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1 Whitaker approved gifts for the college man
Northern Iowan 99:27, p.7
12/10/2002 Suggests Christmas gifts for men and bids farewell to readers.
2 Rules for tailgating at UNI rule out good times
Northern Iowan 99:25, p.7
11/26/2002 Confronts university regulations for tailgating.
3 Rash of insanity spreading on UNI campus
Northern Iowan 99:23, p.7
11/19/2002 Comments on engagement while in college.
4 Columnist concerned over anonymous offering
Northern Iowan 99:21, p.7
11/12/2002 Confronts the anonymous person who left religious propaganda under his doormat.
5 Getting serious; Whitaker takes on gun control
Northern Iowan 99:19, p.9
11/5/2002 Confronts the issue of gun control, and examines the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
6 Readers continue to voice support/disgust for columnist
Stoppleworth--Sarah A. H. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:19, p.14
11/5/2002 Criticizes statements made by columnist Jeremy Whitaker concerning sexual intercourse in relationships.
7 Untitled
Park--Justin (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:19, p.14
11/5/2002 Defends columnist Jeremy Whitaker, claiming he was using "black humor" and that readers are taking it too seriously.
8 Upon mandate, columnist expands subject matter
Northern Iowan 99:17, p.7
10/29/2002 Gives his personal history on dating.
9 Readers respond to columnists' musings on sex and God
Rider--Nichollette L. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.11
10/25/2002 Responds in a affirmative manner to a column written by Jeremy Whitaker on masturbation and pornography.
10 Untitled
Oates--Michael David (Modern Languages Faculty)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.12
10/25/2002 Criticizes statements made by Jeremy Whitaker concerning sex and pornography.
11 Untitled
Kuebler--Todd (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.12
10/25/2002 Criticizes the approaches made by Katie Buelow and Jeremy Whitaker to confront the issue of sex and pornography.
12 Untitled
Rigotti--Crist A. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.12
10/25/2002 Disagrees with Jeremy Whitaker's views on sex and pornography and claims that such views contribute to the increase in sexual violence in the United States.
13 Untitled
Siddens--Paul J. (Communications Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.11
10/25/2002 Claims that statements made by Jeremy Whitaker in a column were demeaning to women, as well as to men.
14 Untitled
Holm--Jordan R. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:16, p.11
10/25/2002 Discusses his religious beliefs in response to an article on atheism written by Jeremy Whitaker.
15 Gender stereotypes of pornography and masturbation
Northern Iowan 99:15, p.9
10/22/2002 Comments on why most men own some form of pornography and few women do.
16 Atheistic point of view: why I don't believe in God
Northern Iowan 99:13, p.7
10/15/2002 Gives reasons why he is an atheist, and claims that religious advocates should not go door-to-door to "sell" their beliefs.
17 True tale of one man's visit to the STD clinic
Northern Iowan 99:11, p.7
10/8/2002 Describes his experience of being tested for sexually transmitted diseases.
18 Confronting UNI's Homecoming drinking issues
Northern Iowan 99:9, p.9
10/1/2002 Claims that the university administration and the Cedar Falls Police Department are not handling the Homecoming situation in constructive ways; offers suggestions for more feasible ways to make Homecoming safer.
19 Support for Nevada marijuana legalization
Northern Iowan 99:7, p.7
9/24/2002 Discusses the recent proposal to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Nevada and offers support for its legalization.
20 Communication studies
Dick--Danielle E. (Student--2001-2003)
Northern Iowan 99:5, p.11
9/17/2002 Claims that the Department of Communication Studies is a valuable department that deserves respect.
21 Questioning another war with Iraq
Northern Iowan 99:5, p.9
9/17/2002 Believes that to correct the situation in Iraq we should bomb a couple of key factories, get Saddam Hussein to comply, and then remove our forces from Iraq; photo.
22 Fundraising ideas for President Koob
Northern Iowan 99:3, p.7
9/10/2002 Humorous suggestions that President Koob should let the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity use his home, that a Burger King should be constructed next to Seerley Hall, and that the university should buy less expensive toilet paper.
23 Replace me: I dare you
Northern Iowan 93:27, p.7
12/10/1996 Columnist says his final goodbye in his last column.
24 New mascot defends his Panther honor
Primmer--Chad (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:26, p.8
12/6/1996 Student responds to Jeremy Whitaker's column on needing a new Panther mascot.
