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1 28th annual recognition breakfast May 3 to honor 41 long-term UNI employees
Public Relations News Release 1986:392, p.1
4/24/1986 The breakfast will honor employees who have worked at UNI for at least ten years; Windham and Matheson will provide the entertainment; list of those being honored.
2 Students say University policies unfair
Wheeler--Elizabeth A. (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 81:34, p.1
2/12/1985 Students who break a housing contract to move into a Greek society are charged less than a student who moves out to an apartment; Bill Burke believes this is unfair.
3 Who is to blame for problem areas?
Northern Iowan 76:51, p.8
4/22/1980 The Residence Hall Association Dining Service Committee and dining service's John Zahari disagree on who¿s responsible for the poor quality food served in the dining centers.
4 Food fight costs $365
McKinlay--Michael John (Classes of 1986 and 1990;
Northern Iowan 76:18, p.6
11/9/1979 The recent food fight at Redeker cost an estimated $365 in damage, including cleaning and fix up costs.
5 Food fight breaks out in Redeker
Northern Iowan 76:16, p.1
11/2/1979 Two food fights recently broke out at the Redeker Center; photo.
6 Dining services moved
Northern Iowan 76:2, p.7
9/7/1979 Director of Dining Services office is moved to the Redeker Lounge.
7 Senior citizens to use Towers; programs, entertainment to be offered
Northern Iowan 75:12, p.7
10/10/1978 Considering site for senior center.
8 No smoking area popular: Commons cafeteria
Northern Iowan 74:40, p.1
2/21/1978 Students ask for and get a non-smoking area in the Commons.
9 Fired Food Service employee files grievance
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:29, p.1
1/13/1978 Student employee fired because he would not buy a board contract.
10 Towers has abundance of dining equipment
Crockett--Naneen L. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 74:27, p.9
12/9/1977 The Towers dining center was originally equipped to serve over two thousand students, but now serves only eight hundred, because the proposed third tower was never built.
11 Alumni Service Awards; in service to UNI
Alumnus 62:4, p.6
12/1/1977 List of those honored; photo.
12 Food fights gone on UNI campus?
Northern Iowan 74:19, p.4
11/4/1977 John Zahari discusses food fights from previous years and the measures that Food Service has taken; only one small incident this year.
13 Dividers evoke complaints; designed to dispel "mess hall atmosphere"
Northern Iowan 74:2, p.3
9/2/1977 The newly erected dividers in Redeker Dining Center are creating a stir among the students would who like to meet people, or eat with their friends.
14 Coffee boycott at noon meals
Northern Iowan 73:33, p.1
1/28/1977 Protesting high cost of coffee.
15 Dining Services aim to please 4,200
UNI Century 4:3, p.7
6/1/1976 Food Services Committee attempts to improve food and services; photo.
16 Zahari clears up inaccuracy
Zahari--John S. (Food Service Staff)
Northern Iowan 72:34, p.2
2/3/1976 John Zahari sets the record straight on misconceptions about dining center financing.
17 Zahari explains policies; speaks at Towers
Northern Iowan 72:33, p.6
1/30/1976 Mr. Zahari attempts to explain the financial aspects of Food Service.
18 Everyone welcome
Northern Iowan 72:32, p.8
1/27/1976 Mr. Zahari will talk and answer questions about Food Service.
19 Steak, brownies featured in the Halloween food fight; annual food war hits dining centers
Le Beau--Carol
Northern Iowan 72:19, p.1
11/4/1975 Anticipated food fights do erupt; major clean-up ensues; photo.
20 Fire Zahari and hire Hardee's?
Smiley--L. Travis (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 71:39, p.3
2/21/1975 Trying to sort out food service in Union.
21 Union considers Hardee's
Le Beau--Carol
Northern Iowan 71:38, p.1
2/18/1975 Considering turning over food operations to a fast food franchise.
22 Food ecology hits dining centers
Le Beau--Carol
Northern Iowan 71:36, p.1
2/11/1975 New program aims to cut down on food waste; photo.
