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1 Grammatically speaking
Gitchell--Erin Elizabeth (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 106:40, p.5
3/2/2010 Grammar checker can be frustrating, but bad grammar in newspaper articles or letters is even worse. Electronic devices and teachers are most commonly blamed. The devices are only as smart as the user.
2 Don't be misunderestimated
French--Larissa A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 106:39, p.3
2/26/2010 Believes clear communication is important. Spelling and grammar are essential to presenting ideas correctly.
3 Miniscule mistake
Northern Iowan 102:61, p.6
7/21/2006 Writer points out confusion between "tenets" and "tenants" in previous NI article.
4 Fan's ignorance spurs rant column
Northern Iowan 99:4, p.11
9/13/2002 Talks about the importance of proper spelling and some other items that irritate him.
5 Spelling bees are where it's at
Public Relations News Release 2000:238, p.1
2/12/2001 Researchers have discovered the developmental stages of spelling that children experience.
6 Children move through stages of spelling
Public Relations News Release 2000:204, p.1
1/15/2001 Maribelle Betterton discusses the five steps a child goes through to learn spelling.
7 Children move through developmental stages of spelling, too
Public Relations News Release 1998:57, p.1
9/28/1998 Maribelle Betterton discusses the recent emphasis on spelling in elementary classrooms.
8 In response . . .
Haupt--Shirley Eliason (Art Faculty)
Northern Iowan 73:46, p.3
3/25/1977 Appreciates A. C. Haman's letter on spelling.
9 Spelling
Haman--Albert Charles (Biology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 73:44, p.2
3/18/1977 Ironic comment for students who wonder how important spelling is.
10 Misspelled graffiti
Northern Iowan 71:26, p.3
12/6/1974 Wishes vandals would at least spell correctly.
11 Inattention to spelling a baffling problem
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 56:29, p.2
5/4/1962 Professor Fox asks why "bourgeoisie" was so often misspelled in a recent examination.
12 It isn't that we don't care
College Eye 56:19, p.2
2/16/1962 Spelling Progress Bulletin might do well to send representative to the Eye office.
13 C-A-T students show spelling ability
College Eye 49:35, p.3
6/27/1958 FBLA students do well in spelling contest at national convention.
14 Spelling theory upset by Dr. Horn's survey
Alumnus 33:2, p.4
4/1/1949 Survey calls into doubt the separation of words into syllables.
15 Can sophomores spell sophomore?
College Eye 27:43, p.1
5/15/1936 One in five students cannot.
16 Dr. Punke advocates simple spelling lists
College Eye 25:37, p.3
4/6/1934 Former faculty member Edward Punke believes in simplified spelling.
17 Design for reform
College Eye 25:32, p.2
2/23/1934 Is new simplified spelling really a good idea?
18 Cedar Heights wins trophy Friday
College Eye 19:32, p.1
4/25/1928 Community schools took part in a spelling and ciphering contest; Cedar Heights won.
19 Names of courses hard to spell as shown by test; Profs. Charles and Denny use unique system
College Eye 17:40, p.1
4/14/1926 Professors Denny and Charles find that their students have a hard time spelling the names of college courses.
20 English Department
College Eye 13:8, p.1
10/19/1921 College Eye article on spelling contained many spelling errors.
21 Spelling test statistics
College Eye 13:7, p.2
10/12/1921 A look at how well students did on spelling various words.
22 Facts on term test in spelling
College Eye 11:25, p.2
3/24/1920 Results of freshmen testing are announced.
23 English Club holds meeting
College Eye 3:30, p.492
5/14/1914 Professor lynch spoke on the history of spelling; elected officers.
24 A matter of simplified spelling
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 2:28, p.2
4/24/1913 Advocates use of simplified spelling, but suggests alternate forms of "ough" should be suspended until a recognized authority publishes on the issue.
25 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:21, p.344
2/16/1910 State and national educational news.
26 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:8, p.136
10/27/1909 News about appointments of alumni to educational posts; Alumni Association will give reception at ISTA meeting; Professor Frampton gives recital; praise for James Trewin's speech on the new board and its plans.
27 The Wa We'l Spel in Ninten Fifti.
Old Gold 0:0, p.341
6/1/1908 Poem written in phonetic verse.
28 Instead of their usual program
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.367
2/27/1904 H. S. & L. Club gave spelling program.
29 Spelling; schools are beginning to demand more knowledge of orthography
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.226
12/19/1903 Normal students must either pass a spelling test or taking a spelling class.
30 By the authority of the Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.401
4/4/1903 Students must take spelling, rhetoricals, and society work.
31 About one hundred students
Normal Eyte 12:24, p.380
3/22/1902 Took the spelling test.
32 Training: teaching spelling
Bender--Wilbur H. (Classes of 1886 and 1890; Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.4
9/14/1901 Professor Bender outlines teaching methods.
33 Is not the Inquisition
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.312
12/15/1900 Students dread the spelling tests.
34 Detached sibilant
Normal Eyte 10:2, p.35
9/22/1900 Spelling tests last week.
35 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:19, p.445
2/17/1900 Believes that ISNS students leave school with strong spelling, reading, and elocutionary skills.
36 Spelling classes
Normal Eyte 9:15, p.356
1/20/1900 Now organized.
37 The bookstores
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.61
9/30/1899 Unable to meet demand for spellers after spelling test.
38 New students
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.12
9/16/1899 Took spelling test.
39 The regular term spelling test
Normal Eyte 8:24, p.336
3/25/1899 Scheduled.
40 The spelling test
Normal Eyte 8:13, p.184
12/3/1898 Given to new students.
41 Those who nearly passed the spelling test
Normal Eyte 7:3, p.33
9/25/1897 Will have another chance.
42 Military drill
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.153
12/12/1896 Suspended during spelling test.
43 Hear ye Normalite
Normal Eyte 5:2, p.16
9/28/1895 Spelling test coming up.
44 The usual spelling test
Normal Eyte 4:15, p.236
1/12/1895 Test is done; now students worry about results.
45 The spelling test is over
Normal Eyte 4:4, p.59
10/6/1894 Students learn if they passed or will be placed in a special class.
46 That dreadful time
Normal Eyte 4:2, p.26
9/22/1894 Spelling exam approaches.
47 The spelling test was held last week
Normal Eyte 3:9, p.66
11/4/1893 Interesting examples of misspelled words.
48 Spelling test Wednesday!
Normal Eyte 3:8, p.64
10/28/1893 Cause for anxiety?
49 The assignments have been made
Normal Eyte 2:11, p.88
11/22/1892 Some students assigned special work in spelling.
50 The long-dreaded spelling examination is over
Normal Eyte 2:9, p.72
11/8/1892 Candidates for graduation breathing easier; some would like to see the Reformed Spelling movement implemented.


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