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1551 Women's dep't
Ceperley--William A. (Student--1909)
Old Gold 0:0, p.305
6/1/1909 Description of department of physical education for women, basketball schedule for women's literary groups; photo.
1552 Zetalethean
Old Gold 0:0, p.247
6/1/1909 Officers, correspondence describing the events of the year, poem, roster of members; photo.
1553 Y. M. and Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 19:28, p.443
5/5/1909 Proceeds of benefit basketball game will go to missionary work in India; several attended YWCA convention in St. Paul.
1554 Eulalians are champions; Clios lose championship in strenuous game of basketball; score 20-18
Normal Eyte 19:26, p.401
4/21/1909 Women's intersociety championship decided, ending the season.
1555 Clios take game; Zetas lose by slight score of two points--Eulalians and Clios
Normal Eyte 19:24, p.372
4/7/1909 Game scores for last week's play; only one more game in the intersociety championship to go.
1556 Athletic gossip; report of disposition of proceeds from intersociety basketball- base ball dope
Normal Eyte 19:22, p.338
3/24/1909 Physical Training department gives financial statement of this year's series of games.
1557 Basketball double-header; four girls' societies match teams Friday afternoon-Clios and Alphas fight fiercely
Normal Eyte 19:21, p.324
3/3/1909 Two women's intersociety games played, Zeta over Chresto and Clio over Alpha.
1558 Girls' basketball game; Shake-Delphian contest is first of series- Shakes win
Normal Eyte 19:19, p.296
2/17/1909 Shakespearean team takes first win in intersociety tournament
1559 Announcement of schedule; program of women's basketball games made out
Normal Eyte 19:18, p.279
2/10/1909 Women's intersociety basketball tournament schedule.
1560 Busy week; Normal Gymnasium to be scene of many activities--conference gymnastics meet--basketball meeting Iowa physical education society
Normal Eyte 19:18, p.273
2/10/1909 Faculty will play seniors in basketball; first meeting of Iowa branch of American Physical Education Association.
1561 In the gym Saturday
Normal Eyte 19:18, p.283
2/10/1909 Vinton defeated in basketball, 72-3.
1562 Society basketball; women's societies resume intersociety athletic relations--championship banner object of competition
Case--Amy (Classes of 1909 and 1923)
Normal Eyte 19:16, p.249
1/27/1909 Women's basketball starts after an interruption with new rules and regulations.
1563 Editorial
Normal Eyte 19:13, p.200
12/16/1908 Is intersociety men's basketball helping train new players for intercollegiate play, or is it hurting the school's unity?; photo.
1564 Orio basketball
Old Gold 0:0, p.173
6/1/1908 Members of the Orio basketball team; photo.
1565 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.261
6/1/1908 Aristo basketball team.
1566 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.321
6/1/1908 Physical training faculty basketball team; photo.
1567 Physical education for women
Old Gold 0:0, p.315
6/1/1908 Compulsory physical education reminded participants that the first wealth is health. Recreational activities received much emphasis; photo.
1568 Ladies Physical Training Department
Normal Eyte 18:26, p.406
4/15/1908 Women's student team defeated faculty team in basketball, 12-9.
1569 Women's Department of Physical Training; should girls' inter-society match games be played here?
Normal Eyte 18:26, p.413
4/15/1908 Still attempting to overcome bitter feelings engendered in last year's society basketball games.
1570 The basketball game
Normal Eyte 18:24, p.382
4/1/1908 Women's team will play faculty.
1571 Miss Mabel McNally
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.314
2/19/1908 Minnie Cook accepts basketball challenge.
1572 Women's Department of Physical Training
Bruce--Lillian H. (Physical Training Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.314
2/19/1908 Lillian Bruce pleads with women to adopt good sportsmanship; unhappy that intersociety basketball was discontinued this year.