23 Union food service fund discussed
Larson--E. Anne (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 71:36, p.5
2/11/1975 Students discuss issue of subsidization of Union food service from dormitory funds.
24 RHA
Northern Iowan 71:35, p.12
2/7/1975 Special meeting on using food service funds to support the Union food service.
25 Union food prices increased
Northern Iowan 71:23, p.5
11/19/1974 Will increase slightly to cover increased costs.
26 Food fights detrimental to negotiation of power
Hines--Donald Bruce
Northern Iowan 71:20, p.2
11/8/1974 Believes food fights are potentially dangerous; also undermine position in negotiations with administration.
27 Food, housing complaints heard
Larson--E. Anne (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 71:14, p.1
10/18/1974 John Zahari and Wayne Morris field questions about food quality and kegs in the dorms; photo.
28 A fly in your soup is worth two in your glop
Staebell--Robert Francis (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 71:12, p.3
10/11/1974 A satiric note on the food value of flies found in dorm food.
29 Cooks clean
Zahari--John S. (Food Service Staff)
Northern Iowan 70:59, p.2
7/12/1974 John Zahari claims that he was misquoted with regard to any implication that food service employees steal equipment.
30 Thieves dwindle food supplies
Northern Iowan 70:58, p.1
6/28/1974 John Zahari talks about losses due to theft of Food Service equipment and food.
31 Food service caught in bind; holy mashed potatoes!
Northern Iowan 70:2, p.3
9/18/1973 Higher food prices will likely lead to higher fees for students; photo.
32 Don't close the food service
Northern Iowan 68:52, p.2
5/5/1972 Does not like plan to close some food lines on weekends.
33 From soup to nuts: the UNI Dining Centers
Jensen--Paul W.
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.75
1/1/1972 Lengthy look at history of food service and present facilities; photo.
34 Piano is greatly appreciated by the men of Bender
Northern Iowan 68:23, p.3
35 Make your feelings known about the food service
Fuller--Gregg S.
Northern Iowan 68:21, p.2
12/3/1971 May conduct survey to modify meal options.
36 Food Service Committee member discusses new rules for student diners
Fuller--Gregg S.
Northern Iowan 68:15, p.3
11/5/1971 Explains that dining centers have been losing a great deal of silverware and dishes.
37 New rules limit dorm dweller's freedom
Northern Iowan 68:14, p.1
11/2/1971 Only fruit can be taken from dining centers.
38 Student committee seeks to improve dorm food
Northern Iowan 67:53, p.4
5/14/1971 Pop machines added; menu and service changes considered.
39 New breakfast plan explained
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.3
9/18/1970 Dorm residents may choose not to include breakfast in their meal plans.
40 Students leaving dorms to seek privacy, quiet off-campus
Northern Iowan 66:47, p.9
4/10/1970 Students outline their reasons for living in dorms or off-campus.
41 Understanding needed to resolve food service gripes
Northern Iowan 66:47, p.6
4/10/1970 Looks at costs and meal plans.
42 Regents must approve changes in meal tickets
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 65:25, p.6
12/6/1968 Mr. Zahari talks about the cost of meals.
43 'Right action promptly;' RAP speaks out
Northern Iowan 64:38, p.2
3/5/1968 Talks about what the group has already done; photo.
44 66% of Physical Plant workers strike; wage, representation, parking
Northern Iowan 64:35, p.1
2/23/1968 Workers want wage increase; photo.
45 Students being 'taken in'
Northern Iowan 64:28, p.2
1/12/1968 Believes students are being overcharged by food service.
46 Blown-out switch cuts off electrical supply to campus
College Eye 63:24, p.1
12/13/1966 Affects north side of campus for several hours.
47 Well done
College Eye 63:3, p.2
9/23/1966 Thanks John Zahari and the rest of the dining center staff for deciding to keep the dining center line open fifteen minutes longer.
48 New SCI dining director is appointed
College Eye 63:1, p.3
9/16/1966 John S. Zahari is the new SCI dining director.
49 John Zahari director of food service
College Eye 60:62, p.3

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