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1 Untold story of WW II surfaces thanks to university professor
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 103:9, p.11
9/26/2006 Jeff Copeland's book "Inman's War" is a narrative of a World War II soldier. The narrative is based on 180 letters written by Inman Perkins and interviews with his family and battalion members.
2 Reconversion is here
Palmquist--Marjorie J. (Student--1929)
Alumnus 30:3, p.16
7/1/1946 Marjorie Palmquist is teaching again after being released from the service.
3 A 4000 mile cheer for dear T. C.
Hackett--Donald G. (Class of 1947)
Alumnus 29:4, p.12
10/1/1945 Donald Hackett is with the occupation force in Germany.
4 Registrars even in fighter command
Goodman--Michael (Class of 1941)
Alumnus 29:4, p.12
10/1/1945 Michael Goodman acts as registrar for service school.
5 This fellow knows what war is
Wick--Roland E. (Class of 1942: Business Education Faculty)
Alumnus 29:4, p.13
10/1/1945 Roland Wick recovering from wounds.
6 Reunion in hospital
Kagan--Leo (Class of 1940)
Alumnus 29:3, p.11
7/1/1945 Leo Kagan meets Walter Johnson in Philippines.
7 The old lady paddles
Levine--Aaron (Class of 1943)
Alumnus 29:3, p.10
7/1/1945 Aaron Levine describes life in New Guinea.
8 Waiting is weary business
Goodman--Michael (Class of 1941)
Alumnus 29:3, p.10
7/1/1945 Michael Goodman recounts navy life in the South Pacific.
9 A gypsy's life
Alumnus 29:2, p.12
4/1/1945 Michael Goodman meets friends in Gilbert Islands.
10 A thorough-bred Iowan
Kagan--Leo (Class of 1940)
Alumnus 29:2, p.11
4/1/1945 Leo Kagan relates experiences in South Pacific.
11 Chats with Filipino teacher
Moar--Glen H. (Class of 1943)
Alumnus 29:2, p.10
4/1/1945 Glen Moar recounts experiences in Philippines.
12 Meets former T. C. roommate
Grobe--Raymond W. (Class of 1941)
Alumnus 29:2, p.10
4/1/1945 Raymond Grobe does clerical work in the South; met Harold Sides there.
13 Shows southerns real snow scene
Alumnus 29:2, p.11
4/1/1945 Zaida Swan has been in WAVES for two years.
14 Sing loyalty song in Philippines
Ferguson--Max B. (Class of 1939)
Alumnus 29:2, p.10
4/1/1945 Max Ferguson sings loyalty song with Robert Todd.
15 Alumnus brings news of neighbors
Hermann--Edgar Warren (Class of 1948)
Alumnus 29:1, p.14
1/1/1945 Edgar Hermann enjoys Alumnus pictures.
16 Capt. Finn gets around
Finn--Clair V. (Student--1938-1940)
Alumnus 29:1, p.15
1/1/1945 Clair V. Finn appreciates Alumnus; has been all over the Pacific.
17 Chats with English-speaking peasant
Shirk--Clifford (Student--1936)
Alumnus 29:1, p.14
1/1/1945 Clifford Shirk is in Luxembourg.
18 Hunting season (for Japs) is on
Fowler--Ward (Student--1939-1941)
Alumnus 29:1, p.14
1/1/1945 Ward Fowler accompanied buddy on PT mission.
19 It's a small world
Alumnus 29:1, p.15
1/1/1945 Gifford C. Loomer met other ISTC alumni in training; now in Pacific.
20 Looks forward to Homecoming
Riebe--Harland A. (Class of 1941)
Alumnus 29:1, p.15
1/1/1945 Harland Riebe is in the Atlantic.
21 Meets old friends
Schuller--Bernard (Student--1941-1943)
Alumnus 29:1, p.15
1/1/1945 Bernard Schuller studying advanced navigation.
22 Memories of library return
Richardson--Byron (Class of 1938)
Alumnus 29:1, p.15
1/1/1945 Byron Richardson is interested to learn that the college has radio service.
23 Service men ask for T. C. pin-ups
College Eye 36:9, p.2
11/3/1944 Asks students to submit photos and become a "pin-up girl" for the unit.
24 Wartime mail of coed brings novelty items
College Eye 36:6, p.3
10/13/1944 Women tell what they receive from overseas.
25 Air strips, goal lines--same as gridders
Hackler--Russell M. (Class of 1932)
Alumnus 28:4, p.12
10/1/1944 R. M. Hackler recalls good old days on campus.
