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1 How the most pivotal events of 2022 will shape 2023 and beyond
Hill--Drew (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:29, p.03
1/19/2023 Drew Hill writes on events like tensions between Russia and Ukraine, women's rights, and the midterm election and gives his opinions on how they will affect the years to come; photo.
2 Embracing more religious freedom in the US
Hill--Drew (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:16, p.03
10/20/2022 Drew Hill writes an opinion piece about their thoughts on religious freedom and how it is interpreted within the First Amendment. Hill believes that religious rights should be more balanced within the US; photo.
3 A fight for our rights
Klinkhammer--Bailey (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:4, p.03
9/8/2022 Bailey Klinkhammer writes her opinions on the recent event of the Dobbs v. Jackson court case. Klinkhammer argues that it is just the beginning of the 14th Amendments slowly being stripped away unless people take a stand and defend it; photo.
4 In defense of Dobbs v. Jackson
Hill--Drew (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 119:2, p.03
8/29/2022 Drew Hill writes his opinions on the ruling of Dobbs v. Jackson case which overturned the protective abortion rights of Roe v. Wade. He believes that the Supreme Court made the right decision in the controversial debate.
5 Roe v. Wade is under attack (again)
Klinkhammer--Bailey (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 118:55, p.03
5/5/2022 Klinkhammer expresses opinions on the leaked draft of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court case, the attacks on Roe v. Wade and women's abortion rights through history, and what the draft could mean for other marginalized groups and Constitutional rights; photo.
6 Ketanji Brown Jackson and misogynoir
Klinkhammer--Bailey (Student--2021)
Northern Iowan 118:46, p.03
4/4/2022 In the author's opinion, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's Senate hearings on her qualifications for appointment were instead examples of misogynoir - a combination of misogyny and racism specifically directed at Black women; photo.
7 Pay for play, compensate student athletes
Horning--Colin (Class of 2022)
Northern Iowan 117:46, p.03
4/1/2021 In the author's opinion, college student athletes should receive compensation due to their role in generating revenue from their schools. Horning discusses the NCAA's use of name, image, and likeness (NIL) of students and the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Case NCAA vs. Alston.
8 Don't stop fighting, keep pushing
Seybert–Addision (Class of 2020)
Northern Iowan 117:25, p.03
11/12/2020 The author argues the importance of continuing to fight for issues even after Joe Biden's historic presidential win; photo.
9 Political science department talks Supreme Court vacancy
Vadhera--Aashita (Class of 2021)
Northern Iowan 117:15, p.02
10/8/2020 Members of the political science department discuss the vacancy in the Supreme Court; photo.
10 Kavanaugh allegations lead to slippery slopes
Horning--Colin (Class of 2022)
Northern Iowan 115:18, p.03
10/25/2018 In the author's opinions, allegations seem to have risen to the point where they can ruin reputations and careers without evidence. Horning discusses the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford's allegations of sexual assault against him; photo.
11 LTE: Response to "A few questions"
Rawwas--Mohammed (Class of 2021)
Northern Iowan 115:17, p.03
10/22/2018 Mohammad Rawwas, a senior management information systems major, writes a letter to the editor in response to the October 15 article by marketing professor Dennis Clayson, "Letter to the editor: A few questions." Clayson's letter was published in response to Albie Nicol's October 11 article "Assault doesn't need to be recounted to be valid." Rawwas discusses Clayton's questions, which related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, sexual assault, and injustice; photo.
12 Letter to the editor: A few questions
Clayson--Dennis E. (Marketing Faculty)
Northern Iowan 115:15, p.03
10/15/2018 Dennis Clayson, professor in the College of Business, writes a series of questions in response to Albie Nicol's October 11 article regarding Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.
13 Assault doesn't need to be recounted to be valid
Nicol--Albie (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:14, p.03
10/11/2018 The author argues against a culture that disbelieves victims of sexual assault and discusses Brett Kavanaugh's appointment as Supreme Court Justice; photos.
14 The trouble with Kavanaugh
Stekl--Caleb (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 115:13, p.04
10/8/2018 In the author's opinion, Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the United States Supreme Court will be detrimental to the nation. Stekl argues against the USA's current liberal-electoral democracy; photos.
15 LTE: The evidence backs ups Ford's credibility
Rawwas--Mohammed (Class of 2021)
Northern Iowan 115:12, p.03
10/4/2018 Student Mohammed Rawwas writes a letter to the editor in response to the piece "Delay drives Kavanaugh accusation" published in the Northern Iowan on September 27. Rawwas argues that Christine Blasey Ford's claims are credible and asks the previous letter-writer to reconsider their stance and retract the claims about the validity of Ford's claims; photo. Note: A correction in the 10/08/2018 issue of the Northern Iowan states that the author of the piece was incorrectly identified as Mohammed Rawwas, UNI professor of marketing, and the letter was written by Mohammed Rawwas, senior MIS major.
16 Why we must believe women
Ave--Jack (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:12, p.03
10/4/2018 The author argues that individual choices regarding who and what to believe are important, especially in cases where others are expressing pain. Ave argues that a disregard for others' pain, particularly women, has serious consequences; photo.
17 Is Kavanaugh the right choice?
Ave--Jack (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:11, p.03
10/1/2018 The author discusses Christine Blasey Ford's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's alleged sexual assault, concluding that Ave believes her; photo.
18 LTE: Delay drives Kavanaugh accusation
Boyer--Lucas (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:10, p.03
9/27/2018 Lucas Boyer, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, writes a letter to the editor in response to the previous Northern Iowan piece "Kavanaugh hearing must be postponed." Boyer discusses the seriousness of sexual assault as well as importance and timing of the allegations, concluding that Ford's upcoming testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee is vital.
19 Senate must postpone hearing
Ave--Jack (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:8, p.03
9/20/2018 In the author's opinion, the Senate Judiciary Committee should postpone Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote to allow time for investigating sexual assault allegations against him; photo.
20 Kavanaugh's documents crucial to public
Ave--Jack (Student--2018)
Northern Iowan 115:4, p.03
9/6/2018 The author writes about President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and his controversial history regarding previous testimony and involvement in Guantanamo Bay ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing; photo.
21 Tinker talks first amendment
Smith--Monique (Student--2017)
Northern Iowan 114:13, p.02
10/9/2017 Mary Beth Tinker gave a lecture about the importance of free speech and the First Amendment on October 3. Tinker is known for her role in the 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District case, in which the Supreme Court decided in favor of Tinker and students' right to free speech in schools; photo.

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