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1 Society
College Eye 21:22, p.3
3/7/1930 News from campus organizations.
2 Alpha
College Eye 19:34, p.5
5/9/1928 Society meeting; program information.
3 Society
College Eye 19:21, p.5
2/8/1928 News from the literary societies.
4 Society
College Eye 19:3, p.2
9/21/1927 Campus social notes.
5 Society
College Eye 9:28, p.3
5/1/1918 Irvings elected officers; Clios entertained founding members of their group and discussed Clio history.
6 Society
College Eye 9:27, p.3
4/24/1918 Neotrophian society elected officers; Shakes and Aristos held joint meeting.
7 Society
College Eye 9:26, p.6
4/17/1918 Philos and Alphas held a joint meeting; Shakes held their regular meeting; poem describing why the owl is the Shakespearean mascot.
8 Society
College Eye 9:20, p.3
2/27/1918 Professor Getchell spoke to the Ossoli society about the importance of literary societies; Alphas and Philos held joint meeting.
9 Society
College Eye 9:19, p.3
2/20/1918 Chrestomathians held a Valentine's Day-themed meeting; Aristotelians had tryouts for the annual debate; Jabbow Gemb Hall and Homerians held Valentine's Day parties.
10 Society
College Eye 9:17, p.6
2/6/1918 Ellen Richards Club sponsored the movie "Efficiency in the Home" for the Red Cross; Chrestomathians elected officers; Presbyterians have over sixty members.
11 Society
College Eye 9:11, p.3
12/12/1917 Societies elected new officers.
12 Homerian Society
College Eye 9:2, p.6
9/26/1917 Homerians set up volunteer program.
13 Societies
Normal Eyte 21:4, p.64
9/28/1910 News from the literary societies.
14 Society; Chresto
Normal Eyte 19:17, p.265
2/3/1909 Chrestos enjoy program and dinner with international theme.
15 Society
Normal Eyte 17:31, p.492
5/8/1907 Philos and Alphas gave joint music program; Clios present music and literary program; Chrestos enjoyed German program.
16 Society
Normal Eyte 17:27, p.428
4/10/1907 Creative work was entered titled Autobiography of an Easter Bonnet.
17 Society
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.414
4/3/1907 Shakes held an indoors picnic; roster of officers.
18 Society
Normal Eyte 17:24, p.377
3/20/1907 Orios enjoy humorous program; Neos had general program; Chrestos has college program; Zetas enjoyed music.
19 Society
Normal Eyte 17:23, p.363
3/6/1907 Neos enjoy Gypsy program; Shakes celebrate Presidents Washington and Lincoln; Alphas celebrate Valentine's Day; Clios enjoy basketball game.
20 Society
Normal Eyte 17:22, p.348
2/27/1907 Chrestos hear essays and music.
21 Society
Normal Eyte 17:21, p.332
2/20/1907 Zetas entertain Ossolis; Luella Rigby talks about missionary work in Burma.
22 Society
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.311
2/13/1907 Ossolis organized medical program; Zetas installed officers; Chrestos gave art program; Aristos hold miscellaneous program; Shakes present Russo-Japanese program; Philos hold combination program.
23 Society
Normal Eyte 17:19, p.296
2/6/1907 Clios enjoy miscellaneous program; the history of the Shake-Aristo monkey mascot.
24 Society
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.281
1/30/1907 Chrestos hear papers; Shakes have frost program; Zetas have Longfellow program.
25 Society
Normal Eyte 17:15, p.236
1/9/1907 Alphas hold surprise party for Philos; Shakes hold bell program; Zetas enjoy miscellaneous party
26 Society
Normal Eyte 17:14, p.219
12/19/1906 Neos put on brownie program.
27 Society
Normal Eyte 17:13, p.203
12/12/1906 Orios present comic program; Zetas proud of Clara Tolstrup's victory; Clios tell a story with titles.
