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101 1-May-02
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.306
2/15/1902 George Mullin will retire from the Board of Trustees.
102 The republican legislative caucus
Normal Eyte 12:19, p.297
2/8/1902 D. J. McNider and B. F. Osborne will join the Board of Trustees; W. A. Doran and Perry Rose will retire from the board.
103 The Democratic Caucus
Normal Eyte 12:16, p.243
1/18/1902 W. A. McIntyre nominated for ISNS Board of Trustees.
104 It was a glad day for the societies
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.209
1/4/1902 Literary societies will each receive seventy-five dollars from Board of Trustees; surplus from Lecture and Entertainment Course funds.
105 The Board of Trustees of I. S. N. S.
Normal Eyte 12:14, p.219
1/4/1902 Gave $75 to each of the literary societies to help furnish their new rooms.
106 The delightful little room
Normal Eyte 12:13, p.204
12/14/1901 YWCA room is nicely furnished.
107 The newspapers of the state
Normal Eyte 12:11, p.162
11/23/1901 Board of Control authorized to ascertain whether or not state institutions have made expenditures in a legal manner; believes ISNS practices have been sound.
108 Alumni columns; a few jottings from alumnal history
Wright--Eliza Jane Rawstern (Classes of 1879 and 1880)
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.88
10/19/1901 Eliza Rawstern Wright sketches the history of the Alumni Association.
109 Extracts from Board of Trustees report
Normal Eyte 12:4, p.50
10/4/1901 Report cites rising enrollment and consequent needs including a laboratory building, gymnasium, library, landscaping, and sidewalks
110 Board of Trustees quarterly meeting
Normal Eyte 12:2, p.18
9/21/1901 Arthur Rich elected Registrar; duties to begin gradually and classwork adjusted.
111 Prof. G. B. Affleck
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.3
9/14/1901 Profile of new Physical Director, George B. Affleck.
112 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.11
9/14/1901 Held regular meeting.
113 This issue we send
Normal Eyte 12:1, p.2
9/14/1901 This issue of the Normal Eyte will be sent to all alumni.
114 The Executive committee
Normal Eyte 11:27, p.663
4/13/1901 New trees will be planted on campus.
115 The semi-annual meeting
Normal Eyte 11:25, p.607
3/30/1901 Board of Trustees will meet to let contracts for the new building.
116 Mr. Wise and Mr. Leavitt
Normal Eyte 9:33, p.788
6/2/1900 Inspected campus.
117 Official
Normal Eyte 9:25, p.588
4/7/1900 General Assembly funds summer session; C. A. Wise doing excellent work for the Board of Trustees; several faculty members deliver lectures.
118 Official: Hon. Edward Townsend; death of an honored citizen widely known and respected
Normal Eyte 9:16, p.375
1/27/1900 Lengthy tribute to Edward Townsend and his contributions to ISNS and Cedar Falls.
119 The principal transactions of the Board
Normal Eyte 8:35, p.496
6/17/1899 Roster of personnel changes made by the Board.
120 The visiting committee
Normal Eyte 8:35, p.495
6/17/1899 Trustees McDuffie and Rose have visited and made their report.
121 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 8:26, p.365
4/8/1899 Has been meeting this week.
122 Mr. Townsend and Mr. Montgomery
Normal Eyte 8:22, p.310
2/25/1899 Visiting campus.
123 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 8:22, p.307
2/25/1899 Messrs. Doran and Montgomery are this term's visitors.
124 Prof. and Mrs. Newton
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.197
12/10/1898 Entertained Board of Trustees.
125 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.193
12/10/1898 Met for quarterly meeting; committee appointed to investigate need for additional buildings.
126 We received a visit
Normal Eyte 8:3, p.43
9/24/1898 Board of Trustees on campus; Superintendent Barrett speaks.
127 When the state is expending a considerable amount of money
Normal Eyte 8:3, p.37
9/24/1898 Board decides to send copies of the Normal Eyte to each county superintendent in hopes of bringing the school to the attention of a wider audience.
128 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.10
9/10/1898 Will consider the President's report on the summer session.
129 Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 7:35, p.
6/11/1898 Individual portraits; photo.
130 Hon. R. C. Barrett
Normal Eyte 7:28, p.10
4/16/1898 First State Superintendent to have seat on Board.
131 In the organization of the Board
Normal Eyte 7:27, p.10
4/9/1898 Will have executive and finance committees; functions formerly carried out by the teachers committee will be taken over by the President.
132 Members of the Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 7:27, p.13
4/9/1898 Attended chapel exercises.
133 By authority of the Republican caucus
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.8
4/2/1898 J. W. Jarnagin will retire from the Board of Trustees.
134 Perry D. Rose
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.8
4/2/1898 Will serve on Board of Trustees.
135 W. W. Montgomery
Normal Eyte 7:26, p.8
4/2/1898 Will continue on Board of Trustees for six-year term.
136 The Normal School will experience
Normal Eyte 7:25, p.10
3/26/1898 Board of Control will have some authority over finances.
137 The Board of Trustees
Normal Eyte 7:23, p.9
2/26/1898 Will hold annual meeting.
138 Judge I. J. McDuffie
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.11
2/19/1898 Visiting campus with J. W. Jarnagin.
139 Battalion drill
Normal Eyte 7:11, p.125
11/20/1897 Held for Board of Trustees committee.
140 Hon. I. J. McDuffie of LeMars and Hon. E. Townsend
Normal Eyte 7:11, p.125
11/20/1897 Visited campus.
141 W. W. Montgomery and J. W. Jarnagin
Normal Eyte 7:11, p.125
11/20/1897 On campus for visiting committee duties.
142 Report of Board of Directors: biennial period, 1895-1897
Normal Eyte 7:10, p.113
11/13/1897 Urges General Assembly to adopt comprehensive plan for ISNS; recommend summer session; urges implementation of landscaping plan; recommend appropriations.
143 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:9, p.99
11/6/1897 Memorial addresses for Principal Gilchrist scheduled; excerpts from Board report shows increased enrollment and increased student expenses with overcrowded facilities; case for improved facilities.
144 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:8, p.86
10/30/1897 Lengthy excerpts from the report of the Board of Trustees; ISNS budget outline; will collect a $5 fee from students to cover expenses unmet by appropriations; sewer system in place.
145 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:7, p.74
10/23/1897 Excerpts from annual report; enrollment growing; Normalites showing strong influence in educational circles; a look at the school budget; rules for withdrawal from school; intention of the Special Primary course of study.
146 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:6, p.61
10/18/1897 Board of Directors changed to Board of Trustees; extensive look at new certification laws; new Student Battalion appointments; will hold memorial service for Principal Gilchrist in December.


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