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51 The honorary N
Normal Eyte 10:20, p.492
2/16/1901 Will award sweaters and letters to successful athletes.
52 At the last business meeting of the Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 10:14, p.337
1/3/1901 Vote to purchase equipment for the gymnasium in the new Auditorium Building.
53 Athletic
Normal Eyte 10:13, p.315
12/15/1900 Assessing the place of ISNS on the Iowa college sports scene; baseball drill will begin; will award sweaters with letters.
54 The mass meeting of the Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 10:7, p.154
10/27/1900 Crowd was enthusiastic.
55 The Board of Directors
Normal Eyte 10:4, p.84
10/6/1900 Gave Athletic Association $300; Tennis Association will become part of Athletic Association; women are invited to join.
56 Official
Normal Eyte 10:3, p.54
9/29/1900 Will continue with Museum collections; Athletic Association granted instructor with director to follow; Auditorium Building work continues; extensive grading on northeast corner of campus in connection with extension of street railway onto campus.
57 Athletic
Normal Eyte 10:2, p.39
9/22/1900 Prospects and schedule for the football team; Tennis Association incorporated into Athletic Association.
58 School directory
Normal Eyte 10:1, p.17
9/15/1900 Student organizations and their officers.
59 Editorial
Normal Eyte 9:32, p.755
5/26/1900 Comments on debate on Boer War; faculty will play students in baseball.
60 Athletic
Normal Eyte 9:1, p.17
9/16/1899 Football team organizing and training; several games scheduled.
61 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:29, p.405
4/29/1899 ISNS defeated Ames, 17-16; men's and women's basketball games scheduled; Athletic Association will join State Intercollegiate League.
62 Spring athletics
Normal Eyte 8:23, p.316
3/18/1899 Urges participation in track and baseball; considers best way to organize tennis.
63 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:21, p.299
2/18/1899 Men must pay dues to Athletic Association in order to compete in baseball or track; results of women's basketball game.
64 We had hoped to be able to publish
Normal Eyte 8:15, p.210
12/17/1898 Report not yet available for Athletic Association finances, but has balance of $17.40.
65 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:4, p.61
10/1/1898 Following financial problems last year, faculty requires Association to have $100 on hand before scheduling football games; money has been raised; game against Cornell College scheduled.
66 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:2, p.32
9/17/1898 Association decides to have football team; two teams organized; women organize two basketball teams.
67 Athletic
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.13
9/10/1898 Need to get started on organizing football team.
68 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:36, p.15
6/18/1898 Association elects officers; ISNS defeats Independence, 5-4.
69 Athletic; Athletic Association
Boardman--Benjamin (Business Manager)
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.42
6/11/1898 History of athletics at the school; current athletic records.
70 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:34, p.17
5/28/1898 Additions to Field Day marks; appreciates athletic benefit concert; ISNS defeats Clarksville, 17-7; record now 2-1.
71 On next Friday evening
Normal Eyte 7:32, p.7
5/14/1898 Faculty organize benefit in hopes of putting Athletic Association on sound financial basis.
72 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:31, p.18
5/7/1898 Field meet scheduled; Athletic Association meets with faculty.
73 Miss Curtiss and Mr. Fullerton
Normal Eyte 7:31, p.10
5/7/1898 Will hold benefit for Athletic Association.
74 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:29, p.17
4/23/1898 Baseball team will play Clarksville; Association debt almost gone; track meet with Ames will probably not occur because Ames is demanding $100 to appear.
75 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:28, p.18
4/16/1898 Athletic Association will canvass for funds; track men are not training as they should.
76 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.18
4/2/1898 Association meets; accepts challenge of Iowa State University in track; baseball team practicing.
77 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:24, p.17
3/19/1898 Prospects for baseball and track look good; Tennis Association has two courts in good shape; Athletic Association must keep debts under control.
78 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.16
2/19/1898 Des Moines excursion raises $126; Athletic Association almost out of debt; baseball team organizing.
79 The Des Moines excursion
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.7
2/19/1898 Lengthy account of student trip to Des Moines.
80 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:21, p.16
2/12/1898 Fayette challenges ISNS women's basketball team; women doing military drill; cadets drilling.
81 The Athletic Committee of the Faculty
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.5
2/5/1898 Hope that proceeds will get Athletic Association out of debt.
82 The faculty has taken charge
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.9
2/5/1898 Of raising money for Athletic Association debt.
83 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:18, p.16
1/22/1898 May offer excursion to Des Moines in order to cut Athletic Association debt.
84 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:17, p.17
1/15/1898 Athletic Association meets; planning for Field Day; basketball teams will play match.
85 Athletic
Normal Eyte 7:14, p.169
12/11/1897 Basketball teams continuing to play; Association still has small debt.
86 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 7:5, p.53
10/8/1897 Football team continuing to practice; results of first fall field meet.
87 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 7:4, p.43
10/2/1897 Tennis courts being renovated; basketball team practicing; football team practicing; field meet to be held.
88 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 7:1, p.7
9/11/1897 Association meets; plans for year outlined; decides to have football rather than track fall team, but will also have track activities; a third women's basketball team will be organized.
89 Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.447
6/12/1897 Officers elected; school track records.
90 Look out for the extended report
Normal Eyte 6:21, p.247
2/27/1897 Baseball team looks good in prospect.
91 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 6:19, p.220
2/13/1897 Association about $100 in debt; resolves that students must be enrolled in order to participate in spring field meet.
92 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 6:14, p.163
12/19/1896 Football team has 4-3-1 season; list of scores; team captains for other sports chosen; seeking athletic trainer to improve quality of teams.
93 A small but very appreciative audience
Normal Eyte 6:12, p.139
12/5/1896 Description of benefit entertainment for Athletic Association.
94 Why was Miss Meade greeted by such a small audience?
Normal Eyte 6:12, p.139
12/5/1896 Speculates that some students regard anything associated with athletics as a waste of time and money.
95 The snowstorm of last week
Normal Eyte 6:9, p.98
11/7/1896 Urges students to support a skating rink again this year.
96 Athletic Department
Normal Eyte 6:1, p.7
9/12/1896 Officers elected; may hold Field Day in fall; hope to field good football team; baseball team will practice; women may organize to play basketball; tennis association officers elected.
97 The year just drawing to a close
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.325
5/30/1896 Review of the athletic accomplishments for the year; believes that there have been significant achievements in organization.
98 Athletic Association
Normal Eyte 5:28, p.262
4/25/1896 Upper Iowa defeats ISNS in baseball, 19-14; will also field track team; recommends athletes get themselves into condition and participate.
99 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 5:28, p.260
4/25/1896 Thirty-two new members join YMCA; hold missionary meeting on South America; lengthy YMCA annual report.
100 School directory
Normal Eyte 5:16, p.142
1/25/1896 Roster of organizations and officers.


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