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101 University taste slowly improving?
Hoff--Darrel Barton (Earth Science Faculty)
Northern Iowan 71:60, p.2
7/11/1975 Professor Hoff notes that at least the latest campus sculptures are made of metal that will not rust.
102 Joy in the rain; sculpture makes debut
Blake--Debra S. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 71:58, p.1
6/20/1975 "Variations on a Theme: Joy", by Robert A. Lorr installed; cost was $4000; had originally been planned for inside the Union; photo.
103 Sculpture's arrival not a joyful affair
Northern Iowan 71:58, p.2
6/20/1975 Finds concrete surroundings of new sculpture not conducive to enjoyment.
104 Argues about art work
Northern Iowan 71:24, p.3
11/22/1974 Critical of Mr. Moravec's views on "Dichotomy".
105 Library art--is it worth the money?
Moravec--Jeff (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 71:23, p.2
11/19/1974 In wake of reaction to several recent pieces of art on campus, Jeff Moravec believes students deserve voice in art selection.
106 "Dichotomy" adds art to library
Larson--E. Anne (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 71:22, p.4
11/15/1974 Phil Ogle talks about his newly-mounted sculpture in the library.
107 Where's my hardhat?
Northern Iowan 71:22, p.1
11/15/1974 Sculptor Phil Ogle looks at his sculpture mounted in the library; photo.
108 UNI sponsors art
Kurth--Mark J. (Class of 1975)
Northern Iowan 70:59, p.4
7/12/1974 Art and Architecture Committee members talk about their objectives and some of the new art on campus.
109 Sculpture gives beauty from tragic death
Colonnese--Tom G.
Northern Iowan 70:58, p.7
6/28/1974 John Faust talks about his elm sculpture; photo.
110 Sacrilege?
Northern Iowan 70:42, p.8
3/19/1974 Martians claim that Towers Art Project is really their temple; photo.
111 What is it?
Alumnus 58:4, p.4
12/1/1973 Views of new sculptures around campus; photo.
112 Art project
Northern Iowan 70:14, p.7
10/30/1973 Doug Hieber interviews Hans Breder about his proposal for an art project for the library's new addition; photo.
113 History of an art sculpture
Northern Iowan 70:12, p.1
10/23/1973 Description of the process in which a campus sculpture is selected; "Environmental Place" is the example.
114 $20, 000 worth
Northern Iowan 70:11, p.7
10/19/1973 A new fountain/sculpture has appeared on campus; photo.
115 Artsy investment
Shickman--Allan R. (Art Faculty)
Northern Iowan 70:11, p.3
10/19/1973 Professor Shickman cites example of appreciation in value of art in UNI collection.
116 Public discussion
Harris--Edwin Henry (Class of 1955; Art Faculty)
Northern Iowan 70:8, p.2
10/9/1973 Professor Harris invites everyone to discussion of campus art projects.
117 Unanswered questions
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
Northern Iowan 70:7, p.3
10/5/1973 Believes Cynthia Haring has not looked closely at the questions that she posed.
118 What controversy?
Northern Iowan 70:7, p.2
10/5/1973 Only faculty, and not students, have responded to the editorial on the Towers Art Project.
119 Philistine voices?
Lash--Kenneth (Art Faculty)
Northern Iowan 70:6, p.2
10/2/1973 Professor Lash defends campus art projects.
120 Matter of priorities
Northern Iowan 70:5, p.2
9/28/1973 Critical of Towers Art Project; believes money could be better spent on local student artwork.
121 Iowa--a place to grow?
Northern Iowan 69:62, p.2
7/27/1973 Disappointed in Towers sculpture; could have commissioned many good Iowa artists.
122 Towers sculpture explained
Cook--Ken C.
Northern Iowan 69:61, p.5
7/20/1973 Artist Anthony Padavano talks about his work; photo.
123 Union adds sculpture to permanent art collection
Northern Iowan 69:3, p.7
9/22/1972 Description of Michael Barkin's "The Prophet".
124 Untitled
Taylor--George W.
Public Relations News Release 67:6, p.12
10/6/1970 One of the many sculptures around campus causes a "haunting silhouette"; photo.
125 Untitled
Alumnus 52:4, p.Front Cover
12/1/1967 "The Acrobats"; photo.
