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Swedberg--Helen M. (Class of 1931)

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1 Dr. and Mrs. John G. Hildebrand, Jr.
Alumnus 37:3, p.16
9/1/1953 The former Helen M. Swedberg and her family live in Belmont, Mass.
2 Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Hildebrand
Alumnus 21:3, p.31
7/1/1937 The former Helen Swedberg and her husband are the parents of Helen Esther, who was born on April 27, 1936.
3 Meet the new alumni officers
Alumnus 20:1, p.8
1/1/1936 Roster of officers and brief biographical sketches.
4 Helen Swedberg
Alumnus 19:4, p.30
10/1/1935 Married Dr. John G. Hildebrand Jr. on June 10, 1935.
5 Society Newsbriefs
College Eye 26:2, p.3
6/15/1934 Information on students, alumni, and faculty.
6 Drama
Old Gold 0:0, p.162
6/1/1934 Description of the drama department and brief description of the six major productions; photos.
7 Former sheriff, speech teachers in alumni cast; tickets for "Children Of The Moon' on sale Monday
College Eye 25:10, p.1
8/10/1933 Preview of the play.
8 Helen Swedberg to play the part of "Jane Atherton"
Public Relations News Release 1932:354, p.1
8/6/1933 Helen Swedberg, class of 1931, is a teacher at Iowa Falls high school, and is going participate in the play "Children of the Moon" which is to be presented August 17 and 18.
9 48 winter term graduates expected
Public Relations News Release 1932:258, p.1
2/17/1933 Commencement exercises for winter term graduates to be held Thursday, March 2, in the college auditorium at 7:30 p.m.
10 Students and faculty members attend Iowa University production
College Eye 23:52, p.1
7/29/1932 Attend production of "Tread the Green Grass".
11 "The Enchanted April"
Old Gold 0:0, p.173
6/1/1932 Names of cast members; photos.
12 Alumni reorganization discussed at dinner
Alumnus 16:1, p.3
1/1/1932 Description of dinner program and summary of speakers' remarks.
13 Approximatley 400 alumni
Public Relations News Release 1931:81, p.1
10/26/1931 Alimni dinner held in Des Moines.
14 "Believe it or Not"; read and learn about the graduates
Old Gold 0:0, p.94
6/1/1931 Humorous look at the graduates' personalities.
15 Campus Leaders
Old Gold 0:0, p.116
6/1/1931 Photos of campus leaders.
16 Graduates
Old Gold 0:0, p.65
6/1/1931 Graduate photos.
17 Inter-Sorority Council
Old Gold 0:0, p.252
6/1/1931 Officers and members of group that promotes friendliness and cooperation among the sororities; photos.
18 Kappa Delta Pi
Old Gold 0:0, p.245
6/1/1931 Officers, honorary members, and members; photos.
19 Kappa Theta Psi
Old Gold 0:0, p.253
6/1/1931 Honorary members, sorores on faculty, sorores in college, and pledges; photo.
20 Sigma Tau Delta
Old Gold 0:0, p.247
6/1/1931 Officers, members, and purpose of the national professional English group; photos.
21 Helen Swedberg, Nora Springs; Lamont Okey, Dayton
Public Relations News Release 1930:441, p.1
5/29/1931 Have leads in the Commencement the play, "Enchanted April."
22 The Iowa State Teachers College commencement play
Public Relations News Release 1930:430, p.1
5/24/1931 Professor Hazel Strayer directs "Enchanted April". Cast and crew listed.
23 "Campus Leaders" at the Iowa State Teachers College
Public Relations News Release 1930:426, p.1
5/23/1931 Twenty students chosen.
24 Helen Swedberg, (pictured above)
Public Relations News Release 1930:423, p.1
5/23/1931 Named one of the "Campus Leaders."
25 Twenty "campus" leaders
Public Relations News Release 1930:416, p.1
5/23/1931 Old Gold will publish roster of campus leaders.
26 Lester Ary, president of the alumni association
Public Relations News Release 1930:407, p.1
5/21/1931 Will speak at Commencement dinner on May 30.
