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1 What the buck?
Fisher--Nicholas Allen (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:27, p.02
12/10/2015 A counterfeit one-dollar bill was discovered by a student employee during a money drop-off from Maucker Union.
2 Beware of telephone scam
Fisher--Nicholas Allen (Student--2014)
Northern Iowan 112:15, p.2
10/19/2015 Several UNI students have been receiving calls from telephone scammers posing as the IRS or FBI.
3 Bike thefts on the upswing
Ruggles--Jacinda Rose (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:55, p.1
5/1/2014 Warm weather brings out bicyclers on campus. There have been many reports of bike thefts recently. Public safety recommends registering bikes and keeping track of their serial numbers; photo.
4 Graffiti smears campus after Halloween
Ta--Linh Mai (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 110:21, p.1
11/8/2013 Several graffiti reports were filed with police after Halloween. The Honors Cottage, Center for Multicultural Education, and a house off Seerley Boulevard are some of the locations vandalized. Police are looking for the culprit; photo.
5 Report shows UNI has fewer crimes than ISU and U of I
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:8, p.1
9/24/2013 The University of Northern Iowa's campus is safer than both Iowa State University's and the University of Iowa's. Under the Cleary Act, the university must disclose all campus crime reports to the Iowa Department of Education each year.
6 'Clusterflunk' comes to UNI
Lynch--Elizabeth Ann (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 109:48, p.6
4/12/2013 Clusterflunk, a website aimed at improving college success, is coming to UNI. The idea for Clusterflunk came from two former UNI students, AJ Nelson and Joe Dallago. Clusterflunk is social media for the classroom; photo.
7 Haire named chief of UNI police and director of Public Safety
Grimes--Cody Martin (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 109:1, p.1
8/24/2012 Helen Haire, from Louisiana State University, has been named to replace Dave Zarifis.
8 Scam alert--UNI name used in apparent check scam
Public Relations News Release 2012:19, p.1
8/7/2012 Milissa Wright warns not to cash the check, enclosed in an envelop with a UNI return address.
9 Haire named UNI chief of police and director of public safety
Public Relations News Release 2012:10, p.1
7/24/2012 Helen Haire from Louisiana State University has been named to replace Dave Zarifis as director.
10 Zarifis retiring after 40 years at UNI
Findley--Blake Thurston (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 108:53, p.1
4/24/2012 Director of Public Safety David Zarifis has seen many changes in his job description. He is looking forward to new challenges and "doing what his wife says" in retirement; photo.
11 NISG kicks off Alcohol Awareness Week
Firman--Tehrene Victoria (Student--2010)
Northern Iowan 107:40, p.4
3/1/2011 Activities and speakers will share the dangers of alcohol with students, staff, and faculty during the coming week. Memory loss, injury, unwanted sexual activity, drunk driving, criminal mischief, or public intoxication can result.
12 UNI offers tips to keep students safe on spring break.
Public Relations News Release 2010:230, p.1
2/28/2011 Department of Public Safety advises traveling students to notify a family member, check fluid levels and tire pressures, and prepare an emergency kit with water, blankets and food.
13 Law fails to extinguish smoking on campus
Davidson--Nicole Jean (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:58, p.1
7/10/2009 Law against smoking has made a significant change in smoking habits, but violations continue to occur. Fifty-one complaints have been made since January 1, 2009; photo.
14 Students believe enforcement of smoking ban presents challenge
Ruter--Lindsay N. (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 105:46, p.1
4/3/2009 Milissa Wright, associate director of Public Safety, states that the current smoking ban has had good rate of compliance. Students tend to disagree; stating that many smokers merely go to parking lots or dark corners to "light up"; photo.
15 Debate over lowering the drinking age
Jeffries--Leah Kay (Student--2008)
Northern Iowan 105:23, p.1
11/18/2008 American Democracy Project presents panel on advisability of lowering drinking age; photo.
16 Police search for costumed man Wednesday
Northern Iowan 105:18, p.1
10/31/2008 A Halloween party in Maucker Union resulted in a call to Public Safety regarding an person dressed in camouflage and appearing to have a weapon. Police paid special attention to the area, but it was thought that the weapon was plastic.
17 Fire burns married student apartments
Dahlke--Lisa Renae (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 105:15, p.1
10/21/2008 Extensive damage was done to the kitchen area of an apartment at Hillside Courts. A pan left on the stove is the reported cause. Damage was reported to other apartments; photo.
18 Media tour, photo opportunity of renovated Gilchrist Hall set for 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 15
Public Relations News Release 2007:754, p.1
7/9/2008 Terrence Hogan, vice president for student affairs, will lead a tour of Gilchrist Hall for members of the media. Interviews will follow.
19 Protect yourself from assault
Lee--Yi-Hsuan (Student--2006)
Northern Iowan 104:21, p.1
11/6/2007 Students urged to be aware of their surroundings, in light of recent thefts and assaults on campus; photo.
20 Sentence handed down for arsonists
Calcara--Sally A. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:16, p.4
10/19/2007 Aaron Lessmeier and Tanner Wilkens were sentenced to thirty years in prison and ordered to repay $2 million following their convictions of setting fire to Gilchrist Hall and other buildings in 2005.
21 Homecoming plan focuses on safety
Forgie--Laura M. (Student--2007)
Northern Iowan 104:13, p.1
10/9/2007 Campus programs include information on alcohol use violations, alternative transportation, and safe tailgating; photo.
22 UNI's homecoming plan focuses on safety
Public Relations News Release 2007:205, p.1
10/5/2007 Students and administrators are teaming up to encourage safe choices during Homecoming.