126 Object nothing more than canvas
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 63:35, p.3
2/24/1967 Gives explanations for the appreciation of the Maucker-Lechay painting.
127 Portrait worthy of intense analysis
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 63:33, p.3
2/17/1967 Declares that the Maucker-Lechay painting is worth truly analyzing to gain understanding.
128 Six years of SCI art work
Stevens--Nancy (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:11, p.6
10/21/1966 Comments on pieces of artwork placed around campus; photo.
129 SCI acquires collection of original ancient art
College Eye 63:7, p.5
10/7/1966 Ancient art collection includes pieces of art from ancient Egypt and Rome; photo.
130 Art forms created with music, vitality, suspension
Stevens--Nancy (Student--1966)
College Eye 63:4, p.1
9/27/1966 Discusses the history of the artwork entitled "Symphony in Three Forms"; photo.
131 Untitled
Steininger--Earl Waldo (Class of 1968)
College Eye 60:63, p.2
7/22/1966 Depicts "The Acrobats" with one having fallen and become injured.
132 Open-minded art at SCI
College Eye 60:60, p.2
7/1/1966 Advocates a freedom to view and create art.
133 Where are art lovers?
Haskell--Ralph W. (Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:56, p.2
5/17/1966 Expresses disgruntlement with the lack of support for a recent event.
134 Lechay shows 'painting is not dead'
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:55, p.2
5/13/1966 Author expresses an opinions on "painting and the masses."
135 Untitled
College Eye 60:55, p.2
5/13/1966 The 'hunk of metal' artwork in front of the library reaching out to grab a passer-by.
136 Art professors should discuss portrait on its merits
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
College Eye 60:54, p.2
5/10/1966 Criticizes people who have argued for or against the Lechay painting because of they way they try to criticize.
137 Mr. Whiting will show slides of 'The Acrobats'
College Eye 60:54, p.3
5/10/1966 Will talk about his new sculpture.
138 Sounding board named 'the vigilantes'
Haskell--Ralph W. (Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:53, p.2
5/6/1966 Considers the idea of having a sounding board for campus artwork to be censoring.
139 Student is 'beauty expert'
Fulmer--Darrell Wayne (D.W.) (Student--1965)
College Eye 60:53, p.2
5/6/1966 Claims that beauty is something that is subjective for each individual person.
140 Art discussion occurred 50 years ago
Delafield--David Donald (Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:51, p.2
4/29/1966 Questions validity of art critics with no real background in art.
141 Wants petition to sell portrait
O'Brien--Robert James (English Faculty)
College Eye 60:51, p.2
4/29/1966 Suggests that the Art Department already has one mistake by Lechay, and this one should be sold for the funds.
142 SCI should have sounding board to purchase art
Bultena--Louis (Sociology Faculty)
College Eye 60:50, p.2
4/26/1966 Advocates a method of buying artistic works which can be appreciated by the masses.
143 If painting is bad burning is quite proper
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 60:49, p.2
4/22/1966 Declares that not all 'art' is worthy of display.
144 SCI permanent art collection houses prints, ceramics, jewelry, paintings
College Eye 60:24, p.1
12/7/1965 Professor Guillaume talks about the history and purposes of the collection; photo.
145 The impact of experience
Alumnus 50:4, p.Front Cover
12/1/1965 President Maucker discusses sculpture with Ted Egri; photo.
146 Untitled
Alumnus 50:4, p.Inside Front Cover
12/1/1965 Sculptors mount new work on campus; photo.
147 Helicopter needed to view rusty, elevated sculpture
Woods--Bruce Dean (Class of 1966)
College Eye 60:16, p.2
11/5/1965 Criticizes the sculpture by the Women's Gym that stands atop two pillars.
148 Mr. Ted Egri, summer artist, to give talk
College Eye 60:10, p.3
10/15/1965 Will speak on his new outdoor sculpture.
149 Untitled
College Eye 60:10, p.4
10/15/1965 Ted Egri and Jim Brewer watch workmen preparing to install Egri's metal sculpture.
150 Sixteen foot high work will be erected in Plaza
College Eye 60:8, p.6
10/8/1965 Early look at Edward Whiting's "The Acrobats"; photo.


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