27 Women students who were nominated as candidates
Public Relations News Release 1930:336, p.1
4/14/1931 Queen of May candidates announced.
28 Helen Swedberg gets broken wrist in accident Sunday; will give up leading part in "Redemption"
College Eye 22:23, p.1
3/20/1931 Injured in car accident.
29 "Dr Knock, the man who put a whole town to bed"
Public Relations News Release 1930:251, p.1
2/27/1931 The play "Dr. Knock" will be performed; cast and crew listed.
30 Original acts, sets, and lighting delight Tutor Tickler audience; from Noah's ark to television is range of action
Wheat--Mary Agnes Stroud (Class of 1931)
College Eye 22:19, p.1
2/13/1931 Lengthy description of the show; photo.
31 All college revue goes into final week of rehearsal; new scenery under construction for 1931 Tutor Ticklers
College Eye 22:18, p.1
2/6/1931 Will present six main acts and eight entre acts; photo.
32 Students at the Iowa State Teachers College go to the polls
Public Relations News Release 1930:168, p.1
1/22/1931 Students vote for campus leaders; top vote getters will have photo in Old Gold.
33 Fraternities elect new officers
Alumnus 15:1, p.19
1/1/1931 Roster of fraternity and sorority officers.
34 Motion picture producers with huge casts
Public Relations News Release 1930:71, p.1
11/6/1930 Cast and crew perform "Beggar on Horseback" tonight and tomorrow.
35 Major players in "Beggars" cast are announced
Wood--Stanley G. (Class of 1931; Theater Faculty)
College Eye 22:5, p.1
10/10/1930 Roster of cast members for "Beggars on Horseback".
36 Cradle songsters come back for third presentation
College Eye 21:36, p.1
6/13/1930 Graduates return for third performance of "The Cradle Song".
37 Drama
Old Gold 0:0, p.193
6/1/1930 Description of the drama department and its curricular changes; cast rosters from major productions; photos.
38 Kappa Delta Pi
Old Gold 0:0, p.270
6/1/1930 Officers, honorary members, and members; photos.
39 Kappa Theta Psi
Old Gold 0:0, p.279
6/1/1930 Honorary members, sisters on faculty, sisters in college, and pledges; photos.
40 Playcraft Club
Old Gold 0:0, p.203
6/1/1930 Plays presented and club description; photos.
41 Sigma Tau Delta
Old Gold 0:0, p.273
6/1/1930 Officers, members, and description; photos.
42 Theta Alpha Phi
Old Gold 0:0, p.202
6/1/1930 Faculty members, honorary members, and officers; photos.
43 Ruth Kurtz, of Cedar Falls, and Helen Swedberg
Public Relations News Release 1929:530, p.1
5/29/1930 Kurtz and Swedberg perform in commencement play "The Cradle Song".
44 Star student players of the Iowa State Teachers college will crash
Public Relations News Release 1929:523, p.1
5/25/1930 "The Cradle Song to be commencement play; cat and crew listed.
45 Here are the teachers of the future
College Eye 21:33, p.1
5/23/1930 Seniors shown marching to the ceremony, and portraits of President Latham, Thomas E. Green, Kemper Huber, and a scene from "Cradle Song" frame the photo.
46 Seniors at the Iowa State Teachers college
Public Relations News Release 1929:516, p.1
5/22/1930 Five hundred seniors receive their degrees and diplomas.
47 Members of the "Cradle Song", the commencement play
Public Relations News Release 1929:509, p.1
5/19/1930 Cast and Crew of "Cradle Song" announced.
48 Play cast works on Cradle Song for graduation
College Eye 21:32, p.1
5/16/1930 Roster of cast members.
49 Students of the Iowa State Teachers college Training school.
Public Relations News Release 1929:475, p.1
5/5/1930 ISTC's Traing School puts on the play ":Fanny and the Servant Problem"; Training school students are the cast.
50 Formal spring initiation for twelve students
Public Relations News Release 1929:474, p.1
5/4/1930 Kappa Delta Pi initiates twelve pledges; Phi Omega Phi pledges six students.


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