28 Society
Normal Eyte 17:11, p.169
11/21/1906 Poetic tributes to the Orios and the Chrestos; Shakes put on "Bachelor Maids" program.
29 Society
Normal Eyte 17:10, p.155
11/14/1906 Ossoli presents current events program; Philos enjoy music and debate.
30 Society
Normal Eyte 17:9, p.138
11/7/1906 Humorous look at the word man; Chrestos played games and enjoyed supper; Aristos present Southern program; Alphas debate the value of Halloween; new Zeta women present program.
31 Society
Normal Eyte 17:8, p.123
10/31/1906 Philos present literary program; Orios celebrate selection of debaters; Clios hold initiation; Neos present Indian program; Ossolis had social program.
32 Society
Normal Eyte 17:7, p.106
10/24/1906 Alphas present Dutch program; Zetas meet along Cedar River; Aristos enjoyed Cuban program; Chrestos enjoyed music and debate; Shakes held initiation ceremony.
33 Society
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.89
10/17/1906 Shakes and Aristos hold banquet; Ossolis focus on race; Clios consider American Indians.
34 Society
Normal Eyte 17:5, p.75
10/10/1906 Chrestos enjoy New England program; Zetas enjoy music and conversation; a new Alpha's thoughts.
35 Society
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.57
10/3/1906 Neos present college program; Ossolis enjoyed Indian program; mock letter home about Clios meeting; Shakes and Aristos presented music program
36 Society
Normal Eyte 17:3, p.42
9/26/1906 Chrestos enjoyed Eugene Field program; Zetas enjoyed music program; mock letter home about Orio meeting
37 Society
Normal Eyte 17:2, p.27
9/19/1906 Philos present literary program; Clios debate the best way to spend a summer; Neos present Asian program; Alphas install new officers; Ossolis hold reception for Zetas.
38 Society
Normal Eyte 17:1, p.12
9/12/1906 Shakes hear papers and conduct debate; Orios present literary program; Aristos state their mission and importance.
39 Society
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.556
6/6/1906 Alphas enjoyed a marine program; Orios held their usual meeting; Neos held annual reception.
40 Society
Normal Eyte 16:34, p.541
5/30/1906 The Alphas submitted a poem about their picnic, the Shakes also had a picnic to report.
41 Society
Normal Eyte 16:33, p.529
5/23/1906 Chrestos submitted a poem entitled Trucks at School; the Neos held an honorary member program; and the Aristos had a triangular debate.
42 Society
Normal Eyte 16:32, p.507
5/16/1906 The Shakes have a newly decorated hall, and the Neos held a miscellaneous program.
43 Society
Normal Eyte 16:31, p.489
5/9/1906 The Aristos held a program on "the laboring man", Ossolis had a grandmother's program, and the Philos submitted a report on Fort Sumter.
44 Society
Normal Eyte 16:30, p.476
5/2/1906 Zetas held a short and interesting program.
45 Society
Manderson--Hazel V. (Class of 1907)
Normal Eyte 16:29, p.456
4/25/1906 The Alpha society gave a program on mud..
46 Society
Normal Eyte 16:28, p.440
4/18/1906 The Neos presented a bird program; the Zetas held a program.
47 Society
Murray--Mabel F. (Class of 1906)
Normal Eyte 16:27, p.423
4/11/1906 Alphas hear essay on China; Zetas present Paul Dunbar program; Shakes enjoy music program.
48 Society
Normal Eyte 16:24, p.377
3/14/1906 Shakes held Far North program; Aristos, Zetas, and Philos all held meetings.
49 Society
Normal Eyte 16:23, p.357
3/7/1906 Orios submitted a story by Fred Cram, Neos watched a performance by the "Old Maids."
50 Society
Normal Eyte 16:20, p.310
2/14/1906 The Shakes say that one of the wonders of the world is boys; Clios hire Sherlock Holmes to find a stolen mascot; Zenos held a normal meeting; and the Neos had a debate.


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