23 Defeated gun control amendment stirs up debate
Cook--Lindsey K. (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 103:55, p.1
4/27/2007 Amendment to arm campus public safety officers defeated; photo.
24 2007 Cedar Falls RAGBRAI planning committee named
Public Relations News Release 2006:0, p.1
4/6/2007 More than 30 community members have been named to lead committees involved with hosting RAGBRAI; list of members.
25 Assaults in campus parking lots
Kelly--Ned (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 102:55, p.1
4/28/2006 Police have suspects in the two assaults that occurred in the past two days.
26 Ticketing on campus supports parking dept. budget; citations, permits, meter fees exceed $1 million
Ryan--Crystal L. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 102:33, p.1
1/31/2006 Funds are used for maintenance and to pay salaries in the parking department; photo.
27 Winter weather impacts driving decisions; UNI Public Safety has tips to stay safe.
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.1
11/21/2005 Tips about staying safe during holiday driving.
28 Student newspaper could stand improvement
Sims--Guy A. (Maucker Union Staff)
Northern Iowan 102:19, p.6
11/1/2005 Guy Sims publicly thanks Officer Milissa Wright and the Public Safety staff for their professional performance during the recent Homecoming fires.
29 Bootlegging not tolerated, police warn
Cue--Meleah (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:14, p.1
10/14/2005 People selling alcohol illegally will be major targets for police this weekend.
30 60 cars victims of vandalism; UNI Police ask for 'any information'
Steffen--Amie R. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 102:10, p.1
9/30/2005 Cars windows were vandalized with derogatory graffiti; photo.
31 Maintaining healthy mental health; students dealing with changing lifestyles, stress have safe place to turn
Kalvig--Lindsay (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:42, p.1
3/4/2005 There are many locations on campus that provide mental health help to students; photo.
32 Building rental, performers' requests drive ticket prices
Northern Iowan 101:38, p.1
2/18/2005 Additional expense for concerts includes the hiring of extra security at a rate of one and a half officers per every one thousand attendees.
33 Low crime rate on campus attributed to "nice community"
Kelly--Ned (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:22, p.1
11/12/2004 Clery Act Reports of Crime on Campus shows an insignificant increase in UNI's very low crime rate; photo.
34 Freedom of speech allowed on the UNI campus?
Hileman--Angela (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:5, p.10
9/14/2004 Speaks out against Union employee trying to usher non-disruptive protesters out of the Union common area during the address being given by President Bush's daughters.
35 UNI Police lieutenant: responsible behavior is key to a safe spring break
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.1
3/8/2004 Milissa Wright gives tips for having a safe spring break.
36 Drivers adapt slowly to snow
McKenzie--JoLynn (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 100:37, p.1
2/17/2004 UNI Public Safety and Cedar Falls Police have not seen a large increase in the number of accidents due to the winter weather.
37 Glee Club performance evacuation sparks curiosity
Andresen--Kelli (Class of 2004)
Northern Iowan 100:28, p.1
12/12/2003 Audience had to exit GBPAC because of a pulled fire alarm during Saturday's performance; photo.
38 UNI Police win violence prevention award
Hamblin--Ashley (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 100:17, p.1
10/28/2003 International Association of Chiefs of Police gave award for the department's work in preventing gender-based violence.
39 Seatbelt Safety Week
Public Relations News Release 2002:536, p.1
5/19/2003 Reasons why people should buckle their safety belt will be discussed.
40 On the scene after 9/11
Public Relations News Release 2002:64, p.1
9/5/2002 Milissa Wright claims that being on Ground Zero this past March had a dramatic effect on her.
41 UNI celebrates diversity with week of events
Public Relations News Release 2002:55, p.1
8/30/2002 Diversity Week will include many events, such as an Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Dance, speakers, forums, and other activities that are aimed at increasing cultural awareness.
42 Dealing with a "defining moment"
Northern Iowa Today 86:2, p.8
7/1/2002 Faculty and staff reflect on the effects of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; GBPAC planning remembrance concert; photo.
43 Public safety officer travels to ground zero as a volunteer
Szeszycki--Emily (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 98:57, p.1
6/21/2002 Milissa Wright worked with police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers in New York City during the last week of March.
44 Still in shock
Public Relations News Release 2001:435, p.1
4/15/2002 Milissa Wright will share her experiences in New York, helping police officers cope with symptoms of stress and shock.
45 UNI officer returns from Ground Zero
Public Relations News Release 2001:429, p.1
4/9/2002 Milissa Wright has returned from New York City, where she spoke to police officers to help them handle stress and shock-related symptoms from the September 11 attacks.
46 A day in the life of a Public Safety office . . . you just never know what to expect
Walk--Christian P. (Student--1998-2002)
Northern Iowan 98:39, p.13
2/26/2002 Andrea Jennings describes some of her experiences as a Public Safety officer; photo.
47 Driving in a winter wonderland
Public Relations News Release 2001:231, p.1
12/10/2001 Milissa Wright will share tips for driving in the winter.
48 Drunk Driving Month
Bingaman--Sarah Marie (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:28, p.5
12/11/1998 Activities are scheduled on campus for National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month in December.
49 . . .Okay, so maybe it's not such a 'safe place' after all
Murken--Heather R. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 95:27, p.1
12/8/1998 Although student was assaulted October 30, most students are not concerned with their safety on campus.
50 Profile: Milissa Wright
Campus News Network 5:4, p.3
10/17/1994 Profile of Public Safety lieutenant Milissa Wright.


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