25 New mascot: 'wussy purple rat'
Northern Iowan 93:25, p.6
11/26/1996 Columnist comments on the new Panther mascot; photo.
26 Pot, beer, flossing
Northern Iowan 93:23, p.6
11/19/1996 Columnist comments on use of marijuana, under-aged drinkers in Hill bars, and brushing your teeth with the opposite sex.
27 Dorm rooms: why so damn small?
Northern Iowan 93:21, p.8
11/12/1996 Columnist comments on the small size of dormitory rooms.
28 Abortion debate: largest beating of a dead horse in modern society
Northern Iowan 93:19, p.5
11/5/1996 Columnist comments on both sides of the abortion issue.
29 Why does the Wellness Center need a waterslide?
Northern Iowan 93:17, p.8
10/29/1996 Columnist questions the need for a water slide in the new Wellness/Recreation Center.
30 Student health center: very scary place
Northern Iowan 93:15, p.9
10/22/1996 Columnist claims that Health Center is ineffective at treating student illnesses.
31 Great horrors of purchasing condoms
Northern Iowan 93:13, p.8
10/15/1996 Columnist comments on purchasing condoms.
32 Appearance only skin deep; think again Whitaker
Fees--Nikole Jean K. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:11, p.11
10/8/1996 Student reacts to Jeremy Whitaker's column on body piercings and colored hair.
33 People responding to Whitaker just making him more popular
Northern Iowan 93:11, p.10
10/8/1996 People responding to Jeremy Whitaker's columns are "...adding fuel to the fire."
34 Why UNI has one of nation's safest campuses
Northern Iowan 93:11, p.9
10/8/1996 The lack of trees on campus and bad Iowa weather contribute to UNI being one of the safest campuses.
35 'Don't judge a book by i's cover'
Hyman--Rebecca L. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.7
10/4/1996 Jeremy Whitaker's remarks in his column on body piercings and colored hair were "ignorant and offending."
36 'Enough about Whitaker already, his column rules'
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.6
10/4/1996 Student defends Jeremy Whitaker's column; believes it is meant to entertain.
37 Speak your mind with respect
Olsen--David L.
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.8
10/4/1996 Columnist comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column and UNIGLO's right to advertise meetings in chalk on sidewalks.
38 Whitaker should appreciate diversity
Hopkins--Mitchell T. (Class of 1997)
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.8
10/4/1996 Student comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column on body piercings and colored hair; Whitaker is out of touch with diversity on campus.
39 Whitaker: if everyone were to shop at the Gap, who would you rip on?
Northern Iowan 93:10, p.7
10/4/1996 Students respond to Jeremy Whitaker's column on students with body piercings and colored hair.
40 'Get a haircut, get a real job'
Northern Iowan 93:9, p.10
10/1/1996 Columnist comments on students with body piercing and colored hair.
41 'More to life than alcohol, sex, tacos'
Fate--Carrie L.
Northern Iowan 93:9, p.8
10/1/1996 Student responds to Jeremy Whitaker's column on campus artwork.
42 Society too obsessed with sex
Northern Iowan 93:9, p.7
10/1/1996 Student comments on premarital sex in response to Jeremy Whitaker's column.
43 Replace artwork with taco stands
Northern Iowan 93:7, p.8
9/24/1996 Columnist comments on sculptures on campus.
44 'One third of college students seldom or never drink alcohol'
Thompson--Julie A. (Counseling Staff)
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.7
9/20/1996 Julie Thompson suggests that we need more students who have fun without drinking alcohol.
45 'Our job is to give you news, not interpret it'
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.6
9/20/1996 Newspaper's articles and columns do not reflect the opinions of the staff.
46 Advice to Whitaker: spend Saturday nights at bars
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.7
9/20/1996 Student responds to Jeremy Whitaker's column on drinking at football games.
47 Jeremy Whitaker's column a mistake: 'Get rid of it'
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.7
9/20/1996 Student comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column and the history of the cannon.
48 Methodist Student Center reaches to Whitaker
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.7
9/20/1996 Student peer minister invites Jeremy Whitaker to stop by the Wesley Foundation, United Methodist Student Center.
49 Premarital sex not only best around
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.10
9/20/1996 Student comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column on premarital sex.
50 Whitaker: 'Ignorant, uninformed'
Northern Iowan 93:6, p.9
9/20/1996 Student comments on Jeremy Whitaker's column "A Sordid State of Affairs".


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