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51 From soup to nuts: the UNI Dining Centers
Jensen--Paul W.
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.75
1/1/1972 Lengthy look at history of food service and present facilities; photo.
52 Homecoming: R. I. P.
Taylor--George (Class of 1926)
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.66
1/1/1972 A quick look at Homecoming activities; photo.
53 How to sell a cold piece of ice
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.111
1/1/1972 A humorous look at ISPIRG.
54 In verse
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.100
1/1/1972 Poems.
55 Married Student Housing or the great trek
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.70
1/1/1972 A look at the newly-constructed Hillside Courts units; only one road, from South Main, leads to the area; notes potential for fire; photo.
56 Nudity on the UNI campus
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.83
1/1/1972 Dutch elm disease forces removal of 126 trees this year and 120 trees last year; campus looks different; photo.
57 Romeo and Juliet: "the fearful passage of their death-mark'd love"
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.54
1/1/1972 Extended review of UNI's production of Romeo and Juliet; photo.
58 Second in NCCF96
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.97
1/1/1972 Game-by-game look at the second half of the season; photo.
59 The Association: second time around
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.52
1/1/1972 Review of the performance by the musical group; photo.
60 The road taken
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.61
1/1/1972 A look at why students chose to attend UNI and why faculty chose to work at UNI.
61 UNI Supreme Court
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.108
1/1/1972 Set up to hear appeals from AWS Judicial Council, Interhall Court of Appeals, and MRH Court.
62 We reserve the right to limit . . . .
Jensen--Paul W.
UNI Quarterly 3:2, p.88
1/1/1972 Scenes at registration; photo.
63 A blade of grass
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.17
10/1/1971 Poem.
64 A building process: UNI Education Center
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.24
10/1/1971 Lengthy description of the facilities in the building now under construction; photo.
65 As I see it
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.2
10/1/1971 UNI Quarterly will have just three issues in volume 3; a quick look at the work ahead; photo.
66 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.38
10/1/1971 Collection of short articles about recent campus events and activities; photo.
67 Chase--right on!
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.4
10/1/1971 Phi Mu Alpha presents Chase; photo.
68 In verse
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.22
10/1/1971 Poems.
69 Parasitology Lab: "I had to explain that scientific names were supposed to be underlined!
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.13
10/1/1971 Lengthy profile of Nixon Wilson; description of his work and his laboratory; photo.
70 Parking: a persistent problem
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.10
10/1/1971 A look at the organization and purpose of campus parking regulations; photo.
71 Price Lab--asset or liability to UNI's future teachers?
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.6
10/1/1971 A lengthy look at the purposes of PLS and whether or not it is fulfilling its purposes; photo.
72 The walls are paper thin
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.18
10/1/1971 Students talk about living in the dorms; they talk about what they like and dislike; photo.
73 UNI Marching Band 1971
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.33
10/1/1971 A blank page symbolizing the lack of a band in this year.
74 UNI Placement Bureau
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.30
10/1/1971 A look at the services of this office in the face of an over-supply of teachers; photo.
75 UNI--the underdog
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.34
10/1/1971 Detailed game-by-game look at the season so far; photo.
76 Ahmad
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.22
7/1/1971 Eqbal Ahmad, one of the Harrisburg 6, speaks on campus.
77 Baseball: a hitting season
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.31
7/1/1971 1971 season wrap-up; photo.
78 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.5
7/1/1971 Collection of brief articles on recent events and activities on campus; photo.
79 Do yourself a favor, step into your mind . . . .
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.47
7/1/1971 A description of yoga; photo.
80 Editor's note
Van Dyke--Norma
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.2
7/1/1971 Norma Van Dyke says good-bye and moves on to further education.
81 Holt
Van Dyke--Norma
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.26
7/1/1971 Excerpts from speech by John Holt; photo.
82 Luce
Van Dyke--Norma
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.21
7/1/1971 Excerpts from address by Philip Abbot Luce; photo.
83 Marat/Sade
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.38
7/1/1971 Review of the play; photo.
84 McCready wins NCAA title
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.30
7/1/1971 Profile of Mike McCready, who won a shot put title; photo.
85 Netmen perform triumphantly
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.34
7/1/1971 1971 season wrap-up; photo.
86 Spirit of SUNI: the spirit of fun
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.12
7/1/1971 A look at SUNI activities; photo.
87 Spock
Bexell--Dennis (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.24
7/1/1971 Excerpts from speech by Benjamin Spock; photo.
88 Sunburn excursion
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.42
7/1/1971 Description of Beta Beta Beta spring trip to the South; photo.
89 SUNI Week brings Pat Paulsen
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.16
7/1/1971 Account of appearance of Pat Paulsen on campus; photo.
90 That last rush
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.18
7/1/1971 A confrontation between police and demonstrators.
91 The name of the game is track
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.28
7/1/1971 Season wrap-up; photo.
92 UNI golfers
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.36
7/1/1971 1971 season wrap-up; photo.
93 Whatever happened to Indian Joe?
Bexell--Dennis (Student--1971)
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.8
7/1/1971 An account of a visit by Mohawk Indians to the campus; photo.
94 Write on
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.3
7/1/1971 Thoughts on education.
95 Write on
Russell--Wayne A.
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.3
7/1/1971 Would like a problem and advice section in the Quarterly.
96 Write on
UNI Quarterly 2:4, p.3
7/1/1971 A look back on his first year at UNI.
97 Alpha Beta Alpha
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.15
4/1/1971 Group photo.
98 Alpha Chi Omega
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.28
4/1/1971 Group photo.
99 Alpha Gamma Delta
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.24
4/1/1971 Quick look at this year's activities; photo.
100 Alpha Sigma Tau
UNI Quarterly 2:3, p.25
4/1/1971 Quick look at this year's activities; photo.


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