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1 Hit by a car? No free tuition
Adams--Phillip (Student--2015)
Northern Iowan 112:20, p.1
11/5/2015 Students and faculty are beginning to question the safety of the Hudson Road crosswalk to the Towers dormitory complex; photo.
2 UNI receives Environmental Excellence Award
Koolbeck--Alex Elizabeth (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:60, p.2
7/22/2011 UNI has taken an active role in practicing sustainable stewardship of our primarily urban campus. Controlled drainage of Dry Run Creek, the installation of rain gardens, and the introduction of native plant species are helpful; photo.
3 Flex your rights this weekend
Northern Iowan 106:17, p.10
10/27/2009 Commentary on the "bag search" at the Towers dormitories during Homecoming.
4 Phantom facilities: the four that never made it
Andresen--Kelli (Class of 2004)
Northern Iowan 99:54, p.11
4/29/2003 Four proposed buildings never made it to construction, including an octagonal library, a men's dormitory, a third Tower, and a chapel; photo.
5 Two UNI residence halls stand above the rest
Andresen--Kelli (Class of 2004)
Northern Iowan 99:54, p.11
4/29/2003 History of Towers Complex; photo.
6 Bender, Dancer 'tower' above the rest
Northern Iowan 96:49, p.9
4/7/2000 Survey of some of the changes through which the Towers Complex has gone; photo.
7 Hole on campus causes problems
Northern Iowan 96:45, p.1
3/24/2000 Repair of hole in Shull Hall parking lot postponed.
8 Sidewalks, courts part of latest project
Nielsen--Kris (Student--1988)
Northern Iowan 84:66, p.1
7/22/1988 Sidewalks and sand volleyball courts under construction between Towers and Campbell Hall; renovation of lower level of Gilchrist Hall nearing completion.
9 Towers residents are still safe despite too-short fire ladders
Smith--Michael Joseph (Classes of 1986 and 1990)
Northern Iowan 84:22, p.1
11/10/1987 Cedar Falls Fire Department ladders will reach only to the eighth floor; officials maintain that the buildings are still safe for residents.
10 Towers to host Western Weekend
Northern Iowan 77:52, p.7
5/1/1981 Description of activities; photo.
11 Finger lickin' good!
Public Relations News Release 77:5, p.8
9/16/1980 Mary Able eats chicken at the all-campus picnic near the Towers; photo.
12 Parent wouldn't allow child to live in Towers
Jorgensen--Kathleen (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 76:60, p.2
7/11/1980 Believes the Towers are too dangerous to live in.
13 Untitled
Northern Iowan 75:5, p.7
9/15/1978 Windows in the Towers dorms were open to catch a breeze; photo.
14 Untitled
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.8
2/21/1978 Towers Complex on a snowy night; photo.
15 Are you sure it's down there?
Northern Iowan 74:37, p.1
2/10/1978 Cedar Falls workers are installing sanitary sewers east of the Towers.
16 Towers layering passes in re-vote: Proposal now goes to administration
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:35, p.1
2/3/1978 Dancer Hall students pass the second vote on coed housing in the Towers Complex; vote is 68% positive, with 66.7% required to pass.
17 Re-vote called for
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:34, p.1
1/31/1978 Bender vote is 88% in favor of layering; Dancer is 59% in favor, but two-thirds positive vote was needed.
18 Plan to reorganize Towers to be voted on Thursday
Northern Iowan 74:32, p.7
1/24/1978 Residents will vote on the plan to layer each of the Towers dorms.
19 Proposal to "layer" Towers being considered
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:27, p.1
12/9/1977 Considering plan to have alternate floors of men and women in Towers dorms.
20 Towers has abundance of dining equipment
Crockett--Naneen L. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 74:27, p.9
12/9/1977 The Towers dining center was originally equipped to serve over two thousand students, but now serves only eight hundred, because the proposed third tower was never built.
21 Towers through the trees
Northern Iowan 74:14, p.6
10/18/1977 A quiet view of the Towers Complex just beyond the trees; photo.
22 A country-and-western fan?
Northern Iowan 74:11, p.7
10/7/1977 A fan of Waylon Jennings displays his enthusiasm outside his window on a building in the Towers complex; photo.
23 Untitled
Grevas--Daniel J. (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 73:56, p.20
5/6/1977 A student sits on a windowsill in the Towers.
24 No classes cause party atmosphere
Northern Iowan 73:34, p.4
2/1/1977 Bad weather cancels classes; students have fun; photo.
