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1 Profile: the retirement "Class of '93-'94"
Campus News Network 4:18, p.3
5/9/1994 Profile of this year's retiring employees; photo.
2 Assignment UNI
Public Relations News Release 1993:243, p.1
12/6/1993 Weekly sampling of events and activities at UNI.
3 A perfect relationship?
Northern Iowan 89:3, p.12
9/4/1992 Points of strong relationship.
4 Date rape: no longer behind closed doors
Northern Iowan 88:51, p.10
4/10/1992 Women talk about being assaulted; counselors offer advice for dealing with the situation.
5 Good grades are one example of a suicide victim's cover-up; 2.8 GPA is the average of those in school
Northern Iowan 88:22, p.7
11/15/1991 It is difficult to predict who will commit suicide.
6 Suicide: a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness
Northern Iowan 88:21, p.7
11/12/1991 Fifteen students have killed themselves since 1979; counseling services are available.
7 Counseling Center, Health Center offer variety of activities for spring semester at Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1989:369, p.1
1/30/1990 The Counseling and Student Health Centers organize several programs for students seeking help with weight control, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and relationship problems.
8 University of Northern Iowa personnel recognized for years of continuous service
Public Relations News Release 1989:345, p.1
1/17/1990 Two-hundred and seventy-five employees of the Educational and Student Services department are honored at a luncheon in Maucker Union. Professors Sue Follon, Grace Ann Hovett, and Clark Elmer speak.
9 During Mental Illness Awareness Week: Counseling Center offers help
Northern Iowan 86:8, p.1
9/29/1989 Services available at Counseling Center.
10 Gang activity on the rise
Nichols--Lori Ann (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 86:5, p.1
9/19/1989 Increase seen in large cities; alcohol, rather than drugs, is main campus problem.
11 SSC helps students cope
Sheets--Kerry (Student--1988-1990)
Northern Iowan 86:3, p.3
9/12/1989 Norm Story and Jo Ann Cummings talk about the services available.
12 University of Northern Iowa counseling center to offer workshops and groups for fall semester.
Public Relations News Release 1989:35, p.1
9/1/1989 Sessions offered are "Adult Children of Alcoholics," "Sexual Abuse and Incest Support Group," "Assertive Communication," "Stress Management," and "Coping with Depression."
13 Phobias can paralyze a person's everyday life
Northern Iowan 85:41, p.11
2/28/1989 Norman Story talks about phobias and ways to deal with them.
14 Bills introduced to change laws on incest
Northern Iowan 85:40, p.7
2/24/1989 Norman Story talks about proposed legislation.
15 Sexual abuse widely prevalent
Northern Iowan 85:39, p.7
2/21/1989 Norman Story talks about sexual abuse.
16 Stresses of college life creating a "burn-out' among students.
Public Relations News Release 1988:272, p.1
1/30/1989 Norm Story says stress that college student experience is causing headaches, sleep disorders, and other related disorders. Students often become burnt-out because they're afraid to fail. Alcohol and drugs is how some choose to deal.
17 Dramatic rise in Iowa suicide rates has counselors concerned.
Public Relations News Release 1988:87, p.1
10/10/1988 Last year 398 people in Iowa people committed suicide, it the highest it has been since the '30s. Norm Story says poor self esteem, drugs and alcohol problems and economic factors are major cause of suicides.
18 Women's self-defense courses to be offered
Northern Iowan 85:12, p.1
10/7/1988 Presentation at Towers includes information on self-defense; photo.
19 Students not feeling at home on UNI campus
Simmons--Jennifer J. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 85:4, p.11
9/9/1988 Students and officials talk about homesickness.
20 Editorial on gay rights is socially responsible
Story--Norman L. (Counseling Center Staff)
Northern Iowan 84:52, p.2
4/12/1988 Norman Story challenges some assumptions in an earlier letter.
21 Programs set to aid students
Northern Iowan 84:35, p.4
2/5/1988 Programs will include publicity and handling worry.
22 Graduation: a time for mixed emotions
Northern Iowan 84:34, p.7
2/2/1988 Norm Story talks about the uncertainties that face graduates.
23 Something for nearly every need: Counseling Center plans activities
Northern Iowan 84:2, p.11
8/28/1987 List of support groups and workshops.
24 Societal changes leading to suicidal thoughts
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:54, p.1
4/21/1987 Norman Story believes that expectations place on men and lack of support for them may lead them to suicide.
