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251 To the faculty and students:
Price--Malcolm Poyer (President of ISTC)
College Eye 38:27, p.2
4/11/1947 President Price announces parking fine payment procedures.
252 Letter to the editor
College Eye 38:14, p.2
12/20/1946 Would like lights to be left on in parking lot for another hour or so.
253 Untitled
Alumnus 30:1, p.Inside Front Cover
1/1/1946 Winter scene along front driveway; photo.
254 The "creeping terror" shows its model T design age
Middlekauff--Beverly (Student--1945)
College Eye 37:6, p.5
10/12/1945 Professor Palmer's son Steve drives an ancient car to school. photo.
255 Your lost is found in Business Office
College Eye 36:17, p.3
256 T. C. commuters affected by gas rationing
College Eye 34:11, p.2
11/20/1942 About 150 commuting students trying to figure out what to do about transportation.
257 Getchell gives low-down on tire problem
College Eye 33:39, p.1
7/10/1942 Rubber salvage process may help.
258 1941 traffic toll sets record
College Eye 33:22, p.2
2/27/1942 40,000 people were killed in car accidents; nation cannot afford it.
259 Attention
College Eye 33:17, p.1
1/23/1942 Car owners must buy federal tax stamp for $2.09.
260 Ritter proves wisdom of 'make haste slowly'
College Eye 33:17, p.2
1/23/1942 Believes that speed limit of forty miles per hour would save gasoline.
261 Why the literaries failed
Alumnus 25:1, p.5
1/1/1941 Continued analysis of fading of literary societies; blames changing student interests and World War I; societies failed to meet students' social and curricular needs.
262 Winter quarter: classes are in session
Alumnus 24:1, p.Outside back cover
1/1/1940 Cars parked in front of the Old Administration Building; photo.
263 What kind of a driver are you?
College Eye 30:43, p.2
8/18/1939 Relates good driving to good sportsmanship.
264 Patrolman arrests student for speeding
College Eye 30:39, p.1
7/14/1939 Student caught speeding and told officer she was working on her journalism class project; officer gave her a ticket and told her to talk to the mayor.
265 Safety, please
College Eye 29:36, p.1
6/17/1938 Urges students to drive safely.
266 Students violate traffic rules
College Eye 29:36, p.1
6/17/1938 Survey shows high rate of violation in College Hill area.
267 Terra Cotta Tugboat chugs for Playboys
College Eye 29:30, p.3
4/29/1938 Campus Playboys buy a 1929 9-passenger Cadillac to haul them to their gigs.
268 A whistle--a fine--a job
College Eye 28:0, p.4
8/6/1937 Student could not pay traffic fine, so he works out his obligation with a job as lifeguard.
269 That's no fire!--It's Pete
College Eye 28:42, p.1
7/23/1937 Pete Pederson can make a loud siren noise; photo.
270 Absentminded student spends a nickel for her errors
College Eye 28:14, p.1
12/17/1936 Student takes the trolley home after she forgets that she drove to campus.
271 Social life revives; recreational dancing reappears on program
College Eye 27:9, p.3
7/24/1936 Campus social calendar.
272 Share expense plan popularizes student
College Eye 27:7, p.4
7/10/1936 Richard Skarshaug shares ride expenses.
273 Model "T", piece by piece, pictures motor industry history since 1914; radiator cap is found to be only reminder of the original
College Eye 27:39, p.5
4/17/1936 More information on Herloff Petersen's car.
274 Spring revival occurs; 1914 "Model T" again pressed into service
College Eye 27:37, p.3
4/3/1936 Herloff Petersen rehabilitates old car.
275 Official notice
Latham--Orval Ray (President of ISTC)
College Eye 27:26, p.1
1/10/1936 Drivers who damage hedge will be held accountable.
276 "Lizzie" wanted to ride on tracks
College Eye 25:27, p.3
1/19/1934 Car gets stuck on railroad tracks.
277 Notice! Those who crave attention, don't buy a car
College Eye 25:6, p.4
7/14/1933 Faculty member gets a lot of attention when she says she intends to buy a car.
278 Permits to operate autos to be issued
College Eye 24:6, p.2
10/14/1932 Out of state students must register.
279 Ira F. Shaffner
Alumnus 16:2, p.26
4/1/1932 Salesman for the Automobile Club of Detroit, Michigan.
280 Campus dreamer goes a "gassing"
College Eye 22:29, p.3
5/1/1931 Campus poet runs out of gas and pushes car to filling station.
281 Professor and students are in favor of installation of petting parlors
Lee--Marjorie (Student--1931)
College Eye 22:24, p.1
3/27/1931 Couples are borrowing people's vehicles to spend time together, creating a general nuisance.
282 Three new courses will be offered here next year; men students will lean to rejuvenate collegiate flivvers
College Eye 22:6, p.1
10/17/1930 Will offer courses in automobile mechanics, student advising, and scene construction.
283 Thirty long-haired football players inspired his school day career
College Eye 21:40, p.1
7/25/1930 Profile of barber W. D. Standley.
284 The editor's column
College Eye 21:36, p.4
6/13/1930 Need for someone to remove old poster; the story of losing a hubcap.
285 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.134
6/1/1930 Campus scenes; photos.
286 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.139
6/1/1930 Campus scenes; photos.
287 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.140
6/1/1930 Campus scenes; photos.
288 George V. Orr
Alumnus 14:2, p.29
4/1/1930 Promoted to the position of Assistant General Sales Manager by the Willys-Overland Automobile Company; began work in 1914 when he was a dealer in the company's products at Des Moines.
289 More pressure in front tires for easy steering
College Eye 21:17, p.3
1/31/1930 College Hill Service Station will check your tires to see if you need additional air in the front to steer more easily.
290 Oh, wonderful horse
College Eye 21:1, p.2
9/9/1929 The advantages of horses over cars.
291 Wesley Foundation
College Eye 20:15, p.5
1/10/1929 Automobile party to be held at Wesley House.
292 Return from motor trips
College Eye 20:1, p.8
9/12/1928 Many faculty traveled during the summer.
293 Quarantine
College Eye 18:34, p.4
3/16/1927 States that spring time used to be when men would propose to women, but now it has turned into a time when men buy cars instead of diamond rings.
294 Alpha Theta Beta
Pederson--Albert (Class of 1929)
College Eye 18:31, p.8
2/23/1927 News about annual automobile show to be held March 1.
295 I'd walk a mile
College Eye 18:17, p.4
11/3/1926 Uses humor to mock a school in Pennsylvania that abolished the practice of driving cars to school.
296 Mr. John Hoesly
College Eye 18:17, p.3
11/3/1926 Visited his home in Minnesota and returned with a new car.
297 Are the A. D. A.'s to blame?
College Eye 18:11, p.5
9/22/1926 Tires stolen from car.
298 Bathing beach and park draw record crowds; torrid atmosphere causes great influx of motor parties
College Eye 18:7, p.1
7/23/1926 People enjoy the beach; many come in cars.
299 Phi Omega Pi news
College Eye 18:6, p.8
7/16/1926 News about members.
300 Miss Nancy Marie Ferguson
College Eye 17:26, p.3
12/9/1925 Nancy Ferguson judged declamatory contest in Tama; runs into bad weather.


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