1573 Women's Department of Physical Training
McNally--Mabel Byrle (Class of 1910; Physical Education Faculty)
Normal Eyte 18:18, p.277
2/5/1908 Challenges the 1907 basketball team to a game.
1574 Intersociety basketball
Normal Eyte 18:17, p.262
1/29/1908 Philos won against Aristos, 31-26.
1575 High school won
Normal Eyte 18:16, p.255
1/22/1908 Won basketball game against Cedar Falls High, 24-14.
1576 Two exciting games
Normal Eyte 18:11, p.176
11/20/1907 Emma Paffendorf coached two basketball games this week.
1577 Martha Eade
Normal Eyte 18:8, p.127
10/30/1907 Sprained her ankle playing basketball.
1578 The literary societies
Normal Eyte 18:8, p.113
10/30/1907 Encourages literary societies to enter teams in intersociety athletics.
1579 Chresto roll
Old Gold 0:0, p.176
6/1/1907 Members, officers, and a brief history of the society; photo.
1580 Ladies' basketball team, '06-7
Old Gold 0:0, p.224
6/1/1907 Group photo.
1581 On February 21, 1907
Old Gold 0:0, p.184
6/1/1907 The Clios won the intersociety basketball tournament; photo.
1582 Shakes
Old Gold 0:0, p.164
6/1/1907 Social functions, officers, members, and other information concerning the society; photo.
1583 The Alpha Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.207
6/1/1907 Roster of members, officers, and activities; photo.
1584 The Aristotelian Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.213
6/1/1907 Roster of members, officers, and activities; photo.
1585 The Neotrophian Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.201
6/1/1907 Roster of officers, members, and social functions; photo.
1586 Orio-faculty game
Fitzgerald--John (Class of 1908)
Normal Eyte 17:26, p.402
4/3/1907 The Orio team met the faculty team in a game of basketball; faculty won, 21-20.
1587 Society
Normal Eyte 17:23, p.363
3/6/1907 Neos enjoy Gypsy program; Shakes celebrate Presidents Washington and Lincoln; Alphas celebrate Valentine's Day; Clios enjoy basketball game.
1588 Clios get the cup: Shakes lose to Clios 11 to 7
Normal Eyte 17:22, p.340
2/27/1907 The Clios are the women's intersociety basketball champions.
1589 Orios are champions: two more men's inter-society games may be played
Normal Eyte 17:22, p.340
2/27/1907 The Orios claim the title of men's intersociety champions after defeating the Philos.
1590 Orio vs. Aristo
Normal Eyte 17:21, p.323
2/20/1907 Orios defeat the Aristos in basketball, 37-16.
1591 Shakes again victorious
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.307
2/13/1907 In the intersociety basketball contest the Shakes take a commanding lead, beating the Neos, 14-10.
1592 The seventh indoor athletic contest
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.307
2/13/1907 Contest was held to see who was the best at making free throws.
1593 The Shakes come out ahead again
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.317
2/13/1907 Defeated the Neos in basketball, 14-10.
1594 Philo vs. 'Risto
Normal Eyte 17:19, p.290
2/6/1907 The Philo team defeated the Aristo team in a basketball game.
1595 Leander Clark 27, Normal 23
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.275
1/30/1907 Leander Clark defeats Normal in basketball.
1596 The basketball game between the Shakes and the Chrestos
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.285
1/30/1907 Shakes won over Chrestos, 23-1.
1597 The second of the series of inter-society games will be played
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.274
1/30/1907 Intersociety basketball is played to determine the champions of the year.
1598 Orios give Philo five a drubbing; score 19 to 13
Normal Eyte 17:17, p.259
1/23/1907 The battle for the men's society championship was started in the sport of basketball.
1599 Basketball; third term girls vs. veterans
Normal Eyte 17:11, p.162
11/21/1906 Last year's women's team defeats new third term team, 10-3.
1600 The senior girls
Normal Eyte 17:10, p.157
11/14/1906 Will play series of basketball games; some literary societies are planning to play as well.


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