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1 What happened to the student voices?
Northern Iowan 94:1, p.10
8/29/1997 Wants action on proposal to allow beverages in Rod Library.
2 Herbicides on campus: the saga continues; does UNI need to change its policy?
Becker--Renee C. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:25, p.1
11/26/1996 Herbicide use on campus is still questioned.
3 Why can't you burst UNI's bubble
Hicks--Benjamin H. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:21, p.9
11/12/1996 UNI-Dome roof is supported by air; photo.
4 Information regarding UNI's use of lawn chemicals misleading
Anders--Duane C. (Physical Plant Staff)
Northern Iowan 92:55, p.9
5/3/1996 Presents university side of lawn chemical debate.
5 Architectural firm selected to head team for University of Northern Iowa Performing Arts Center
Public Relations News Release 1994:405, p.1
4/20/1995 Architects have been selected for the new School of Music Classroom Building and Performing Arts Center.
6 Campus/community members working toward selection of architects for University of Northern Iowa Performing Arts Center
Public Relations News Release 1994:243, p.1
1/31/1995 Members of the planning committee for the UNI Performing Arts Center are announced.
7 UNI-Dome reinflation finished sooner than officials expected; there's no place like dome
Northern Iowan 91:31, p.1
1/20/1995 Considers causes of December 7 deflation, damages, and consequent repairs needed
8 Maintaining UNI
Mashek--Carolyn W. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 90:35, p.5
2/8/1994 Maintenance requires about $1.2 million per year; description of biggest items.
9 UNI-Dome repairs complete; Facility to re-open with January 16 Panther basketball doubleheader.
Public Relations News Release 1994:220, p.1
1/13/1994 UNI-Dome is ready to re-open January 16.
10 Holiday lighting draws mixed reaction
Gutz--Ryan P. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 90:27, p.2
12/3/1993 Construction leads to smaller display; contractor's fee is $9700; photo.
11 Power-out; short in powerline creates havoc on campus
Potter--James Erik (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:6, p.4
9/17/1993 Cable under Hudson Road shorts out; power out for six hours in parts of campus.
12 Concerns about UNI's herbicide use addressed
Hahn--Jessica J. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 89:41, p.1
2/23/1993 Panel discusses safety of chemical landscape applications.
13 NISG presidential ballot thins; Post/Hersom bow out of race
Northern Iowan 89:38, p.1
2/12/1993 Several candidates withdraw; Duane Anders addresses NISG.
14 Pesticide usage to be discussed
Northern Iowan 89:38, p.5
2/12/1993 Physical Plant sponsors panel on pesticide use on campus.
15 UNI's snow removal causes concern for physically disabled
Lovick--Kelli R.
Northern Iowan 89:31, p.1
1/19/1993 Handicapped students find it difficult to get around campus; photo.
16 Electrical short leaves buildings at UNI without power
Northern Iowan 89:28, p.1
12/8/1992 Buildings on west side of campus were without power for about five hours.
17 Layoffs cause for possible problems in Power Plant
Goodlove--Sara A. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 88:21, p.1
11/12/1991 Four employees laid off in August; Power Plant operating with fewer workers; supervisor expresses concerns for safety.
18 Commitment to recycling shows impact
Campus News Network 1:6, p.1
11/12/1990 Sixteen buildings on campus are now participating in paper recycling program; Bill McKinley comments on the effectiveness of the program; photo.
19 Construction workers asked to vacate; UNI officials dissatisfied
Johnston--Krista L. (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 87:16, p.1
10/26/1990 UNI is dissatisfied with the work of Cedar Valley Corporation; photo.
20 More cement to be torn up?; "fenced out even longer"
Feuling--John S.
Northern Iowan 87:12, p.1
10/12/1990 Concrete between the Union and Sabin Hall will be replaced soon; photo.
21 Cooperation needed during construction
Anders--Duane C. (Physical Plant Staff)
Northern Iowan 87:2, p.3
9/7/1990 Director of Physical Plant asks pedestrians to stay out of construction areas.
22 University of Northern Iowa implements "progressive" steps to eliminate chance of water contamination from power plant coal pile.
Public Relations News Release 1989:148, p.1
10/10/1989 UNI has increased the size of the runoff retention basins near its power plant coal piles, and hired a professional consulting firm to recommend further steps, in an effort to eliminate any chance of coal pile runoff entering area drainage systems.
23 Campus tunnels repaired
Sheets--Kerry (Student--1988-1990)
Northern Iowan 86:7, p.3
9/26/1989 Duane Anders talks about campus utility tunnels.
24 University of Northern Iowa takes steps to eliminate pollution concerns.
Public Relations News Release 1989:61, p.1
9/13/1989 Actions already underway on campus, designed to reduce the possibility of contaminating runoff entering Dry Run Creek from a storm sewer near the University's power plant coal pile.
25 UNI is meeting recycling standards
Northern Iowan 86:3, p.1
9/12/1989 Roxanne Conrad talks about purchasing recycled paper; Duane Anders notes that there is currently little market for used paper.
