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101 UNI gets an evaluation
Northern Iowan 77:51, p.4
4/28/1981 NCA team will visit campus.
102 North central association team to visit UNI
Public Relations News Release 1980:534, p.1
4/23/1981 UNI will be evaluated by the North Central Association in order to keep UNI's accreditation.
103 UNI industrial tech students find jobs, high starting salaries
Public Relations News Release 1980:491, p.1
4/9/1981 UNI industrial technology and industry graduates from 1978, 1979, and 1980 show an employment rate of 97 percent with average salary being $1,500 to $1,800 a month.
104 An honest, fair look at UNI coming up in May
UNI Century 9:2, p.3
3/1/1981 North Central Association team will visit.
105 Applause for School of Music
UNI Century 9:2, p.3
3/1/1981 National Association of Schools of Music re-accredits UNI through 1990.
106 School of Music still has 'good standing'
Northern Iowan 77:27, p.13
1/23/1981 Continued accreditation will last through 1990.
107 Business school divides
Northern Iowan 77:21, p.1
11/18/1980 Interinstitutional Committee will consider division of School of Business; would help to meet accreditation standards.
108 NCA evaluation--UNI's report card
Boatright--Kevin (Public Relations Staff)
Alumnus 65:3, p.20
9/1/1980 Description of upcoming North Central process;
109 Ten years toward diversity
Alumnus 65:3, p.3
9/1/1980 President Kamerick offers views of the first ten years of his presidency; photo.
110 Art department one of few to get national accreditation
UNI Century 8:3, p.3
6/1/1980 National Association of Schools of Art accredits UNI for five years.
111 Recognition given to art department
Northern Iowan 76:55, p.1
5/6/1980 The Department of Art has been accredited with a Division I standing from the National Association of Art Commission on Accreditation.
112 School of Business success story
Alumnus 65:1, p.14
2/1/1980 School attains collegiate status; Professor Waller, the new director, talks about the difficulties faced by the program, the curriculum, accreditation, and the success of its students; photo.
113 School of Business recruits faculty; seek accreditation
Northern Iowan 76:16, p.1
11/2/1979 Robert Waller believes that when the proportion of students and faculty becomes compatible, accreditation will follow; photo.
114 UNISA considers bill proposing a self-examination
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 75:39, p.1
2/27/1979 O. J. King proposes bill which could result in the dissolution of UNISA.
115 Social work reaccredited
Northern Iowan 75:33, p.12
2/6/1979 Accreditation extended through November 1983.
116 NCA approves doctorate
Alumnus 63:3, p.7
9/1/1978 Visitation committee makes favorable report; NCA will accredit DIT.
117 Clarification on music school
Ross--Ronald D. (Music Faculty)
Northern Iowan 74:9, p.2
9/30/1977 Professor Ross states that music has been accredited at UNI since 1942, but two additional programs were recently accredited; the change to the School of Music was not linked to accreditation.
118 Regents approve school
Northern Iowan 74:6, p.7
9/20/1977 School of Music is accredited by NASM.
119 Museum receives accreditation
UNI Century 5:2, p.2
3/1/1977 American Association of Museums accredits UNI Museum.
120 UNI home economics granted full accreditation
UNI Century 5:1, p.1
1/1/1977 Professional council announces decision.
121 Home Economics accredited
Northern Iowan 73:23, p.5
11/19/1976 Department of Home Economics has been granted full accreditation by the American Home Economics Association.
122 Museum accredited
Northern Iowan 73:1, p.7
8/31/1976 American Association of Museums awards accreditation.
123 Program accredited
Northern Iowan 71:62, p.1
7/25/1975 Baccalaureate program in social work accredited from July 1, 1975 through November 1978.
124 Education program renewed
Northern Iowan 71:21, p.4
11/12/1974 NCATE accreditation renewed for ten years.
125 UNI's great business bonanza
Lounsberry--Barbara Severin (Classes of 1969 and 1971; English Faculty)
Alumnus 58:1, p.4
2/1/1973 Enrollment increases rapidly in Department of Business; professors describe phenomenal growth; photo.
126 Two more areas are accredited
Alumnus 57:3, p.20
9/1/1972 Chemistry and speech pathology accredited.
127 Speech path receives accreditation
Northern Iowan 68:57, p.3
6/23/1972 Department of Chemistry also accredited.
128 Behind the scenes
UNI Quarterly 3:1, p.38
10/1/1971 Collection of short articles about recent campus events and activities; photo.
129 UNI receives 'highest level of accreditation'
Northern Iowan 68:3, p.1
9/24/1971 NCA accredits UNI for ten years.
130 UNI Re-Accredited by Its Regional Accreditor
Public Relations News Release 1972:25, p.1
9/22/1971 The North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools have given UNI the highest level of accreditation for all degree programs that are currently offered.
131 Speech/hearing clinic
Northern Iowan 67:61, p.6
7/23/1971 Receives accreditation.
132 North Central Association Committee on UNI Campus
Public Relations News Release 1971:574, p.1
4/28/1971 UNI is undergoing a periodic review this week for accrediation by the committee.
133 Social Welfare program receives final approval
Northern Iowan 67:48, p.11
4/27/1971 Social welfare program accredited through 1973; Professor Bultena explains aim of program.
134 National approval granted to UNI's social welfare program
Public Relations News Release 1971:548, p.1
4/16/1971 Approval was given by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).
135 Challenges in education
Brimm--Robert Paul (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:14, p.4
10/25/1968 Describes the new set of policies and criteria for approval of high schools, passed by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, as well as the implications for UNI and its students.
136 SCI given full accreditation
College Eye 59:2, p.4
9/18/1964 Receives ten years of accreditation by NCATE.
137 Accreditation teams visit campus
Alumnus 49:2, p.15
5/1/1964 NCATE and NCA teams visit.
138 Ed. S. programs receives NCA accreditation
College Eye 58:25, p.5
4/17/1964 Specialist degree given full accreditation.
139 NCA reports leadership to be 'dynamic, effective'
College Eye 58:23, p.3
3/27/1964 Summary of report after accreditation visit for specialist degree by NCA.
140 SCI specialist in education program to be evaluated
College Eye 58:14, p.1
1/10/1964 NCA will make accreditation visit.
141 Extension Service rated high
College Eye 52:6, p.5
10/21/1960 Granted full membership in National University Extension Association; only teachers college to be admitted.
142 North Central approves ISTC graduate program
Alumnus 38:2, p.1
5/1/1954 Examining team visited campus in February.
143 Faculty members meet NCA representative
College Eye 45:25, p.8
4/2/1954 May talk about different facets of college operation.
144 Graduate program approved by NCA
College Eye 45:25, p.3
145 Complete first step in accrediting graduate program
Alumnus 36:3, p.10
9/1/1952 Working through North Central steps.
146 Graduate program inaugurated
College Eye 43:33, p.1
6/20/1952 Class begin; accreditation process under way.
147 Standards under Latham
Hart--Irving Harlow (Extension Faculty and Archivist)
First 75 Years 0:0, p.60
7/1/1951 President Latham attempts to meet accreditation standards by improving faculty credentials.
148 Hill, coordinator, to visit campus
College Eye 42:18, p.6
2/9/1951 NCA representative George Hill will visit.
149 Teachers College Host to Aacte Training School
Public Relations News Release 1950:93, p.1
10/27/1950 The college will train, in January, about 60 educators for a three-year revisitation program to over 300 member schools of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.
150 Campus high school is approved by NCA
College Eye 39:26, p.6
4/9/1948 Placed on approved list.


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