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351 Alpha notes
College Eye 7:6, p.5
10/27/1915 Held regular literary program.
352 Philo-Alphas Initiation; Odd Fellows Hall scene of fun
College Eye 7:6, p.1
10/27/1915 Held joint meeting; new women gave speeches.
353 The Alphas
College Eye 7:6, p.7
10/27/1915 Presented a lively program called "Moving Picture Program".
354 Alpha
College Eye 7:5, p.5
10/20/1915 Held initiation; initiation with Philos will be held next week.
355 Alpha
College Eye 7:3, p.4
10/6/1915 Enjoyed short program with Japanese theme.
356 Alpha
Old Gold 0:0, p.77
6/1/1915 Overview of the society and its history; roster of society presidents; photo.
357 On Saturday evening
College Eye 4:23, p.6
3/25/1915 Philos entertained the Alphas.
358 Philos banquet the Alphas; sumptuous feast is spread by Philos in honor of Alphas; honorary faculty present
College Eye 4:23, p.5
3/25/1915 Four course supper was served in Gymnasium.
359 On next Saturday
College Eye 4:22, p.7
3/18/1915 Philos will entertain Alphas.
360 Philos and Alphas hold scintillation
College Eye 4:16, p.8
1/22/1915 Review of literary society's programs.
361 The Alpha-Philo annual banquet
College Eye 4:16, p.6
1/22/1915 Was last Thursday.
362 Driblets
College Eye 4:15, p.8
1/14/1915 Briefly comments on occurrences across campus.
363 Alpha program December 18
College Eye 4:12, p.5
12/10/1914 Program of performers and their work.
364 Alpha program
College Eye 4:9, p.5
11/5/1914 Program from last meeting of the Alpha Literary Society.
365 Philos and Alphas hold joint initiation; Woodman Hall is scene of revelry as well as festivity
College Eye 4:7, p.8
10/22/1914 Recap of events at social gathering.
366 The Alpha-Philo
College Eye 4:7, p.6
10/22/1914 Initiation was held.
367 The Alphas
College Eye 4:4, p.8
10/1/1914 First reception held at the home of Inez Radell.
368 Literary societies
College Eye 4:3, p.6
9/24/1914 Programs from literary meetings.
369 Alpha
Packard--Mildred (Class of 1914)
Old Gold 0:0, p.223
6/1/1914 Illustration of woman sitting on a windowsill, description of society; roster of officers; humorous accomplishments and fake classified ads; photos.
370 Societies
College Eye 3:24, p.403
4/2/1914 Neotrophians held annual banquet; Alphas installed new members.
371 The Alpha Society of the college
College Eye 3:11, p.196
11/13/1913 Held its annual reception for honorary members and the Philo Society.
372 The Alpha and Philo Literary societies
College Eye 3:10, p.178
11/6/1913 Celebrated Halloween with a masquerade party.
373 Societies
College Eye 3:9, p.159
10/30/1913 Halloween programs announced.
374 Societies
College Eye 3:7, p.127
10/16/1913 News of literary societies; Homerians, Philomatheans, Alphas, and Neotrophians initiated new members; others held regular meetings.
375 Society functions consist mainly of initiations
College Eye 3:7, p.132
10/16/1913 Many societies like Willard Hall for their meetings
376 Societies
College Eye 3:6, p.109
10/9/1913 News of literary societies; Sioux and Delphian inducted new members.
377 Societies
College Eye 3:5, p.93
10/2/1913 Programs for societies; formal entertainments held for friends; debates held.
378 Societies
College Eye 3:3, p.63
9/17/1913 News of literary societies, including programs.
379 The Philos and Alphas
College Eye 3:3, p.68
9/17/1913 Held a joint program to entertain a group of new students.
380 Societies
College Eye 3:2, p.40
9/11/1913 Meeting programs.
381 Alpha
Old Gold 0:0, p.287
6/1/1913 Woman with tablet.
382 The Alpha society
Old Gold 0:0, p.288
6/1/1913 Society motto, colors, officers, and members; photo.
383 The Alpha society
College Eye 2:29, p.6
5/1/1913 Enjoyed picnic.
384 Philos give annual banquet; two literary societies meet for social event
College Eye 2:28, p.5
4/24/1913 Philomatheans and Alphas hold banquet; hold banquet and track and field program.
385 The Alphas and Philos
College Eye 2:22, p.6
3/6/1913 Celebrate victory over the Orios.
386 Oratorical contest; date for the final set for January thirtieth; nine contestants
College Eye 2:16, p.1
1/23/1913 No preliminaries will be held due to diminished interest.
387 Oratorical; girls societies in combat; interesting and instructive program
College Eye 2:15, p.1
1/16/1913 Mae Brinkmen won the competition among the women's literary societies.
388 Philo-Alpha Halloween party
College Eye 2:10, p.5
11/7/1912 Ghosts featured at home of Bessie Litchfield.
389 The Alpha and Philo literary societies
College Eye 2:7, p.5
10/17/1912 Held a joint initiation.
390 Society anniversaries
College Eye 2:1, p.4
6/13/1912 Women's societies hold annual parade.
391 Alpha
Streeter--Beulah F.
Old Gold 0:0, p.127
6/1/1912 Illustration for the Alpha Literary Society.
392 Alpha Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.128
6/1/1912 Photos of Alpha's members.
393 Alpha Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.129
6/1/1912 Roster of officers and members. Motto and colors provided.
394 Alpha Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.130
6/1/1912 Roster of student and faculty members.
395 Alpha Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.131
6/1/1912 Interesting and humorous facts about some Alpha members.
396 Philo-Alpha Cap and Gown Members
Old Gold 0:0, p.186
6/1/1912 Photo.
397 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.132
6/1/1912 Photos of Alpha Society members.
398 Twenty-fifth anniversary
Old Gold 0:0, p.137
6/1/1912 Anniversary celebration held on October 20, 1911.
399 The Alphas and Philos
College Eye 1:31, p.7
5/29/1912 Planning annual picnic.
400 Philos hold political convention; Roosevelt chosen for president and Lorimer for vice president; interesting platform adopted
College Eye 1:27, p.3
5/1/1912 Philos stage mock Republican political convention.


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