26 CF residents battle UNI; in the wake of another fish kill
Inouye--Robert M. (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 86:1, p.1
9/1/1989 Fish kill in Dry Run Creek; local citizens blame UNI; photo.
27 University of Northern Iowa seniors raise over $55,000 for class gift fund.
Public Relations News Release 1988:446, p.1
4/25/1989 List of members of the Senior Challenge Committee. The class of '89 choose to renovate the Campanile. The structure shows signs of considerable deterioration and, without renovation, its future is questionable.
28 Inadequate lighting repaired, explained
Anders--Duane C. (Physical Plant Staff)
Northern Iowan 85:28, p.3
12/6/1988 Mike Dargan points out lighting problem; Duane Anders responds.
29 UNI's maintenance is "ongoing process"
Northern Iowan 85:27, p.6
12/2/1988 Leland Thomson talks about maintenance; Campanile work is special project.
30 UNI sidewalks improved
Suchomel--Lisa (Student--1986-1988)
Northern Iowan 85:3, p.3
9/2/1988 Paul Meyermann talks about sidewalks on campus.
31 Power Plant handles summer cooling load
Northern Iowan 84:64, p.1
7/8/1988 Steam pressure seems adequate; plans in place for emergencies.
32 Physical Plant holds many summer job opportunities for students
Northern Iowan 84:52, p.5
4/12/1988 Variety of outdoor jobs available.
33 UNI crews trying to locate source of oil leak
Iwerks--Daniel H. (Classes of 1991 and 1994)
Northern Iowan 84:49, p.1
4/1/1988 Small leak of unknown origin near Power Plant shows up in Dry Run Creek.
34 Northern Iowa Physical Plant crew working to find, repair fuel leak
Public Relations News Release 1987:321, p.1
3/22/1988 The Department of Natural Resources discovers an oil leak in Power Plant No. 2, discharging fuel from a storm sewer. Duane Anders and Professor Rick Stinchfield commit all possible resources to correcting the leak.
35 UNI pays asbestos fines
Northern Iowan 84:42, p.1
3/1/1988 Improper handling of asbestos in Gilchrist Hall project cited; list of violations.
36 Campus cold snap was avoidable
Northern Iowan 84:41, p.2
2/26/1988 Should not have demolished old power plant until a new one, with sufficient capacity, was ready.
37 University of Northern Iowa boiler problems bring 'cool-down' to campus
Public Relations News Release 1987:281, p.1
2/24/1988 A boiler malfunction in Physical Plant No. 2 causes temperature drops of fifteen degrees in buildings across campus. Duane Anders explains that available steam must be redirected to high priority buildings, namely residence halls and dining centers.
38 UNI examines, updates hazardous waste policy
Iwerks--Daniel H. (Classes of 1991 and 1994)
Northern Iowan 84:33, p.5
1/29/1988 Aiming at a safe workplace.
39 'Seasonal' décor questioned
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 84:28, p.1
12/8/1987 Jane Schwartz and Barbara Jones voice concern about Christmas decorations being called holiday decorations; also question use of money for those purposes; administrators defend display.
40 Electricity to be disconnected
Northern Iowan 84:22, p.4
11/10/1987 Electrical switching gear to be installed.
41 Campus lights improve; areas of concern remain
Northern Iowan 84:19, p.11
10/30/1987 Year long project nears end.
42 Aud fire alarms repaired after Cedar Falls fire chief's inquiry
Reicks--Rodney Eugene (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:15, p.1
10/16/1987 Unclear how long the system has been down.
43 Construction leads to power, clock troubles
Northern Iowan 84:5, p.1
9/11/1987 Power line disconnected during demolition of Anthropology Lab; interruptions cause problems in some buildings.
44 Regents approve UNI final budget, appointments, bonding resolution
Public Relations News Release 1987:422, p.1
7/8/1987 Regents approve funding for the Institute of Decision Making Sciences, Small Business Assistance Center, and Management Development Center. The replacement of Thomas Paulson with Duane Anders as director of the Physical Plant. Marilyn Monteiro resigns.
45 Changing lights in McCollum latest in energy conservation
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:33, p.4
1/30/1987 Lighting in some fixtures will be reduced.
46 UNI arranges blaze to allow more parking
Reicks--Rodney Eugene (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:30, p.1
1/20/1987 Arranges with Cedar Falls Fire Department to burn house at corner of 22nd and Campus Streets; will develop area into parking lot.
47 UNI workers paid for homework
Hawes--Christine E. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 83:30, p.3
1/20/1987 Employees given work to complete at home so that temperatures could be lowered in buildings.
48 Complaints of lighting reach 'wrong' people
Northern Iowan 83:24, p.1
11/18/1986 Administrators believe that Women's Action League letters could work more effectively if they were addressed through established channels.
49 Curris kitchen remodeled; appliances not working
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:18, p.6
10/28/1986 Kitchen was remodeled in $183,000 renovation of President's House in 1983; some appliances and systems do not work properly.
50 Campus undergoes change
Northern Iowan 83:1, p.7
8/26/1986 Parking regulations will be strictly enforced.


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