, p.2
2/23/1934 Is new simplified spelling really a good idea?
2 The far-reaching reputation of this institution
College Eye 8:22, p.2
3/28/1917 Professor Lynch receives letter from Puerto Rico regarding simplification in the spelling of English.
3 Mr. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 3:25, p.424
4/9/1914 Left for New York City to attend the annual convention of the National Simplified Spelling Board.
4 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 3:6, p.105
10/9/1913 News of other normal schools.
5 A matter of simplified spelling
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 2:28, p.2
4/24/1913 Advocates use of simplified spelling, but suggests alternate forms of "ough" should be suspended until a recognized authority publishes on the issue.
6 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley
College Eye 1:23, p.6
4/3/1912 Attending a conference on simplified spelling in New York City.
7 Department of orchestral instruments; B. W. Merrill, director
College Eye 1:19, p.7
2/21/1912 Professor Merrill comments that simplified spelling of the word choir "quire" is an injustice.
8 Pres. and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
College Eye 1:3, p.52
4/5/1911 Left for New York City to attend a simplified spelling meeting.
9 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:18, p.306
2/1/1911 Iowa education news; Professor Page asks for additional leave to allow his ankle to heal; legislators discuss simplified spelling; Margaret Baker now in Oklahoma; Ira Condit publishes regularly.
10 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:30, p.492
4/27/1910 May be too many extracurricular activities going on; Reading Circle halts work due to overwork; weather unpredictable; summer term bulletin nearing completion.
11 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:28, p.461
4/13/1910 News on simplified spelling.
12 President H. H. Seerley
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.438
3/30/1910 Will attend a meeting of the Simplified Spelling Board.
13 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:8, p.136
10/27/1909 News about appointments of alumni to educational posts; Alumni Association will give reception at ISTA meeting; Professor Frampton gives recital; praise for James Trewin's speech on the new board and its plans.
14 Simplified spelling is popular
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 19:26, p.402
4/21/1909 President Seerley outlines the case for bring English spelling closer to a phonetic basis.
15 Simplified spellers meet; they discuss many things pertaining to spelling reform
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 19:25, p.388
4/14/1909 President Seerley reports on the work of the board at its annual meeting.
16 Pres. and Mrs. H. H. Seerley
Normal Eyte 19:24, p.382
4/7/1909 Will go to New York City for simplified spelling meeting.
17 Homer H. Seerley
Normal Eyte 19:12, p.188
12/9/1908 Has published two articles.
18 Mr. J. M. Jones
Normal Eyte 18:28, p.433
4/29/1908 Suggests corrections to article on simplified spelling.
19 About simplified spelling
Normal Eyte 18:25, p.386
4/8/1908 J. M. Jones takes a serious look at spelling reform.
20 Speaking of reformed spelling
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.306
2/19/1908 Takes a look at some of the recommendations of the Simplified Spelling Board; has further suggestions.
21 Thought
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.306
2/19/1908 Normal Eyte is using several words in the Simplified Spelling plan.
22 Simplified spelling board second list
Normal Eyte 18:19, p.291
2/12/1908 Text of recommendations for new spellings of words.
23 Official
Normal Eyte 18:18, p.279
2/5/1908 Those who enroll late will be charged extra; Alys Bentley will teach music in the summer; let brick contract for Library; Governor Cummins will speak; plans for President's House ready; Simplified Spelling Board will meet; John Riggs is busy.
24 Official
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.72
10/9/1907 George Affleck and George Wallace doing well; Professor Loughridge found that classical scholars are opposed to simplified spelling; Museum collection is strong; teaching meetings will be held across the state.
25 Chronicles for the Year; September
Old Gold 0:0, p.269
6/1/1907 Chronological look at school year month by month.
26 Pres. and Mrs. Seerley
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.414
4/3/1907 Went to New York for simplified spelling meeting.
27 President Seerley
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.401
4/3/1907 Attending simplified spelling meeting in New York.
28 Miss Fargo
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.96
10/17/1906 Attended library professional meeting;
29 Simplified spelling
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.82
10/17/1906 People from around the country voice their opinions.
30 The Cottage Reading Circle
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.64
10/3/1906 Met at Professor Gist's home to discuss revised spelling.
31 The Simpsonian
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.50
10/3/1906 Makes fun of simplified spelling reforms; Professor Wright has found that many of the revised spellings are already authorized by dictionaries..
32 Simplified spelling
Normal Eyte 17:3, p.35
9/26/1906 List of three hundred words in their suggested simplified form.
33 Twelve phonetic words
Normal Eyte 16:23, p.353
3/7/1906 Examples of simplified spelling.
34 The simplified spelling board
Normal Eyte 16:21, p.323
2/21/1906 President Seerley appointed to Carnegie board.
35 Our president honored
Normal Eyte 16:17, p.259
1/24/1906 President Seerley was added to the committee on simplified spelling.
36 The long-dreaded spelling examination is over
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.72
11/8/1892 Candidates for graduation breathing easier; some would like to see the Reformed Spelling movement implemented.
37 Language study
Bartlett--Moses Willard (English Faculty)
Students' Offering 4:12, p.4
5/1/1880 Practices in different countries.
38 Some with a look of scorn
Students' Offering 4:12, p.6
5/1/1880 Simplified spelling deserves close examination.
39 Outline of history of the English language
Hull--W. N.
Students' Offering 3:9, p.5
12/1/1879 Brief history.

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