25 Suicide/Life Awareness Week Feb. 23-27 at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1987:230, p.1
2/20/1987 The InterFraternity and Panhellenic Councils sponsor a series of events in Maucker Union for Suicide/Life Awareness Week. Events include a presentation by Dr. Norm Story, and a showing of "Animal House." The event was coordinated by Russel Phelps.
26 Entire counseling staff deals with suicide issue
Story--Norman L. (Counseling Center Staff)
Public Relations News Release 83:38, p.2
2/17/1987 Lists some counselors who have been working with students in the aftermath of a campus suicide.
27 Counselor says sharing helps curb suicides
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:36, p.1
2/10/1987 Norman Story talks about suicide and ways to prevent it.
28 Suicide panel for Bartlett, Lawther held
Northern Iowan 83:29, p.1
12/12/1986 Norman Story talks about the purposes of the panel.
29 Panel notes causes of rape, incest
Melz--Marianne (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 83:15, p.5
10/17/1986 Excerpts form panel discussion.
30 Survey reliability defended
Northern Iowan 83:12, p.3
10/7/1986 Believes critic of sexual abuse study may not understand the situation.
31 Survey reliability questioned
Ward--Terry A.
Northern Iowan 83:5, p.3
9/12/1986 Feels that a recent published survey about sexuality may be inaccurate.
32 One of five UNI students exposed to incest: survey
Northern Iowan 83:4, p.1
9/9/1986 Marilyn and Norman Story talk about their research.
33 Worries should go on I.C.E.
Northern Iowan 83:1, p.12
8/26/1986 Norman Story advocates using the ICE technique: isolate, condense, and execute.
34 'Welcome Back' weekend planned for UNI students, parents Aug. 21-24
Public Relations News Release 1986:506, p.1
8/14/1986 The Welcome Back weekend was a series of activities designed to help returning students begin the school year. Faculty speakers made presentations on note taking skills, self-motivation, time management obtaining jobs, and adjusting to college life.
35 Exegesis
Melton--Linda (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 82:8, p.2
9/27/1985 Comments on Professor Story's survey on sexual abuse.
36 Results of incest questionnaire to be published within year
Northern Iowan 81:39, p.6
3/1/1985 Marilyn Story talks about her research.
37 'Suicide is no kidding matter'
Heltman--Char (Student--1985)
Northern Iowan 81:29, p.5
1/25/1985 Panel discusses suicide.
38 UNI takes educational approach toward sexual harassment
UNI Century 12:2, p.3
3/1/1984 UNI publishes brochure on inappropriate behavior and the remedies available.
39 VD presentation today
Northern Iowan 80:36, p.18
2/14/1984 Norman Story talks about the program.
40 Story gains voting privilege
Northern Iowan 80:31, p.6
1/27/1984 Norman Story will have faculty voting privilege.
41 News Notes
Northern Iowan 80:7, p.7
9/20/1983 Counseling Center offers services dealing with personal awareness and assertion; single parents; stress management; and biofeedback.
42 Campus Consultation
Story--Norman L. (Counseling Center Staff)
Northern Iowan 79:48, p.13
4/12/1983 Norman Story responds to question about homosexuality and AIDS.
43 "Burn-out" not a disease--being tired, unmotivated normal
Northern Iowan 79:43, p.9
3/25/1983 Counselors talk about stress that may not necessarily lead to depression.
44 Study released on incestuous experiences
Robst--Elizabeth L. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 79:22, p.12
11/19/1982 Marilyn and Norman Story release results of their study.
45 Rape discussed
Northern Iowan 79:16, p.7
10/29/1982 Counseling Center will offer panel discussion.
46 Group deals with eating problems
Finder--Sally (Student--1983)
Northern Iowan 79:14, p.16
10/22/1982 Norman Story talks about support for those with eating disorders.
47 Support group forms
Sundberg--Anne M. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 79:3, p.7
9/3/1982 Group will deal with those who have experienced sexual aggression.
48 Anorexia victim: 'student and full-time diet expert'
Holley--Charles E. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 78:38, p.11
2/26/1982 Norm Story relates story of person with anorexia nervosa; photo.
49 Learn to be more assertive
Northern Iowan 78:33, p.6
2/9/1982 Counseling Center will offer classes in assertiveness and personal awareness.
50 Winterize yourself and your car
Northern Iowan 78:33, p.10
2/9/1982 Larry Routh, Norman Story, and Robert Piper offer tips.


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