26 Bookkeeping in Naziland
Alumnus 28:4, p.11
10/1/1944 Sister says that brother Ed Volberding is teaching bookkeeping classes in German POW camp.
27 Can hear rattle of dishes
Goslin--Donald G. (Class of 1949)
Alumnus 28:4, p.11
10/1/1944 Donald Goslin misses ISTC campus and its activities.
28 Have a piece of shrapnel?
Alumnus 28:4, p.12
10/1/1944 R. J. Cutshall commands PT boat.
29 He's done a great job
Bovee--Eugene Cleveland (Class of 1939; Science Faculty)
Alumnus 28:4, p.13
10/1/1944 Gene Bovee commends soldiers serving in France.
30 History real for lady lieutenant
Clyde--Gelia Clemens (Class of 1932)
Alumnus 28:4, p.12
10/1/1944 Gelia Clemens Clyde has visited many interesting sites in North Africa and Italy.
31 Like a letter from home
Podesta--Aldo C. (Class of 1940)
Alumnus 28:4, p.12
10/1/1944 Aldo Podesta appreciates news; now recuperating from injury in Canada.
32 Postcard from Germany
Jensen--James C. (Classes of 1941 and 1950)
Alumnus 28:4, p.12
10/1/1944 James C. Jensen recounts experiences as POW.
33 Reunion in Saipan
Ritze--Frederick H. (Class of 1942)
Alumnus 28:4, p.11
10/1/1944 Fred Ritze met friends during operation on Saipan.
34 Shares Alumnus with cousin
Bebb--Randall R. (Education Faculty)
Alumnus 28:4, p.22
10/1/1944 Randall Bebb serves in Signal Corps.
35 Camp Sibert, Ala.
Alumnus 28:3, p.7
7/1/1944 Melvin Case talks about training.
36 Dike, Iowa
Alumnus 28:3, p.7
7/1/1944 Parents write about son, Edward F. Volberding, who is in a POW camp.
37 MacDill Field, Fla.
Blaine--R. H.
Alumnus 28:3, p.6
7/1/1944 Staff Sergeant R. H. Blaine fondly recalls ISTC.
38 Oceanside, Calif.
Gerdes--Glenn R. (Class of 1943)
Alumnus 28:3, p.7
7/1/1944 Glenn Gerdes is training in the Tractor Battalion.
39 Soldier feasts on music
Moritz--Ralph Gordon (Class of 1938)
Alumnus 28:3, p.7
7/1/1944 Ralph Moritz recounts many cultural opportunities he has had while in the service in England and Africa.
40 Somewhere in China
Lee--John W. (Student--1937-1938)
Alumnus 28:3, p.5
7/1/1944 John W. Lee tells of his experiences in China; has met Chiang Kai-shek.
41 Southwest Pacific
Argotsinger--Victor Eugene (Class of 1946)
Alumnus 28:3, p.6
7/1/1944 Victor Argotsinger is clerk in South Pacific.
42 Alumnus in mad pursuit
Bacon--Noel R.
Alumnus 28:2, p.5
4/1/1944 Noel Bacon now in Florida; had served with Flying Tigers in China.
43 Cheerleaders have reunion
Henry--Donald R. (Class of 1947)
Alumnus 28:2, p.6
4/1/1944 Don Henry meets friend in San Francisco.
44 Christmas with the Eskimos
Michaelson--Beryl Frances (Class of 1942)
Alumnus 28:2, p.6
4/1/1944 Beryl Michaelson recounts experiences in the North.
45 It's a small world
Alumnus 28:2, p.6
4/1/1944 Recounts meeting with alumnus in Casablanca.
46 Runs into many alumni
Kagan--Leo (Class of 1940)
Alumnus 28:2, p.5
4/1/1944 Leo Kagan recounts many meetings with alumni in his stations of service.
47 She teaches Mexicans
Allbaugh--Mary Tripp
Alumnus 28:2, p.5
4/1/1944 Mary Tripp Allbaugh teaches while husband in service; sees Noel Bacon.
48 He's with the infantry
Ullrich--John P. (Class of 1941)
Alumnus 28:1, p.5
1/1/1944 John Ullrich describes training in Louisiana.
49 Is in "chairborne command"
Bovee--Eugene Cleveland (Class of 1939; Science Faculty)
Alumnus 28:1, p.5
1/1/1944 Eugene C. Bovee describes duties as mail censor in England.
50 South Seas are no longer romantic
Krulish--Robert C. (Class of 1940)
Alumnus 28:1, p.5
1/1/1944 Robert C. Krulish describes Pacific scenes.


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