25 Untitled
Northern Iowan 73:34, p.8
2/1/1977 Students watch an impromptu concert held in the Towers after classes were cancelled.
26 Headstart Santa
Northern Iowan 73:28, p.1
12/14/1976 Santa visits children in the Towers Lounge; photo.
27 Class of '57
Northern Iowan 73:26, p.1
12/7/1976 Students enjoy a dance in the Towers.
28 The swim, anyone?
Northern Iowan 73:26, p.4
12/7/1976 Students enjoy a dance in the Towers.
29 Board of Regents approves new stairs for Towers
Northern Iowan 73:7, p.4
9/24/1976 Board of Regents approves repair funds for UNI and accepts report of faculty resignations.
30 Coed proposal at Towers
Northern Iowan 72:30, p.1
1/20/1976 Proposal is working its way through the bureaucratic process.
31 Parking situation out of hand?
Northern Iowan 72:6, p.2
9/19/1975 Believes re-designation of Towers area lots has benefited no one.
32 Off-campus dancers get priority of parking
Moravec--Jeff (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 71:32, p.2
1/28/1975 Guests at dances seem to be able to park in places supposedly reserved for students holding parking permits.
33 Halloween freaks
Northern Iowan 70:14, p.5
10/30/1973 Towers will hold Halloween party.
34 Memorial Grove established honoring Lawton
Northern Iowan 69:57, p.4
6/22/1973 Grove to honor Milo Lawton will be established west of Towers; approve Cubby Award for outstanding NI staff member.
35 KYTC lives
Dorr--Robert K. (Class of 1974; Broadcast Services Staff)
Northern Iowan 69:21, p.4
12/1/1972 Signal available in Towers now, in Regents soon; weekly schedule.
36 'Playboy' is theme of SUNI party
Northern Iowan 67:49, p.11
4/30/1971 Party at Towers.
37 Library offers Towers reserve book service
Northern Iowan 67:28, p.6
2/5/1971 Additional copies of reserve books will be available.
38 MRA announces open hours
Northern Iowan 66:53, p.4
5/1/1970 Lounges in Regents and Towers will be open until 1 AM.
39 Regents Approve Board and Room Rate Increases at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:281, p.1
1/16/1970 Regents approve a $50 increase in residence hall room and board rates and a new room and board program for UNI in September.
40 Legislative Budget Committee to Visit UNI Next Week
Public Relations News Release 1969:213, p.1
12/4/1969 The committee visits all state-owned institutions each year, and reviews financial information and other budget matters that come to its attention.
41 Regents Approve Physical Plant Projects
Public Relations News Release 1969:183, p.1
11/14/1969 Physical Plant projects; speed limit of 20 mph in College Courts Apartments area.
42 Tower dorms dedicated Sunday
Northern Iowan 66:15, p.5
10/28/1969 Highlights of ceremony on October 26, 1969.
43 UNI Announces Schedule for Program to Dedicate Bender and Dancer Halls
Public Relations News Release 1969:97, p.1
10/22/1969 Dedication program to be held at 2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 26 in the Towers Dining and Recreation Center.
44 Towers at UNI to be Dedicated to Bender, Dancer
Public Relations News Release 1969:84, p.1
10/17/1969 Residence halls named after Dr. Paul F. Bender and David A. Dancer. Background info on both.
45 Dancer Hall shapes up
Northern Iowan 66:10, p.7
10/10/1969 May be open by November 1, or by beginning of second semester.
46 Postpone building of third tower
Northern Iowan 66:3, p.1
9/16/1969 Regents halt dormitory construction for one year; third tower construction and planning halted.
47 Construction again confronts students
Northern Iowan 66:1, p.5
9/9/1969 New steam tunnel will connect new heating plant west of Hudson Road; Bender Hall is done; Dancer Hall should be done by November 1; photo.
48 Cutline
Public Relations News Release 1969:7, p.1
9/9/1969 Paul Cramer gets assistance moving into the new Towers Complex (Bender Hall).
49 Girls, profs move into Baker
Northern Iowan 66:1, p.8
9/9/1969 About two hundred women will live in west wing of Baker Hall until Dancer Hall is completed; some will live in 6-8 person units; faculty offices also in Baker Hall; photo.
50 Ombudsman
Northern Iowan 65:66, p.2
7/25/1969 Questions about proposed third Tower, leaks in Union, and professional sequence.


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