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Stockwell--Steven Sanford (Class of 1895)

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1 Prof. S. S. Stockwell
College Eye 2:30, p.7
5/8/1913 He will supervise the training department at the State Normal School in Marquette, Michigan, next year.
2 Supt. S. S. Stockwell
College Eye 2:4, p.6
9/26/1912 Visited campus.
3 Supt. S. S. Stockwell
College Eye 1:13, p.6
1/10/1912 Wrote the lead article in the Magazine of Education for December.
4 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 1:10, p.163
5/24/1911 Article commends the Department of Oratory on its success in the debates; describes the importance of the new library; an update on Professor Page's health; Karl Knoepfler and Helen Packard win graduate scholarships at University of Iowa.
5 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 18:22, p.347
3/4/1908 Secretary to Wyoming State Board of Examiners.
6 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.284
1/30/1907 Has a new baby daughter.
7 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 16:15, p.235
1/10/1906 Superintendent of schools in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
8 A new publication, The Wyoming School Journal
Normal Eyte 15:19, p.296
2/8/1905 S. S. Stockwell is the editor.
9 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 15:10, p.157
11/9/1904 Is the principal of the normal school of the University of Wyoming.
10 The marriage
Normal Eyte 14:5, p.71
10/3/1903 Erma Montillon and Steven Stockwell were married.
11 The duties of the S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 13:12, p.189
11/22/1902 Teaching in Cedar Rapids; did institute work.
12 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.73
10/12/1901 Principal in Cedar Rapids.
13 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 11:33, p.809
5/25/1901 Will continue at Waverly.
14 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 10:20, p.486
2/16/1901 Offered position as principal at a Seattle school.
15 History of the Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 10:15, p.358
1/12/1901 Brief history of the organization on campus since its beginnings in 1886; roster of officers.
16 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 9:29, p.688
5/5/1900 Student at S. U. I. after teaching in Nora Springs.
17 Among the Normalites
Normal Eyte 9:14, p.333
1/13/1900 Many attended the ISTA convention.
18 S. S. Stockwell, '95, and W. H. Bridges
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.9
9/16/1899 Attending University of Iowa.
19 B. J. Lambert, S. S. Stockwell, and Erwin Schenk
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.484
6/3/1899 Will deliver addresses at Iowa City.
20 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.484
6/3/1899 Will deliver address at Nora Springs Seminary.
21 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 8:27, p.376
4/15/1899 Visited Monroe.
22 On the roll of honor at S. U. I.
Normal Eyte 8:23, p.323
3/18/1899 Many Normalites doing very well at University of Iowa.
23 Mr. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 8:16, p.223
1/14/1899 Visited campus.
24 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.207
12/17/1898 Father's health better; returns to University of Iowa.
25 The State Teachers Association
Normal Eyte 8:11, p.152
11/19/1898 Many Normal faculty and alumni on program; President Seerley is to address the subject, "Does the School meet the demands of the people?".
26 B. J. Lambert, J. J. Lambert, Percy Hunt . . . .
Normal Eyte 8:7, p.97
10/22/1898 Members of boarding club in Iowa City.
27 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 8:5, p.68
10/8/1898 Studying at University of Iowa.
28 We take pleasure
Normal Eyte 8:4, p.54
10/1/1898 Many Normalites enrolled at University of Iowa.
29 Oratory in the Normal
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.37
6/11/1898 History of oratory at the school; photo.
30 That S. S. Stockwell, '95, is doing excellent work
Normal Eyte 7:15, p.178
12/18/1897 At Nora Springs Seminary.
31 The Nora Springs Telephone
Normal Eyte 7:2, p.16
9/18/1897 Newspaper praises work of S. S. Stockwell.
32 Mr. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 7:1, p.8
9/11/1897 Promoted Nora Springs Academy.
33 Oratory
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.445
6/12/1897 History of oratory at ISNS.
34 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 6:29, p.344
5/8/1897 Came up from Nora Springs.
35 It is reported
Normal Eyte 6:26, p.308
4/17/1897 Mr. Stockwell will study at the University of Michigan.
36 Mr. S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 6:25, p.296
4/10/1897 Visited campus.
37 This week
Normal Eyte 6:25, p.292
4/10/1897 Many former Normalites visited campus.
38 Among the visitors this week
Normal Eyte 6:24, p.280
4/3/1897 Several Normalites return.
39 Some Commencement visitors
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.375
6/24/1896 Roster of former Normalites who visited campus.
40 Mr. S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.327
5/30/1896 Will continue at Nora Springs Seminary.
41 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.274
5/2/1896 Visited campus.
42 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:25, p.233
3/28/1896 On vacation from Nora Springs Seminary.
43 Abraham Lincoln
Stockwell--Steven Sanford (Class of 1895)
Normal Eyte 5:19, p.169
2/15/1896 Honor oration.
44 Mr. S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:19, p.175
2/15/1896 Visited campus.
45 Mr. S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:16, p.139
1/25/1896 Teaching in Nora Springs.
46 Following are the orators
Normal Eyte 5:11, p.98
11/30/1895 Score sheet and descriptions of the recent oratorical contest.
47 As we go to press
Normal Eyte 5:8, p.62
11/9/1895 Results of oratorical contest announced.
48 S. S. Stockwell
Normal Eyte 5:8, p.61
11/9/1895 Visited Waverly.
49 Society notes
Normal Eyte 5:7, p.50
11/2/1895 Aristos and Alphas elect officers.
50 The report of the faculty-student committee
Normal Eyte 5:7, p.49
11/2/1895 Consider recent ruling of faculty to require societies to collect admission to public sessions; societies will determine what they are willing to do if President Seerley gives them a society hall.


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